We paid our respects to Dirk Nowitzski, the kind #10 BCAR German superstar who said goodbye to the game of basketball this season.  We didn’t say goodbye, however, to another nice guy who was also a superstar in his own right.  We’re talking about Dwayne Wade, the #2 BEAR who played 1,054 regular-season games, 177 playoff games, won three NBA championships, one Finals MVP award, 13 All-Star selections, eight all-NBA honors, more than 23,000 points (30th in NBA history), 3,954 playoff points (10th in history), was the top 30 in career steals, has the most blocks by a guard in NBA history, and finally, was a two Olympic medals champion (one gold, one bronze).  Yeah, that’s not too shabby!

It’s interesting to note that, arguably, the NBA’s all-time greatest shooting guards have been Michael Jordan (#6), Kobe Bryant (#2), Jerry West (#6), Clyde Drexler (#2), and yes, Dwayne Wade.  Notice their Brain Types.  All are #6 BEIRs or #2 BEARs, gifted with getting the ball and putting it in the basket.  These inborn designs conserve their energy until needed (perfect for the shooting guard), and they are fiercely competitive (all being Q2s – the brain’s fight or flight region).  Wade has long been a fierce competitor, and many fans want him to play another year, but he says, “I’m 37 years old, 16 years, five finals. I’ve done enough. It’s time for me to move out of the way and let the next generation do their thing.”  Wade again went on to say, “I don’t like the fact that I have to leave my daughter to come on this road trip. I don’t like two-week road trips. I don’t like shoot- arounds in the morning. I don’t like getting up at 9 some mornings to go to shoot-around. I don’t like certain things. I understand the reason for them and all. This process is not exciting to me anymore where it used to be. I get bored with it.” 

Nine in the morning?  Is that early?  Maybe Wade is ready to settle into his naturally relaxed, live-and-let-live #2 ways.

Finally, what was the best feeling for Wade as a player?  “…just to see young kids, the way they look at you, too, just because of the sport you play. And the way parents look at you because of the way you handle yourself. There’s nothing like that look when you see a kid admiring you who has your jersey on and looking at you with these big eyes.”  Yes, the kid in Wade loved the admiration of kids around him!

Thanks for the memories, Dwayne, and for being a player kids could look up to!

Written by: Staff