In ironic news, Israel’s recently re-elected Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been compared to England’s former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.  In an article titled, “Netanyahu: More similar to Thatcher than Erdogan,” the author goes on to write, “Contrary to what some of his critics claim, Netanyahu has not turned into an Israeli version of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Far from it.”

Netanyahu, of course, is a #15 FCIL, as was Ms. Thatcher, while Erdogan is a #13 FCIR.  The column goes on to say, “…there is little doubt that in foreign affairs, Netanyahu has secured more friends and created less enemies than Erdogan has.”  As we have detailed time and time again over the years, look no further than the #15 FCIL to find someone gifted in diplomacy.  Think of Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, two men with varying personalities yet sharing the exact same Brain Type.  As Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, “This Brain Type has the ability an drive to harness people or groups toward a goal.  They are natural leaders who work hard, delegate well, and accomplish much.”  Yet, he adds, “It is up to parents and society to instill in them the proper values.  When this is done, there are no stronger, competent, effective or better leaders than FCILs.”  All to say, there are exceptions, but the #15 is innately gifted in these key leadership areas.

When reinstated in a few months, Netanyahu will beat the record by serving for a longer period as prime minister than anyone in modern Israel’s history.  Lastly, the article compares Thatcher with Netanyahu, saying, “Thatcher was an ideologue, as Netanyahu is, though she could be pragmatic to attain her ideological objectives, as Netanyahu can.”  Yes, #15s  dream their goals, and most often achieve their goals!

Written by: Staff
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