So the NBA has recently been mixed up like a deck of cards.  Times have changed, for sure, when once a time you could associate a single player with a single team.  Think of Magic (#1 FEAR), and one thinks of the Lakers.  Think of Bird (#6 BEIR), and one thinks of the Celtics.  Think of Jordan (#6 BEIR), and one thinks of the Bulls.  Think of Lebron (#1 FEAR), and one thinks of, well, Cleveland, Miami, Los Angeles, and perhaps one or two more teams before his final retirement.

So Russell Westbook (#13 FCIR) was traded to Houston for Chris Paul (#1 FEAR), while Kevin Durant (#1 FEAR) says goodbye to Golden State and heads to Brooklyn.  Meanwhile, Anthony Davis (#2 BEAR) joins fellow #1 Lebron James in Los Angeles, and Jimmy Butler (#1 FEAR) heads to Miami from Philadelphia.  There were many other trades, but these are the most notable.

And among these, the biggest was Kevin Durant’s trade.  As NBA fans know, Durant went down with a bad Achilles injury during this year’s finals, but that’s not what really got him down.  For the Animate “feeler”, the lack of support from fans took its toll on him.  “Kevin Durant, who will be joining the Brooklyn Nets, left the Golden State Warriors because he felt under-appreciated by its fans,” writes a recent news report.  Durant also felt overshadowed by fellow teammate Stephen Curry (#13 FCIR)“There was always the sense that the 10-time All-Star felt like a distant second fiddle to Stephen Curry.”

A #1 FEAR who doesn’t feel loved and/or noticed?  That’s a Brain Type recipe for disaster!  Interestingly, the inside source for much of this information came from Kendrick Perkins, Durant’s former Oklahoma teammate and another #1 FEAR.

Without Durant, the Warriors will not be the same Title contenders next year, as proven by his absence this year.  It is a big loss for Golden State fans, who should have sent some more love KD’s way.  Oh well, coach Steve Kerr’s (#8 BEIL) Warriors have enough championships to last them a few decades.

Written by: Staff