This was just too funny to pass up.  Did anyone catch who recently joined the Spurs roster for next season?  Yep, Tim Duncan is back!  Sorry fans, he won’t be returning as a player, but will be assistant coaching alongside head coach and happy face himself, Gregg Popovich (#16 BCIL).  Pop, cozy-warm as always, said of Tim, “Tim Duncan doesn’t know a lick about coaching. I don’t even know why I hired him.  He’s given me a paycheck for 19 years so I was kind of obliged to pay him back.”

One journalist commented, “Sure, he’s nice and quiet and his relationship with Popovich helped set the tone for the Spurs run of playoff appearances … but does that mean he knows how to help manage an NBA team from the sidelines? What if Duncan is just one of many former great players across who isn’t actually equipped to coach others because he was simply too good? Sure he’s The Big Fundamental, but you can’t teach somebody how to be Tim Duncan.”  

Is that it?  Was Tim just “too good” as a player to be a coach?  No, that’s ridiculous.  Instead, knowing Duncan’s inborn #2 BEAR Brain Type we can foresee that a rough road may lay ahead for the all-star center.  Many #2 coaches have come and gone over the years, known for making great friends of their players by granting them respect ahead of implementing tactical game plans on the basketball court.  Tim Talevich once wrote of Lennie Wilkins, one of those most successful #2 coaches of all time, “As a coach, WIlkins is considered more of a great motivator than a great strategist.” 

When it comes to NBA history, #13 FCIRs, #15 FCILs, #16 BCILs, #7 FEILs, and #8 BEILs make the top 5 list (along with a few #6 BEIRs, ala Jerry Sloan).  So what’s the #2‘s greatest coaching strength?  Typically letting you play!  Larry Bird (#6 BEIR) once said of coach K.C. Jones (#2), “He’s the type of guy that allows you to be relaxed, let you play the game you can play … he treats you like a person.  He rarely raises his voice.”

Who knows?  Maybe Duncan will give his players the “touchy feelies” that Popovich so desperately lacks, and the two will end up making a great coaching combo!

Written by: Staff
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