In a recently article titled, “Elvis Presley’s pal Wink Martindale reveals why he ‘broke down’ after seeing The King for the last time,” the now 85-year old Martindale shared some bits and pieces about the former King of Rock (#1 FEAR) that were quite Brain Type related.

One question posed to Martindale was, “What surprised you the most about Elvis?”  Martindale’s reply: “He was a giver. Very few people knew that he gave away literally millions and millions of dollars to charitable organizations not only in this country but all over the world.  He was a great giver. If he was your friend, he was your friend until the day you died. I mean he would always be your friend and do anything for you that you needed him to do. He was that kind of a person.”

The last time Wink would see Elvis was in 1976.  He was looking overweight, tired, and pasty.  “We knew he wasn’t in good health,” said Martindale. “He didn’t eat right. Nothing was right about his diet.”  (Shockingly, it was later determined that he died primarily of constipation—his jam-packed colon was distended nearly twice its size!)  After leaving the hotel, Martindale said to his wife, “‘Sandy, that’s the last time we’ll ever see him alive.’  When we got back to our hotel, we close the door behind us. We just broke down, and we both cried because of what we had just witnessed. We tried to put the best face on it. But that was the last time that we spoke and the last time we ever saw him alive.”

Wink remembers the days before Elvis’ stardom.  After, “It’s All Right Mama” played on the radio, Wink called up the Presleys and said, “Mrs. Presley, Dewey Phillips (local DJ) would like him to come down to the studio. He wants to interview him. Where is he?” She said, “Well, he was so nervous about his record being played. He went to see a double-feature Western. You’ll find him at Suzores Theatre on Decatur Street.”  Sure enough, when they walked down the dark aisle to find Elvis, he was sitting all by himself watching this Western movie.

Yes, from incredible generosity to his propensity for overeating and even to his his initial nervousness before stardom, Presley was the quintessential #1 FEAR.  Oh, and by the way, let’s not forget his atypical #1 EA (gross) motor movements.  None in the music biz could shake ‘n’ rotate their whole body as could the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Needless to say, his background, humble beginnings, and time period that he lived, there will indeed never again be one quite like Elvis Presley.

Written by: Staff
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