BTInsiders know that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a prim and polished #15 FCIL.  In life, however, who we end up marrying can often times end up being someone quite unlike ourselves.  Such is the case with Benjamin and his wife, Sara.  Mrs. Netanyahu is a #1 FEAR, and those who are familiar with this Brain Type know full well what they can bring to the table (often literally, as they commonly love food).  Unfortunately for Sara, she was forced to agree to a plea deal last month in connection with allegations that she misused about $100,000 in government money.  As a result, under the agreement, Sara Netanyahu must pay a fine of roughly $15,000.

So how did she misuse funds?  According to one report, “Mrs. Netanyahu, who been married to the prime minister since 1991, had been accused of running up large tabs at luxury restaurants even though the prime minister’s official residence employed a full-time chef.”  Yes, a full-time chef would fit quite nicely for any #1 FEAR!  Remember, they are dominant Empiricals, being keenly in touch with their 5 senses.  They also love parties, and what would a party be without food?  The #1 is also Right brain dominant, which typically loves fun and good-times (unless good nurture has taught them to put work before play).  As Animates, they also seek comfort during stressful times (part and parcel for the wife of a PM), and food can be their best of comfort friends.

No, it’s nothing grossly scandalous.  Rather, Sara just got caught enjoying expensive delectables … at the expense of tax-paying Israelis.

Written by: Staff
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