He’s got the same Brain Type as Lee Trevino and Chi Chi Rodriguez, or, more recently, players like K.J. Choi or the women’s emeritus, Annika Sorenstam.  He’s big, and he’s strong, and he broke his golf club last weekend while teeing off.

As one author writes, “But what everyone really wants to know is how top draft pick Zion Williamson looked on the course. The answer: not bad. His swing was reasonably fluid, with a nice clean takeaway and good rotation in his hips. There’s just one problem. He’s such a mountain of a man that he snapped the club with a single swing.”

Yes, we’re talking about the NBA’s upcoming superstar Zion Williamson.  A #1 FEAR, he is indeed a mountain of a man with a mountain of EA gross motor strength, and will be a powerhouse when he hits the court come this October.  Provided he can stay healthy, Zion will be a dominant force for the Pelicans.  He does have Lebron James-like potential, though he is a bit shorter and needs more work on his shot.  At any rate, to catch Zion snapping his club face clean off the shaft, click here“Just get Zion some clubs with reinforced shafts and watch him start bombing 400-yard drives,” concludes the author.

Either that or switch him to the Big Leagues and watch him become the next Ken Griffey Jr. (#1 FEAR)?

Written by: Staff
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