Sometimes Brain Typing can be just a bit creepy.  When we say creepy, we mean that eerie feeling you get when you dream about someone you haven’t seen in years only to suddenly meet them on the street or get a surprise phone call from them out of the blue.  Those who follow BTI know that most actors we have Brain Typed in Hollywood are #13 FCIRs.  To be sure, we have found only a handful of other designs in Tinsel Town, including a few #11 FCALs (Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise), #9 FCARs (Gal Gadot and Ted Danson) #5 FEIRs (Kim Basinger and Sylvester Stalone), and #15 FCILs (Jane Fonda and Jim Caviezel).

An article came out last week on two particular famous women that could have given any BT enthusiast that slight “tingly” feeling.  Titled, “You Both Look Like Twins,” it showcases two leading ladies who look strikingly similar, Demi Moore and Courteney Cox.  Yes, and not only do these women look like each other, they both share the same rare-in-Hollywood #15 design (Lucille Ball).  Don’t yet quite comprehend the full irony?  Well, if we were to take every semi-notable woman actress today and group them according to Brain Type, these two women would be in a rare grouping.  In other words, the fact they were paired together in an article detailing how they even LOOK like went extremely against all odds.  As the article went on to say, “… people couldn’t help but notice the friends’ similarities with their striking dark hair and black-rimmed glasses.”

“Are you relatives?” one commenter asked.  “Demi and Courteney!! You both look like twins,” another person wrote.

BT twins, to be more accurate!  BTI’s Jon Niednagel discovered decades ago that each BT has its own and distinct appearance.  Of course, BT teaches that phenotype springs from genotype. Outward appearance is largely dictated by cerebral genes, and thus similar BT genes provide similar looks. BTI has created facial montages for years of each of the 16 designs, and its startling (and humorous) how distinct and comparable each of the designs appears facially.

Now back to Courteney and Demi.  Both ladies are competent, strong-willed individuals who are sharp, gifted leaders (or in their field, leading ladies).  Anyone who was a ‘Friends’ fan back in the 90s knows that Ms. Cox’s character, Monica, was poignantly based on her true self (perhaps exaggerated just a tad).  Organized, controlling, and finding it difficult to just have fun, Monica was funny because she was so different from the rest of her Right brain dominant “friends”.  Some of her hilarious iconic lines from the show included, “And remember, if I’m harsh with you, it’s only because you’re doing it wrong.”  Or, “You don’t tell me what to do.  I tell YOU what to do.”  And, “We’re supposed to start having fun in 15 minutes!”

Sound like a #15 you may know?

Written by: Staff
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