They are coming up on 14 years of marriage, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are, and despite the occasional feud, the two are still quite fond of one another.  “We’re coming up on 14 years of marriage so we’re kind of in that stage where we have discussions that are intense, a little more than usual,” Brooks told Us Weekly.  “I think how she inspires me is she thinks differently than me. And so it forces you out of just what you think you know, into what don’t you know, and to look over in there.”

Garth is a #13 FCIR, while Trisha is a #1 FEAR.  To be sure, we see this Q1 marriage combo quite often (also corresponding to each gender).  The #13 seems to fancy the flashy, fun-loving, uninhibited spirit of the female #1, while the FEAR is often attracted to the conceptually logical mind of the #13 man.  Apparently one thing Trisha admires most about Garth are his handyman skills.  “I saw him looking up a video on how to repair the sink in the bathroom, and he did it from watching a video.”  Leave it to the CI owl!

Remember, too, both designs are usually outgoing, typically spontaneous, and overall free spirits, and that helps them find each other heading in the same general Q1 life direction, despite residing in opposite sides of the anterior Right brain. Trish desires to max every moment in emotional bliss, whereas Brook continues dreaming of further strategic possibilities.  One key reason these 2 inborn designs tend to ‘ham and egg’ it is that they are living life together, but often in 2 different realities.

After Brooks made his earlier comments about “intense discussions”, Trisha chimed in, “I think what he’s saying is that he listens to me and I’m usually right.”

Spoken like a true #1!

Written by: Staff
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