Kanye West (#9 FCAR) has been the limelight lately for his newfound confession of Christian faith, debuting his #1 album, “Jesus Is King” just a few weeks ago.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s currently #1 on the charts.  To be sure, Kanye’s countenance has changed (along with his propensity for foul language).  Whereas before Kanye usually appeared angry and ticked-off, now he speaks with a warm smile (much more vintage #9!), even talking boldly on issues such as abortion and race.  As most of us already know, Kanye’ wife is #15 FCIL Kim Kardashian, and Kim’s sister is Khloe Kardashian, who was married to Lamar Odom (#2 BEAR).  The two broke up a few years ago, but just recently Odom himself reportedly had a salvation experience.  “Nowadays I’m doing the best I can in walking with the Lord,” the two-time NBA champion wrote on Instagram earlier this week, thanking the founding pastor of the church, Dr. A.R. Vernon, who led him in prayer. “I got saved at The Word Church this weekend.”  Vernon went on to say, “He realized there’s a place in your heart that only God can fill – no championship rings, no woman, no amount of money — only Christ can fill that place.”

Odom recently partnered with Fight the New Drug, an anti-porn organization, after he declared that he was also cutting out “candy and porn” (the dominant Empirical #2s can have a sweet tooth!).  Lamar went on to say, “I wanted to be loved, but I could never find love.”  Lamar has since confessed his infidelities while married to Khloe, along with lying to her about his addiction to cocaine during their four-year marriage.

Two Biblical characters that likely shared Odom’s and West’s Brain Types were Abraham (#2 BEAR) and King David (#9 FCAR).  Abraham, like Odom, was reserved, quiet, and passive, while King David like Kanye was energetic and outgoing, many times putting his foot in his mouth!  We hope these celebrities stay true to their confession.

Written by: Staff
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