There were a number of interesting NBA “newsies” to choose from over the last couple weeks, so we thought we would just put them all in one article, showing the fascinating differences among players and their respective inborn Brain Types.

We’ll start with #9 FCAR Dwight Howard.  Of course, Mr. Howard is a dominant Conceptual, and as such he lives highly in the “yesterday” and “tomorrow” (unlike #1 FEARs who live in today).  When asked how often he thinks about the “big picture” by a news reporter, Howard replied, “There’s not a day goes by where it doesn’t cross my mind. When I wake up, when I go to sleep, when I’m in practice, when I’m not in practice. … You gotta see it to believe it. I see us every day holding up a trophy.”  Yeah, we bet those nighttime dreams are pretty vivid for Dwight, complete in full color with sounds and emotions that leave him with morning tears in his eyes.

Then there is Julius Randle of the Los Angeles Lakers, who credits his agent, Aaron Mintz, for his 30-point night the other week. “He’s like my brother… I talk to him every day. He talks me off the ledge everyday. I joke with him, that’s like my sane side, him and my wife. I’m ready to blow up and they talk me back to reality.”  BT Insiders know all-too well the #1‘s potential to “blow up”.  Great to see Randle has someone to ground him when he most needs it.

The #10 BCAR may not be the most constructively critiquing Brain Type, but Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz thinks his team can play much better in the future.  After a disappointing loss recently, “several Jazz players said the team got the shots it wanted and just missed.” Rudy Gobert disagreed: “I don’t think we did. We can play much better. We can execute better. We can play for one another better. Also, defensively, we can do a much better job.”  Good for Rudy to take an objective look at his team and see where they might improve.

Lastly, Warriors coach Steve Kerr (#8 BEIL) had blood on the floor, literally, after he became so angry with his team that he broke his clipboard and cut his right hand.  “It’s a mere flesh wound,” Kerr joking stated afterwards, quoting a famous scene from Monty Python. “I broke a clipboard. It’s one of two. I’m allotted two a year. This was number one. It always cuts [my hand] in the same place. This was a little deeper one. I was a little more upset.”  Apparently the incident was enough to impress and inspire Draymond Greene (#1 FEAR) and his teammates.  “There was blood all over his pants. And then he got a new clipboard. There was blood all over that clipboard too. He got a rise out of the team, though. We turned the game back around.”

And there’s your inside NBA scoop for the day.

Written by: Staff
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