We thought this bit of news was funny, although for coach Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL) it was everything but.  Those following the NFL this season know that the once-dominant New England Patriots are not so dominant anymore, having lost the last two games (one on their home turf) and critics already predicting their short existence come playoff time.  Still, one should never doubt Captain Bill and his strategic prowess when it comes crunch time.

At any rate, the Patriots are now finding themselves caught up in yet ANOTHER scandal, this time involving illegal taping of an opposing team.  “As news broke Monday that the Patriots were involved in another spying scandal, someone was tasked with breaking the news to head coach Bill Belichick. One can only imagine the wrath that poor messenger suffered upon relaying the message.”

Yes, that poor soul!  Belichick was reportedly “furious” when the news was finally relayed, and has maintained that he had no idea that the team had sent a film crew to Cleveland on Sunday.  “That crew — comprised of a full-time Patriots producer and two independent contractors, according to The Athletic — was filming New England’s advanced scout for the team’s ‘Do Your Job’ web series, but also reportedly had eight minutes of footage from the Bengals sideline. That’s a big no-no in the NFL rule book.”

As if the Patriots reputation was fair play wasn’t tarnished enough.  If in fact Bill did know nothing about the whole ordeal, we can only imagine just how angry the #15 field sergeant really was!  Yet, somehow, like every well-oiled organization, it’s hard to fathom the CEO hasn’t approved, in theory at least, all the different activities below. In the Pats’ case, what is it that BB doesn’t control?

Written by: Staff
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