Oh goodness, this story was too good to pass up.  It took place last month when the Dallas Cowboys played against the Miami Dolphins, where Dak Prescott, the #1 FEAR, clearly had something else on his mind.  Tell us, BTInsiders, what do #1 FEARs typically love/crave/adore?  Food, of course!  As the Cowboy offense came together for a huddle, Prescott was mic’d up, and could be heard relaying the next play to his teammates.  That, however, was not the only information he was relaying.

“Oh!” Prescott exclaimed. “Spicy nuggets are back. I might have to stop on the way home!”

You would think the Cowboys were comfortably in the lead, allowing Prescott some leisure time to dream about Wendy’s tasty nuggets, but Dallas was only up by 10-6 when the hilarious incident took place.  “Perfect play calling in action,” the company tweeted after it got word of what happened.

Yes, #1s, as dominant Empiracles, have a “one-track-mind.”  When that train on the track is headed in the direction of food, precious little can stop it.  Not even football!

Written by: Staff
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