They are near opposite Brain Types, the #10 BCAR and #15 FCIL are.  They are strongest in the opposite locations of the brain, even, with #10s residing in the Q2 (Back-Right) region and #15s residing in the Q3 (Front-Left) region.  They do, however, share one thing in common.  Both can be extremely competitive.  The #15 is a person with a strong desire to lead, and their inherent strength of conceptual logic enables them to outfox their opponents.  Their “CEO” drive creates a tenacity in athletics, and their indomitable will perseveres until the game is over (and they will not concede defeat as long as they can stand and breath!).  The #10, on the other hand, is a dominant Animate in their introverted, Back brain world.  As such, they possess a strong passion for what they value, so when they value sports, tremendous effort is given.  BCALs can also tend to over-personalize matters.  If you beat them in a game of UNO, you might as well have beat them in the chest (Michael Jackson reportedly sent friends home after they won in video games)

No two athletes have better demonstrated this competitive nature between one another than Tiger Woods (#10 BCAR) and Phil Mickleson (#15 FCIL).  In their early years, they practically hated each other (though Phil did a better “political” job of hiding it).  Recently, Tiger related a funny story that took place back at the Masters in 2001.  The two gentlemen were paired together in the final round, and according to Woods, Phil “annihilated his driver” on the 13th after Tiger bogeyed the previous hole, cutting his lead down to only 2 strokes.  Tiger stepped up, took out his 3-wood, and in his own words, “It just so happens that I kinda out drove him.”  Woods did it again on the next hole, when Mickleson finally broke the silence between the two during the tense day by asking, “Do you always hit a 3-wood that far?”  Tiger responded, “I usually hit it a bit further,” and walked on.  “Just a typical answer from a smart aleck like myself,” Woods admits in the video.

How classic for the #15 to break the silence and the #10 to give a “smart aleck” response.  The two reportedly are better friends nowadays, though we’re confident they both still can’t wait to beat each other again.

Written by: Staff
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