It just seems Kate Gosling can’t keep out of the negative limelight ever since her tumultuous days on the former “Jon and Kate Plus 8” series.  Gosling (#7 FEIL) reportedly was ordered to pay her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin (#13 FCIR), $1,500 in legal fees after going against a court order that stated Kate was allowed to film her children if she or the TV company provided her ex-husband with a filming schedule. The outlet claims Kate failed to do so, and that the children were without working permits.  Jon has not been a fan of his children being on television, stating, “The court agreed with me. They have given me back my rights.  The guardian ad item said filming wasn’t in the best interests of my children, the judge said it wasn’t in their best interests, but Kate went ahead and did it anyway.”  He went on to conclude, “I really just want to get my kids off the television period.”

In light of Brain Types, one might initially assume the #7 FEIL female “mother hen” to be more careful and conservative than the #13 FCIR male, but here we see a perfect example of just the opposite.  While Kate seems to be in it for the dollar, Jon is fighting to give his children a semblance of normal life.  Regardless of one’s inborn design, we are all equally capable of making the right decisions, especially when it comes to simply protecting those we love.  Although Jon hasn’t necessarily been the picture-perfect father, we applaud him for putting his kids first in this situation.

Written by: Staff
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