We thought this headline was a bit comical, moreso because of the man’s Brain Type.  “Never seen anything like it,” said Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer.  “Because Jason Garrett, they’ve gone to him now multiple times this week to say, ‘OK, you’re out as the head coach.’ And he says, ‘Hold on, don’t do it yet, I still want to be considered for this.’ And every time they do it, say, ‘We’re moving on, we’re starting to interview other people’ … They have to tell Jason Garrett, ‘No, you’re gone, we’re moving on.’”

Yes, he was formerly the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, but after a disappointing season, Jason Garrett was officially released on Sunday.  Yet, just like when you release an animal into the wild, it doesn’t necessarily have to leave, and Garrett wasn’t ready to leave either.  In fact, It wasn’t until the Cowboys finally announced they wouldn’t renew Garrett’s contract, which will end Jan. 14, that he conceded he would no longer be the head coach in Dallas.  In the words of one journalist, “The longtime head coach refused to accept that his tenure with the team was coming to an end, even as Dallas has interviewed potential replacements and indicated several times that it was over.”

Quick, which of the 16 inborn Brain Types can potentially be the most stubborn, certainly the most independent?  In your top three there should have been the #16 BCIL, which is indeed Garrett’s design.  Before landing a job, BCILs will often voluntarily work long hours, being the first to the office in the morning and the last to leave.  Jon Niednagel has personally witnessed many #16 BCILs slowly work their way to the top with tireless persistence and loyalty.  In this case, however, it was just the opposite.  Jason Garrett was being persistent in NOT leaving!

Garrett has been with the Cowboys for some time now, so it’s hard not to feel bad for him.  After an 8-8 season with talented players, however, it apparently was time for him to go.

Written by: Staff
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