Whoa, easy there fella!  Friday night during the Blazers/Wizards game point guard Isaiah Thomas (#1 FEAR) gave a little shove that earned him a quick ejection from the game.  Sure, a “little shove” isn’t all that bad, but the recipient wasn’t a player, but referee Marat Kogut.  With less than two minutes into the game, Thomas became tangled with Portland’s Carmelo Anthony (#13 FCIR), and then then made contact with referee Marat Kogut while trying to break free, extending his arm with a little push that can clearly be seen in the replay.

Brain Typists know that #1s are the first to react physically “in-the-moment.”  It doesn’t appear that Thomas personally had anything against ref Kogut, but he was just in his way, so why not?  Charles Barkley back in the day might have easily reacted the same way, or Dennis Rodman, or countless other FEARs in NBA history who have found themselves in similar trouble.

Best keep your hands to yourself!

Written by: Staff
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