The series finally ended a few weeks ago.  Needless to say, it gave an even deeper look into the complex, competitive, and sometimes vicious mind of the #6 BEIR.  Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” has had the sports world buzzing for months.  From Michael saying he “hated” Isiah Thomas (#1 FEAR) to stories that MJ wouldn’t allow fellow teammate Horace Grant to even eat after a bad game, Jordan’s notorious nature has shocked even those who thought they knew him well.

About that Horace Grant story … it’s apparently true!  Grant, a #2 BEAR, denies that he leaked the story, but some sources say it came from him.  According to Sam Smith, who covered the Bulls as a reporter and wrote the book, “The Jordan Rules,” went on to reveal, “Players would come to me over the years and said, ‘You know what he did? He took Horace’s food away on the plane because Horace had a bad game.  Michael told the stewardesses ‘Don’t feed him, he doesn’t deserve to eat.’”

Ouch!  Yes, what a difference one letter makes between the BEIR and BEAR!  Remember, the #6 is a dominant Inanimate, which approaches matters IMPERSONALLY, while #2s are dominant Animates, which process information PERSONALLY.  In personality lingo, it’s comparing a dominant ‘Thinker’ to a dominate ‘Feeler.’  Had Horace been a fellow #6 like Michael, a fist-fight likely would have broken out on the plane!  This is one reason why Scottie Pippen (#2 BEAR) and MJ made such a dynamite duo.  Scottie had no problems being the second-hand man.  At any rate, Horace apparently let MJ be MJ, and they ended up winning 3 championships together.

The late Kobe Bryant, another #2 BEAR, was also featured in one episode of the series.  Kobe went on to say, “What you get from me, was from him … he guided me so much and gave me so much great advice.”

Be sure to catch “The Last Dance” to hear a number of other great (and hilarious) #6 stories regarding the greatest player of all time.

Written by: Staff