Did anyone catch the great Capital One golf match last week featuring Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR), Tom Brady (#9 FCAR), Phil Mickleson (#15 FCIL), and Tiger Woods (#10 BCAR)?  (There’s a decent chance you did, considering its high TV ratings!)  For one, how rare was it to see every BT letter showcased?  In these famous 4 men, you had ‘F’s and ‘B’s, ‘E’ and ‘C’s, ‘I’s and ‘A’s, and ‘L’s and ‘R’s!  Phil was the only Left brain dominant player of the group, while Tiger was the only Back brain dominant player.

The behavior displayed was classic.  From the get go, Phil Mickleson, who just happens to share the same Brain Type as Brady’s former football coach Bill Belichick, wouldn’t shut up.  Coaching Brady like he was his personal understudy, Phil talked and talked and talked. (BT students realize how typical this is for Q3s.)  Knowing Brady’s design, this didn’t help.  Because of his #9 Brain Type, we knew Tom was going to be nervous and have a rough start anyway, but that rough start never turned around much the entire match.  Charles Barkley (#1 FEAR), who was at the commentator’s helm, at one point even offered to donate $25,000 to charity if Brady would just “keep the ball on the green” on a par 3.  After Brady missed the green, Charles quipped, “I should have just said if you can keep it on the planet.”  Tom also showed some #9 emotion when he missed a few crucial putts, clenching his teeth and

Meanwhile, did you catch Peyton’s first tee shot?  If you’re familiar with the #5 Brain Type, you know they’re super-strong with the fine-motors, namely the wrists.  With his nerves on end, Manning sure made use of those snappy wrists and hooked his first tee shot to the left.  Peyton earlier joked, with Brady listening, that he should have brought Belichick to caddie for him. “Just to see how that kinda would have worked.  It probably wouldn’t have been good for me either.  Bill brings out bad things for me as well.”

Tiger was his usual cool, calm self, more so then he has been in past years (could the rumors of CBD-laced gum really be true?).  With Phil jabbing here and there, Tiger looked at the camera and stated, “Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  This is what I have to listen to every time we play.”  It’s insightful to see what happens when one “introverted” Back brainer is placed with 3 “extraverted” Front brainers.  Needless to say, Phil, Peyton, and Tom did most of the talking, while Tiger chimed in only once in awhile.  One funny quip came from Tiger when Phil asked him to mark his ball.  “Do you want me to use one of my U.S. Open medals?” Tiger asked.

Lastly, did you notice the fist bumps between players?  Mickleson was the strictest social distancer, never touching any of the other players with his “air fist bumps” (surprise, surprise).  Brady came in second, while Tiger and Peyton seemed the least concerned about touching hands.

In case you missed it, here are highlights from the match.

Written by: Staff