They say she was just as “sunny and down-to-earth” off screen as she was on-screen, and if you’ve ever seen an episode of “Gilligan’s Island”, you probably already know who we’re talking about without even mentioning her name.  On the show, she was known as Mary Ann, and in real life her name was Dawn Wells.  A month ago sadly saw her passing at the age of 82 years old.  Last surviving cast member Tina Louise (who played Ginger) recently said, “Dawn was a very wonderful person. I want people to remember her as someone who always had a smile on her face.”

Smiles are a consistent characteristic of the “Pied Piper” #9 FCAR.  Remember, as CA “Storks”, they are gifted in the speak and hearing region.  Coupled with Front brain “extraversion” and Right brain “let live” dominance, they enjoy outwardly expressing themselves to the world they live in.  Ironically, the character of Mary Ann was originally supposed to be a ‘Marilyn Monroe type of character (another #9 FCAR), but a different director took over and reshaped her role.  Definitely a good thing!

Tina finally said of the likable Wells, “She was a person full of joy, and shared her joy with everyone.”

Written by: Staff
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