It’s all over the news, so much so that it seems like Covid-19 vanished overnight. We’re talking, of course, of the explosive Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle last week.  We have written about the Royals many a time before, but nothing like this has happened to the Windsor family since Princess Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles some 30 years ago, or certainly her death nearly 20 years ago.

We’ll start off by pointing out the obvious.  Oprah is a gifted #9 FCAR.  She knows how to interview people, and she knows how to make her guests feel very comfortable (leave it to the relational CA “Stork”).  This, in turn, leads to some fascinating conversations, and that’s exactly what happened with Harry and Megan.  Harry unabashedly came out by saying that his brother, William, and other family members are “trapped”.  In some sense this could be true, or “feel” true to the #1 FEAR Harry who appreciates his freedom above all else.  Meanwhile, brother William (#15 FCIL) likely doesn’t mind the structured royal way of life.  To be sure, however, wife M. Markle (#13 FCIR) is a strong woman not to be trifled with, and one can almost sense her claws around the congenial Harry during the interview (or once congenial, according to reports).

We don’t know what transpires behind castle walls, but looking at the situation from a Brain Type’s perspective, everything makes a great deal of sense.  Harry doesn’t want to be tied down, and is also willing to cater to his strong-willed wife Meghan.  William continues to faithfully hold the traditions, as does his wife Kate (#13 FCIR), while Queen Elisabeth (#15 FCIL) is just desperately trying to keep things together (and out of the public eye).  Thus far, Prince Charles (#16 BCIL) hasn’t had much to say, perhaps since he’s often up to some concealed endeavors.

One interesting tidbit Harry shared was that his mother, Diana (#3 FEAL), left him with a considerable inheritance in the event that he was ever on his own one day.  Apparently, after her own experiences, Diana foresaw potential future struggles with the monarchy.  Wow.  Leave it to the #3 mother hen to lookout for her children.

Written by: Staff