Here’s a look at some news from a Brain Type’s perspective.

Former NBA All-Star Paul Pierce was recently fired by ESPN after posting a racy Instagram Live video of him getting a massage over the weekend.  Pierce worked as an analyst for the network on multiple shows, and after being let go posted another short video of him smiling with the caption, “Big Things coming soon stay tuned make sure u smile #Truthshallsetufree.”  The real question is, how did Paul think he would actually get away with something like this?  A #2 BEAR, he either didn’t carefully think through the situation or honestly didn’t care.  Either way, not the best move for the former Celtic great.

Does anyone remember Katherine McPhee from American Idol yesteryear?  The 37 year old #1 FEAR will be returning to the show to perform with two of this season’s contestants, Alyssa Wray and Willie Spence.  Though McPhee was runner-up in the 5th season of the show, she since won America’s heart with her gentle smile, loveable nature, and yes, incredible singing voice.  Songs by Whitney Houston (#9 FCAR) and Carrie Underwood (#1 FEAR) have been particular favorites this year.

Singer Cher (#5 FEIR) has recently found herself in a bit of hot water after trying to seemingly portray herself as the potential savior of George Floyd.  She tweeted, “Was talking with Mom & she said ‘I watched trial of policeman who killed George Floyd & cried,’  I said ‘Mom, I know this is gonna sound crazy but.. I kept thinking …..maybe if I’d been there I could’ve helped.”  Cher immediately received the “white savior” label by many of her followers, while others came to her defense saying that “we all wish we could have helped.”  The down-to-earth Cher doesn’t seem to yet be used to our “cancel culture” day and age where everything one says can be construed to mean just about anything.

Finally, guess who recently became the latest billionaire?  Kim Kardashian, initially for “doing nothing” but simply having her own reality show, this week went from a net worth of approximate $780 million to over $1 billion dollars.  When Kardashian made the cover of Forbes magazine, she quipped, “Not bad for a girl with no talent.”  Those with the knowledge of Brain Type are certainty not surprised, knowing Kim’s inborn #15 FCIL design, also known as the “CEO” Brain Type.  FCILs are strongest in the Q3 region of the brain (Front-Left), making them gifted and organized leaders, planners, and goal-setters.  While some have bashed Kim for being born to a wealthy family and not truly earning her success, she’s quite accurate when she makes the observation, “What, because we came from a family that has had success? To me, that doesn’t really make sense … If anything, I’ve seen the complete opposite.”

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