They are arguably the top Brain Type most “tuned into” their bodies.  We’re talking Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Cher, Tina Turner, Madonna, and on and on.  So when baseball’s Alex Rodriguez (#5 FEIR) said he dropped the “dad bod of 2020” and opted for a more chiseled physique, no Brain Type enthusiast was surprised.  Rodriguez went on to post, “Anyone else determined to stick with their fitness goals this year? I’ve been consistent with my workouts and finally put down the chips.”

Unfortunately, Alex and once-fiancé Jennifer Lopez (#1 FEAR) are said to be separated, and perhaps for good.  Insiders are saying, “A-Rod will not give up on his and J. Lo’s relationship.  He is willing to do anything to make it work.”  The biggest issue for Lopez is said to be “trust” of Rodriguez.  “JLo still doesn’t trust A-Rod all the way and is “very skeptical;” she “heard him out because she still has a lot of love for him.”

Every detail makes a great deal of Brain Type sense.  The #1 FEAR (particularly females) want nothing more than to love and be loved, while #5 FEIRs, when they get off the beaten path, can struggle being faithful spouses (males in particular).  Remember that both the #1 and #5 are dominant Empiricals.  They are most into the “here-and-now,” being driven by “in-the-moment, spatial” reality, living life NOW to the fullest.  Such is a recipe for both blessing and disaster.  Both Types can be the first to drop everything and help you out, but they can also be among the first to leave you to dry if the relationship turns sour, or they see something better (especially males).  At any rate, it would be helpful for J-Lo and A-Rod to know both their similarities and differences, especially as Q1 (Front Right) Empiracles who are quickest to react in the moment.

Written by: Staff
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