No Tim Duncan, no championships.  Those are the honest thoughts of Coach Greg Popovich (#16 BCIL) recently when he stated, simply, “On a professional level, the most concise way to put it is ‘no Duncan, no Championships.’  On a personal level, I love the guy.”

Coach Pop went on to share insight into Duncan’s personal life, which every Brain Type enthusiast could have already guessed as well as Duncan’s upcoming Hall of Fame speech “He really tries to stay away from those kinds of moments. He doesn’t like talking about himself. He’s selfless, he’s pretty much a homebody. I don’t think he’ll be up there for a real long time speaking.”

Yes, sounds pretty vintage #2 BEAR!  Duncan throughout his career was about as cool and calm as any player.  He was a true “silent killer” who let his game do the talking.  While #2 “personalities” can vary based on upbringing and other genetic factors (Kobe Bryant vs. Robert Parish), #2s typically tend to be softer, less-verbal athletes.  They are strongest in the Q2 region of the brain (Back-Right), the least apt to wax long in terms of verbalizing thoughts and opinions.  Conversely, the #15 FCIL, strongest in the Q3 region of the brain (Front-Left), doesn’t mind taking it’s time, and your time, to share their opinions.  This is one reason why the world will never see a #2 BEAR President of the United States.

Shame.  Given good character and morals the country could use a #2 caring, compassionate President!  Yet, a ‘trustworthy’ #15 (FCIL) VP would be of great assistance!

Written by: Staff