He’s stepping into the ring again, and he also is stepping into the ring again.  Two former heavy weight champs, Mike Tyson (#6 BEIR) and Lennox Lewis (#13 FCIR), are 54 and 55 years old respectively, and will be trading jabs come September.  With a simple quote of, “I’m gonna fight Lennox Lewis,” Tyson set the world ablaze, as the two boxers haven’t faced off since 2002 (where Lewis won after knocking out Tyson in the eighth round), and Lennox has been retired since 2004. Tyson was originally supposed to face Evander Holyfield (#9 FCAR) on May 29 to complete their trilogy fight, but the deal fell through over failed contract negotiations.

Regarding #6s and boxing, Jon Niednagel wrote in Your Key To Sports Success, “No sport more than boxing reveals the BEIR’s intensity and killer instinct. Boxing encourages its participants to beat up one another, something most BEIRs do easily when angry.”  Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier was also a BEIR. Tyson threw his first punch at the age of 10 when a bully killed one of his birds. “This was the first thing I ever loved in my life, the pigeon. I don’t know why,” said Tyson. Interestingly, it’s not uncommon for BEIRs to love animals more than people. Animals are loyal, and they never talk back.

Written by: Staff
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