Several weeks ago, Hamas was once again firing rockets into Israeli territory, restoking fears of a possible World War III.  You may recall several months ago when actress Gina Cerano (#1 FEAR) was fired by Disney for her controversial Tweets comparing conservatives in America to Jews during the Holocaust, speaking her mind plainly like most #1s do.  Now, actress Gal Gadot, also known as Wonder Woman, and who is Israeli herself, is experiencing some of the same backlash online as did Gina, though for much less controversial comments.

For those who are not regular Brain Type followers, Gadot is a #9 FCAR, similar to Cerano but a dominant Conceptual rather than a dominant Empirical.  As a general rule, #9s tend to guard their mouths more carefully than #1s (though nothing compared to #4s or #8s or other Q4 Back-Left brainers).  A good example on the male side may be TNT’s Kenny Smith vs. Charles Barkley.  Kenny is very political, choosing his words more carefully and rarely stepping on anybody’s toes.  Charles, on the other hand, is frequently caught with his hand in the verbal cookie jar, and it’s made for some very good ratings at the network.

At any rate, Gadot simply stated that her “heart breaks” as her “country is at war”, also adding that both Palestine and her native country deserve to be free and safe nations.  Ending her post that she is praying for the victims of the conflict and their families, she said she would like to see the “unimaginable hostility” ending, and for the leaders of the two nations to find a way to “live side by side in peace.”  To be sure, words that are innocent enough, but not for the “woke” online world.  Soon after the Tweet was posted, she received several negative comments, slamming her for supporting “mass genocide” and calling her out for her past military service to Israel (regulatory for Israeli youth).  Gadot since disabled the comment section, though she left the post up.  Warner Brothers is said to be worried about the backlash.

Gina and Gal are two “feeling” women with big hearts and large emotions, desiring peace and love and understanding in the world, particularly for those who can’t well defend themselves.  Who knows if Gadot will suffer the same fate as Cerano, but one can safely bet she is likely not divulging her true feelings over the escalating situation.  If she ever does, Wonder Women may well be waving goodbye to Hollywood.

Written by: Staff
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