The 2021 Summer Olympics have come to a close.  While we have noticed a number of inborn designs competing within various sports, we wanted to focus on one particular gal who we found to be particularly unique.

Her name is Gabby Thomas, the American Track and Field phenomenon who won bronze in the women’s 200-meter.  Thomas finished in 21.87 seconds, just behind Thompson-Herah’s time of 21.53 — the second fastest in history.  “I was at first in relief, then in shock, then in pure excitement.  It means a lot, because I really worked for that one. I fought tooth and nail for those last 30 meters. I did my best. I gave my best effort.”

BT enthusiasts should take a good look at Gabby before we reveal her inborn Brain Type.  Carefully watch her interviews, and also be sure to review her sprints.  Did you know she also graduated from Harvard with a degree in neurobiology and is studying public health in a master’s program with a focus on epidemiology at the University of Texas?  She’s a smart gal for sure, which might initially cause some of our viewers to incorrectly determine her wiring.  Here’s a hint.  She is not an Inanimate (thinker).  Even our novice followers should quickly be able to tell by Gabby’s smile, mannerisms, etc., that she is an Animate (feeler).

Now take a look at her sprints.  Notice her outstretched arms and wide gate, and how she powerfully muscles through her runs.  Also, on several of the videos we watched, Gabby’s body and head immediately rise up after the starting shot is fired.  Of course, from an early age, runners are taught to raise themselves gradually as they begin their sprint (which no doubt Gabby was taught as well, but finds herself reverting to her inborn tendencies at times, especially when overcome by pressure and anxiety).

Gabby Thomas is a #1 FEAR.  Women #1s, in particular, can often excel in academics (Right brain women more easily access the Left brain than men), though finding them in the world of neurobiology is a rarity!  Inspired and challenged by her PhD mother, Gabby pursued not only her innate proclivity of exercising large muscle groups (gross motors) but also her mind with an interest in what makes people tick (BTI’s fixation).

To be sure, #1s love helping people, and are extremely practical, real-time individuals (dominant Empirircal).  They particularly love to learn if that learning can be used in the tangible world, particularly as it relates to people.  This author spent many a time under the tender care of a #1 dentist, and he very much loved his job.  Thus, the medical field doesn’t frighten them as it might some other Animate Brain Types, though, #1s are more often found to be nurses and such.

Congratulation, Gabby!  Your strength in brain and body are an inspiration to #1s the world over!

Written by: Staff