Jon Niednagel and BTI are heart-broken to hear the news regarding former UCLA football coach Terry Donahue.  As a local Orange County newspaper writes, “Former UCLA football coach Terry Donahue died Sunday at his home in Newport Beach surrounded by family, following a two-year battle with cancer, according to a university spokesperson. He was 77.”

Terry was friend, first and foremost, and a man who believed in Jon and Brain Typing.  When Terry asked then head basketball coach, Jim Harrick (#7 FEIL), whether he had received any outside consulting help in the mid-90s, Harrick replied, “No.”  Donahue, knowing Niednagel’s involvement with the team, knew then and there, “I had to get him (Jon).”  The Bruins football team went on to have an incredibly successful year, even defeating their notorious arch enemy USC Trojans for the fifth consecutive time, breaking the record for most consecutive victories in the series.  “That was a significant accomplishment,” Donahue said. “I was around that rivalry for a long time and I can tell you it really was rewarding to win five straight over SC.” 

There are too many benefits of Brain Typing to mention that Bruin gridiron year, but one was the discovery of QB Cade McNown, a freshman that the coaching staff had no intention of playing until his Junior year. Yet, JN insisted that Cade’s #6 BT was better than the 3 upper classmen rated ahead of him, but the staff just laughed it off. Well, by midseason, when the Bruins were getting beat by BYU on the road, Cade was finally inserted and the rest is history. He started the rest of the season, and in the final game against USC, Cade ran 17 yards on a spectacular 4th down to seal the victory. To say the least, Terry was thrilled that Niednagel had insisted on playing McNown from the first time he met him at fall practice.

An #11 FCAL, Terry was a thoughtful leader, one who pushed his team through encouragement and inspiration.  He is the winningest football coach in UCLA and the Pac-12 Conference’s history, and will go down as one of the greatest college football coaches of all time.  Regarding his experience with Brain Typing, Terry once said,  “I’ve found the information to be absolutely fascinating, almost scary, because it is so correct.”

Thank you for the great memories, Terry.

Written by: Staff
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