Model Cindy Crawford (#11 FCAL) was in the news recently for some quinteicential #11 behavior.  Humor us for a moment as we start off with this quote.  “Specifically, where do I feel constricted, and where is it stressing me out? I’m a planner, and very, very organized; I’m the type that gives myself exactly the amount of time I need for any specific activity.”

Of course, Cindy hasn’t been the only #11 model in the business from past decades, amongst the names of Christy Brinkley, Bo Derek, and others.  Unlike more prevalent wirings in the entertainment business, however, #11s can tend to be a bit uptight, needing to relax in life and not take the world upon their shoulders.  Crawford went on to confess, “But, say, my husband wants to have a conversation with me. I found that I’d be looking at my watch, like, ‘I have three minutes,’ and then he would get irritated. Or I would feel the stress of knowing that now I wasn’t going to have time to put makeup on. It never occurred to me to maybe push my first meeting back a little because I was just so focused on being efficient.”

Cindy has juggled being a wife, mother, and entertainer throughout her life.  In her family life, in particular, she has sought to be the constant foundation.  “In my family, for instance, I’m the organizer, I’m the on-time one, I’m the more serious one … And I think it’s easy to get caught up in these roles and to feel introspective as a result. Like, who am I? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just going through a midlife crisis,” she added with a laugh.  Oh Cindy, if only you knew your inborn design!  Recognizing and tempering these traits early in life can be a tremendous burden lifted, especially for #11s.  She finished by saying, “I’m this, I’m that. And now, it’s me questioning, at this point in my life, ‘Do I still want to be all of those things that I unconsciously signed up for?’”  

Cindy is rethinking aspects of her life that she “signed up for” at an early age.  Now that she’s older, perhaps it’s finally time to take a step back, as other #11s have done, from Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly.  Most often the female FCAL finds fulfillment in the simple, beautiful aspects of life, as we all should no matter what our inborn designs.

Written by: Staff
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