He was a kind man whom Jon Niednagel had many good chats with while working with the Phoenix Suns in the 1990s.  This past week saw the passing of NBA great Paul Silas, longtime player and coach who well-utilized his #2 BEAR Brain Type to succeed in both arenas.  “He combined the knowledge developed over nearly 40 years as an NBA player and coach with an innate understanding of how to mix discipline with his never-ending positivity, said Michael Jordan (#6 BEIR), now the Charlotte Hornets chairman.  “On or off the court, Paul’s enthusiastic and engaging personality was accompanied by an anecdote for every occasion. He was one of the all-time great people in our game, and he will be missed.”

Silas, like some other #2s, wasn’t known as the hardest worker (nurture plays a big key here), and it took him some time to land a coaching job in the NBA.  “I was known as not a hard, hard, hard worker, and it really hurt me when I was an assistant coach, for about 10 years, when I couldn’t get a head job.  I really talked to teams about being a head coach, but I didn’t get one. What happened is I stayed positive. I had a positive attitude. Even though I couldn’t get the job, I said, ‘No, I’m not going to be negative. I’m going to be positive.'”  Great advice for the sometimes “whoa is me” #2!

As a player, Silas averaged 9.4 points and 9.9 rebounds in 16 seasons with St. Louis and Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix, Boston, Denver, and Seattle.  He also won two titles with the Celtics, and a third with the SuperSonics.  At the time, Silas retired at age 36, which was the oldest player in the NBA (always long-lasting!).

Lebron James (#1 FEAR) called Silas “one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever been around.”  #6 BEIR Rex Chapman (who also is quite familiar with BT), said of Silas, “Paul Silas was a giant in basketball circles.  A great man. Was fortunate to spend a couple of seasons with Paul when he was an (assistant) coach with the Suns. I don’t know anyone with a bad word to say about him — ever. A sad day.”

And such defined Silas, a fellow who people continually spoke positively about.  He will be greatly missed.

Written by: Staff