The news world lost a legend two weeks ago when Barbara Walters passed away at the age of 93.  According to her publicist, “She lived her life with no regrets. She was a trailblazer not only for female journalists, but for all women.”

Trailblazer well describes this female #15 FCIL.  To be sure, Barbara led the way as the first woman to become a TV news superstar, giving rise to other such #15 superstars as Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Andrea Mitchell.  As another author puts it, “Her drive was legendary.”  This, of course, can best be understood by knowing her inborn CEO design.  Back in 2008, Walters said, ““I’m not afraid when I’m interviewing, I have no fear!”  To be sure, #15s, driven by the Left, Front region of the brain (executive control center), are particularly relentless when it comes to what they want.  Women in particular, stronger on the Left side than men (regardless of one’s hemisphere dominance), typically live passionate, accomplish-worthy lives, often leading those close to them in a successful direction as well.  Think of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom were largely responsible for getting their respective husbands in the White House.

Lastly, Walters asked poignant questions.  She once asked #5 FEIR John Wayne, “Offscreen, do you like you?”, and questioned Lady Bird Johnson (#7 FEIL) whether she was jealous of her late husband’s reputation as a ladies’ man (who also happened to be a #5).  Whether it was Ronald Reagan (#15), Margaret Thatcher (#15), Michael Jackson (#10 BCAR), Elton John (#13 FCIR), or even Monica Lewinsky (#1 FEAR) in 1999, Barbara Walters was indeed never afraid of anyone (she even made #9 FCAR Oprah Winfrey cry during an interview!).  To sum it up in her own words, “I think that when I look at what I have done, I have a great s of accomplishment. I don’t want to sound proud and haughty, but I think I’ve had just a wonderful career and I’m so thrilled that I have.”

Written by: Staff
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