Former President Jimmy Carter (#16 BCIL) has been in the news as of late, having come home from the hospital a few weeks ago to live out his remaining days among family and friends.  The 98-year-old Carter is the oldest living US president in history, having dealt with metastatic brain cancer as well as a number of other severe health scares.

And so we ask ourselves what makes Jimmy unique?  What, in fact, makes him unlike any other U.S. President in over a century?  From Joe Biden all the way back to William McKinley, there has not been a Back brain dominant President of the United States other than Jimmy.  In fact, the last known (and perhaps only) Back brain President was, in fact, a fellow who shared Carter’s same inborn Brain Type, that being Mr. Abraham Lincoln (#16).  Yes, before the days of cameras and television, becoming a world leader was a bit more attainable for “introverts”, if we must digress and use the infamous personality term!

At any rate, here’s an interesting description of Carter from The New York Times: “The man was not what you think. He was tough. He was extremely intimidating. Jimmy Carter was probably the most intelligent, hard-working and decent man to have occupied the Oval Office in the 20th century.”  So, as BT enthusiasts, was Jimmy Carter indeed what we thought?  The NYT describes him as “tough”, “intimidating”, “intelligent”, “hard-working” and “decent”.  These descriptions very well fit the #16 BCIL to a “T”, if we may be so bold!

For a moment, let’s talk about the word “decent”.  To be sure, #16s can be the most private and aloof of BTs, and can view itself as superior to others. Their ever-critiquing, abstract intellect sees all the world’s flaws in this respect, and if they’re not careful, they can manipulate not only systems, but people, in a manner not beneficial for all.  BCILs are arguably the top innate design for spying and other stealth activities, and therefore they must develop strong moral and ethical values to not take advantage of others. If they attain, and maintain this, they aptly fit the description of ‘decent’.

The NY Times goes on to say, finally, “Mr. Carter remains the most misunderstood president of the last century. “On this, again, we agree.  The #16 BCIL may in fact be thought of as the most mysterious of the 16 inborn Brain Types.  They are incredibly complex individuals, living life in their minds, formulating new ideas and more efficient inventions (better ways of functionality), while also relishing sustainable maintenance.  As President, Carter was criticized for his lack of action, and in a large sense that shoe fit him quite well.  At the same time, he utilized his power according to his ‘conservative conscience’.  Again, the NYT goes on to say, “He decided to use power righteously, ignore politics and do the right thing.”  What the “right thing” was exactly was certainly up for debate, but Carter, like Lincoln, trudged forward in his own way, in his own time (albeit slowly).  In fact, his Presidency was a bit boring in that it was virtually scandal free.  He also spent some 12 hours or more in the Oval Office reading 200 pages of memos a day!

Will we ever have another “B” president again?  Likely not.  It is perhaps an unfortunate truth, given that these more “reserved” individuals have so much to offer in society.  Whatever the case, Carter will be remembered as a stoic, yet kind individual who, in many ways, was misunderstood.  But, dare we say it, we understood him better than most.

Written by: Staff
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