“Never thought it would happen at a U.S. Senior Open, but I’m very thrilled that the record of 46 wins happened this week.”

Those are the words of the Senior PGA’s Bernard Langer after breaking the PGA Tour Champions’ career victory record with 46 wins last month.  Langer is a #5 FEIR, and ironically beat German star Hale Irwin’s record to accomplish the feat.  The irony, of course, is that Irwin is a #16 BCIL, Langer’s exact opposite design.  Also waxing ironic is the fact that Langer won by two strokes over Steve Stricker, another #5 FEIR.

Despite the debilitating effects of father time, Langer keeps pushing himself.  “There are a lot more aches and pains than 10 years ago.  I still enjoy the game. If I play like I did this week, I’m going to keep playing. There have been the odd week when I thought, ‘What were you doing out here? Go home and play with the grandkids.'”  How he won the tournament, however, was by playing conservative, a strategy not often engaged by the competitive #5 FEIR “Took many 3-woods off the tees at times, but then I had to hit 3-wood into the green or a very long club. But I’d rather do that than hit driver and wedge it out from the rough,” Langer later said.

And in fellow #5 Stricker’s own words regarding age and Langer, “It gives all of us hope, I guess, that are out here still playing that we can continue to play as good as he’s played for such a long time.”

Written  by: Staff
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