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This book also comes packed with all of Jon Niednagel’s latest Brain Type information, including the new lettering (FCIR / ENTP, etc.), the new numbering (#13 FCIR), the 4 Brain Type Quadrants (Q1, Q2, etc.), and the newly designated “Dove” and “Hawk.” This book is a MUST HAVE for all Brain Type enthusiasts!

Brain Types and Parenting

323 pp. – Now available!
Finally available for the first time, Jon Niednagel has combined his research with recent scientific discoveries to produce a new series of educational publications. The first in the series, “Brain Typing and Parenting” is devoted to helping you know and understand your children and yourself more fully. By discovering your child’s inborn God-given design, you will understand why his or her mind works as it does – why children view matters and make decision as they do. You will also better understand your child’s emotional makeup. Presented with the physical and athletic perspective, you will know what your child’s body is capable of doing, and to what degree, while socially, you will better understand why your children tend to regard others as they do.

Price: $19.95

Brain Type Reference Key

2 1/2″ x 8 1/4″ inches

Useful for anyone learning our new Brain Type acronyms and numbering methodology (i.e. #13 FCIR/entp) — especially helpful for those who have previously been accustomed to Jungian/MBTI typology.

Best of all, they are the perfect size to be used as bookmarks, at your fingertips for easy reference during your reading and study!

Price: $2.00
Please note: This DVD contains the former acronyms (ENTP/fcir).

Who Am I? Who Are You?

DVD – 92 minutes

This DVD briefly relates Brain Typing to 8 different areas of life, including relationships/romance, family/parenting, business, sports, education, spirituality, and health (including weight control). With numerous testimonials from all walks of life, as well as self-descriptions from representatives of each of the 16 Brain Types (both men and women represented), Who Am I? Who Are You? has something for everyone. You’ll hear how Brain Typing all began, its application for today, and the many possibilities as to where it may take us tomorrow. Along with validation from the scientific community, Jon P. Niednagel further explains the eight personal preferences (E & I, S & N, etc.) with men and women models of each. To capture the attention of sport enthusiasts, Niednagel carefully illustrates the relationship between motor/body skill proficiency and Brain Type, the information which continues to revolutionize the effectiveness of coaches and athletes at every level.

Price: $19.95

“I really enjoy talking to Jon. The next best thing is reading his book, ‘Your Key to Sports Success‘. I find Brain Typing not only fascinating, but very accurate. I wish I had this information when I was playing. I use it now to help me evaluate and develop talent.”
– Kevin McHale, Minnesota Timberwolves V.P. of Operations, former NBA All-Star

Brain Typing and Your Key To Sports Success 


On hold for latest edition release – In Final Stages!

Your Key To Sports Success (YKTSS) helps you (or perhaps your child) to determine one’s individual Brain Type…providing specific steps for how to maximize athletic potential.