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For those who desire to take their understanding and use of Brain Types to a deeper level, consider attending a BT seminar.  BTC is currently in the process of planning Brain Types-related seminars on various topics around the United States.  Seminars are a great way to learn more about BT and better understand some of the finer points.  Conducted by certified and trained personnel, including Brain Types pioneer Jonathan Niednagel, presentations are specifically tailored for additional insights into the pre-selected topic from a Brain Type-related perspective.

If you are interested in attending a seminar in your area, please register for more information below.  When a seminar is planned for a venue near you, we will be sure to contact you.

In addition, if there is enough interest from a particular region, we will make an effort to alter our schedule, accordingly, as logistics permit.

Interested in Having a Seminar in Your Area?

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ASSESSMENTS – Assistance with making accurate appraisals of yourself and others.   For families, this might include children, spouse, self, or entire family.  Professional-related services are also available for your business or other organization.

CONSULTING – Personal consultation services availble for both personal and professional insights.  Family-oriented consulting has a focus on parent-child relations and other family dynamics, while professional-related consulting has an emphasis on optimal staffing and workplace dynamics.  Consulting services can be provided through the use of video (mail-in media or internet) or person-to-person (as available).

CONFERENCES – Turn your seminar into a full-fledged retreat, with multiple sessions of Brain Type-related education and insights.  These enlightening sessions will provide instruction on how to utilize Brain Typing for more effective staffing, recruiting, and motivation for your business or organization.

For additional instruction on how to properly Brain Type yourself and others, as well as more information on services available from BT Consulting, call 417-679-4748.