The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

4/20/17 – Inside the brains of Paul McCartney and John Lennon

To say the least, the Beatles were unique, not only for their music, but also for a few band member Brain Types. Paul McCartney,the leader of the pack, is a #11 FCAL, a rare design when it comes to male singing stardom. In fact, there hasn’t been another well-known #11 male singer for as long as BTI can remember (they have been more plentiful on the female side, including Faith Hill, Paula Abdul, and Olivia Newton-John). The other unique Brain Type band member was John Lennon, a #14 BCIR, McCartney’s near opposite design! That’s a sure way to explore most possibilities. Not only are both Brain Types uncommon in the general populace (especially the #14!), but to have them singing and playing together in the same boy band is quite something!

The below interview is old, recorded in the early 90s, but the insight is every bit as relevant. A younger Bob Costas (#15 FCIL) interviews a younger McCartney, asking him about the late Lennon. Notice, first, how Paul corrects Bob in his grammar as to which of them (McCartney or Lennon) was the oldest. “Older,” says McCartney, “not oldest.” Leave it to the language loving #11 to know his proper English! At any rate, embarrassed Bob quotes McCartney as saying John Lennon was “the smartest” and “the quickest wit.” McCartney agrees, and goes on to say, “John was not very forthcoming about what he felt. He was quite a private person.”

Of course, this information is no surprise to veteran BT enthusiasts.The #14 BCIR, arguably the most cerebral of the 16 genetic designs, “may appear to be somewhat socially slow,” writes Niednagel in Brain Types and Parenting“They need to work hard to develop interpersonal skills.”

One last tidbit on Mr. McCartney. Watching him play the guitar, have you noticed what hand he strums with? Yep, his left! While an urban myth has long circulated that Paul is right-handed in everything besides guitar playing, it isn’t true. McCartney is a true-blue lefty, and those following the i-Blog know the significance of Left brain dominant individuals who are left handed. In short, they utilize the Right hemisphere of the brain more efficiently to control their motor skills (the Right brain largely controls the left side of the body), thus enabling them to find greater success in sports, music, or even acting (where Right brain adaptability is crucial). Tom Cruise is another natural #11 lefty.

Additionally, lefty #11s are normally more cognitively adept with the Right brain. Singing, conversing or orating, lefty #11s can usually parrot the animated #9 BT more than righty FCALs.

And yes, Paul was king of controlling his audience, reading the crowd like a good book on a rainy day (a CA ‘stork’ innate ability). He was/is friendly, likable, and amazingly talented. Coupled with John Lennon’s cerebral, musical brilliance, the two opposite Brain Types made the Beatles the most famous rock band in history.

One more aside: BTI’s Jon Niednagel was in high school when the Beatles first stormed America. Though preoccupied with playing sports, Jon also loved music and even sang and played guitar in a group that often chose Beatles tunes. Not only did he appreciate the Beatles extraordinary giftedness back then, but even more so since he’s uncovered their individual BTs. Though now devoted to more classical, low-key music, Niednagel has done extra research into the Beatles and has gotten to know each’s musical idiosyncrasies, both vocally and instrumentally. To say the least, their respective BTs can explain every little individual nuance of their past spell-binding performances (except for any substance abuses).

Be sure to catch the interview below.



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4/17/17 – So why did Prince Charles marry Diana?

It’s always a bit fascinating to write about the Royal family, namely because within their genes are a diversity of Brain Types. One has The Queen Mother (#3 FEAL), her daughter the current Queen Elizabeth (#15 FCIL), and her son Prince Charles (#16 BCIL) who married the late Princess Diana (#3 FEAL). Their children, of course, are Prince William and Harry, the first an astute, proper #15 FCIL (married to Kate Middleton, a #13 FCIR), and the second a playful, often-troublesome #1 FEAR. Then there is Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, who is a feisty #5 FEIR.

Turning our focus to Prince Charles, he has been patiently waiting for the crown for some 65 years. Thankfully, the #16 is usually a patient Brain Type, though you can bet Charles is ready to roll. When he becomes King Charles III of Great Britain, he’ll be the oldest ever to be crowned and the one who waited the longest. The Prince, of course, is most well known for his marriage to the world-adored Princess Diana, and in a new biography by Sally Bedell Smith, the acclaimed American biographer of Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II, new details emerge about the “life story and the character of the man who will be king.”

One question addressed in the biography is, “Why did Charles marry Diana?” The answer isn’t all too surprising. “It wasn’t for love. In effect, he was bullied into it or so he thought and that sheds light on sensitive Charles’ fraught relationship with his brusque father, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 95. Charles, then 32, and Lady Diana Spencer, a besotted 19, had only a few dates by 1981, but the media pack was stalking her, convinced she was the one. Philip wrote Charles a letter because that is the ‘regrettable’ way they communicated, Smith writes telling him it was unfair to Diana’s reputation to dawdle: Either propose or release her, he advised. He wasn’t in love, he wasn’t ready,” says Pam Hicks, Charles’ cousin. “‘He saw it as a ghastly threat. Psychologically he assumed his father bullied him, so he read it as a bullying letter.’ If only Philip and Charles had talked it through, laments Smith.”

Philip is a #13 FCIR, by the way, and it is indeed unfortunate that the two communicated simply by letter. It also isn’t at all surprising to see the #13 telling the methodical #16 to “do something!”

Another story tells of Diana “aggrieved about Charles’ relationship with his long-time mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles.” Charles and Camilla, of course, are now married, and she is a #11 FCAL. Camilla has been described as “earthy and lusty, confident and self-assured, especially on a horse. She is warm and fun, supportive and nurturing, even media-savvy. She understands Charles, knows how to steady him, likes what he likes. Since they married, he has never been happier.” Quite the typical description of the FCAL!

One sad story from years back tells of when Charles knelt down at night to say his prayers, “Diana would hit him on the head and continue shouting at him.” Yes, be sure the #3 is capable of physical abuse when they get angry! Of course, Charles certainly deserved it for his unfaithful escapades, and Diana also verbally “taunted him that ‘You’ll never be king!’ and ridiculed him as ‘ridiculous’ when he wore one of those gold-encrusted military uniforms royal men routinely wear.”

Lastly, check out how the biographer describes Charles. “He is by turns charming and witty, petulant and stubborn.” And again, “He is stiff, eccentric and set in his royal ways, always dressed in a double-breasted suit (no pocket flaps, handkerchief billowing from breast pocket, flower in button hole) and Turnbull & Asser shirts with French cuffs.”

Yes, Diana was the quintessential #3, Camilla the #11, and Charles the#16. If only morals had been more upright for the Prince, tragedy and heartache may have been avoided for the Princess.

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4/12/17 – The unique Sergio Garcia wins the Masters

One could have Brain Typed him by his reaction alone after winning the 2017 Masters Golf Championship. Kneeling down twice and clenching his fists in fiery passion, placing his head on the chest of competitor Justin Rose (#13 FCIR) and smiling a smile as big and bright as the sun, Sergio Garcia (FCAR) now can finally say he has won a Major.

It came down to an epic battle on Sunday, with Rose and Garcia playing the 18th hole again in a playoff that had the crowd on its feet. In the end, Sergio was left with an 8-foot birdie putt to win, and barely caught the lip of the cup to sink it and claim victory. The show of emotion following afterwards was priceless, certainly characteristic of the emotional #9.

“The golf world toasted Garcia on Sunday evening as the man with nearly two decades of Masters experience finally slid on the green jacket,” writes one author “He finished in top-10 at Augusta three times (2002, 2004, 2013), now has the most career top-10s in majors all-time, and joins his idols Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal as one of three Spainiards to win the Masters.” For those curious, both the late Ballesteros and Olazabal inherited the #5 FEIR BT genes. “Jose sent me a text on Wednesday night telling me how much he believed in me and what I needed to do and just pretty much believing in myself and being calm and not let things get to me like I’ve done in the past,” said Garcia afterwards.

Yes, stay calm! That has and always will be the Achilles heal of the emotional #9. In sports, their greatest enemy is themselves between the ears, especially when the pressure hits, but this time Sergio said he was the calmest he has ever felt during a Majors. By the way, the only other successful #9s on tour have been Billy Andrade and David Duval.

Anyone remember the old Sergio who stood over the ball for an eternity before he hit it? Talk about a brain lock! Thankfully those days are long gone, and for the record, Jon Niednagel has Sergio Garcia as a #9 FCAR in his sports book from the early 1990s.

Lastly, Michelle Wie (#9 FCAR) on the womens tour has found the most success of any golfer of this design in golf history. Her power and finesse and ability to coordinate her large and small muscles (CA ‘stork’) led to a very successful career. It is extremely important that the #9 develop a proper swing tempo, as they tend to swing too quickly largely due to their high-energy, Right Front brain dominance (Q1).

Congratulations, Sergio!

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4/7/17 – Nancy Kerrigan melts down during rehearsal

A quick update on Dancing With The Stars and Nancy Kerrigan (#3 FEAL) for our readers. Days ago, headlines read, “Nancy Kerrigan melts down during rehearsal.”  So what happened? Nancy was given a compliment. Yep, that’s it. Dance partner Artem Chigvintsev told Kerrigan she “looked good.”  In response, while talking to herself, “emotional Kerrigan retreated behind a door and said, ‘He’s trying to give me a compliment and I don’t like it!'”

Here we have a case of nature and nurture. Kerrigan went on to explain that she’s been “judged my whole life” and finds it hard to accept praise. Opening Jon Niednagel’s book, Brain Types and Parenting, we flip to the #3 FEAL and read, “They are high achievers, motivated early to please teachers and parents.”  And again, “When faced with difficult situations, they may fear the worst will happen.”  The dominant Animate Ms. Kerrigan inherently wants to please both her instructor and the television audience. Coupled with her nurture of being “judged my whole life,” it seems the pressure got to her ‘feelings’ in the moment (Empirical). The #3 certainly thrives on praise, but they are also quite realistic of others and themselves. Hence, Nancy knew (at least in her own mind) the compliment was a forced one, and didn’t believe it, and didn’t want it. She snapped, and over her long career we’re sure it wasn’t the first time. At any rate, after practice Nancy went on to say, “That was like five minutes of the whole week! We’re truly having a ton of fun most of the time, we’re just laughing.”

That’s good! In sports (or dancing), the best thing for a dominant Left brainer to do is “have fun,” relax, and turn their critiquing brains off!

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3/31/17 – The failure of Ryan and Trump

Uh oh! It looks like President Donald Trump has gotten a little too high on his horse lately, a particular pitfall of the #15 FCIL when they think they’re invincible. Our readers are probably aware by now of the recent health care bill that was shot down by conservative Republicans who labeled it “Obamacare Lite.” Yes, both Trump and fellow #15 Paul Ryan came down much too heavy-handed in trying to ram through the health care bill, not unlike the way #15 Ms. Nancy Pelosi rammed though Obamacare just a few years back. The familiar motto seems to be, pass it so we can read it!!

While Trump is certainly responsible for the defeat, the bill has rightly been nicknamed “Ryancare,” as he “concocted it in secret, without input from the Freedom Caucus and others outside his ring. This was a fatal mistake in judgment and hubris.”  As has been rightly pointed out by many, voters went to the polls last year to repeal Obamacare, not fix it.

It indeed is a blow to The Donald’s image, but not indefinitely. If he can start over and “concoct” a bill (perhaps with the help of Rand Paul and not Paul Ryan this time) that appeases those who wish to see Obamacare gone for good, this failure will surely become a distant memory. Politics must be set aside, however. Trump has shown himself capable of doing such in the past, and must now do so again.

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3/30/17 – Kindred spirits, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady

Yesterday we talked about two teammates who didn’t get along. Today we want to talk about two unselfish teammates who really got along.

Remember back when Yao Ming (#9 FCAR) and Tracy McGrady (#6 BEIR) were an item for the Houston Rockets? They were like Batman and Robin, and neither fought for the limelight. In the words of Coach Jeff Van Gundy (#15 FCIL), “I loved the way Tracy McGrady and Yao treated each other as teammates. One thing they showed everyone was that basketball shouldn’t be a selfish endeavor. Yao and Tracy were kindred spirits in this way. They never fought over the silly notion of whose team it was. Instead, they understood what everyone should remember from kindergarten: to share the credit, the blame and the responsibility. Much like Tim Ducan and Steve Nash, Yao was a unifying leader. I believe that if a great player is also a compassionate, caring, unselfish teammate, then his team’s chemistry is going to be exceptional. That’s what Yao did every day, in every way.”

Yes, their cordial relationship likely (and largely) was as a result of Mr. Ming and his peaceful ways.

Dirk Nowitzki and Nash were another great combo. Dirk is a #10 BCAR, while Stevie is a #5 FEIR. Quite often, Inanimates seem go fairly well with Animates on the basketball court, namely when they’re the two best players on the team. Think of Michael Jordan (#6 BEIR) and Scottie Pippen (#2 BEAR), or Penny Hardaway (#2 BEAR) and Shaquille O’Neal (#6 BEIR). Animates took the backseat in these cases, though there have been plenty of ‘feeling’ team-leaders like Kobe Bryan (#2), Lebron James (#1), Chris Paul (#1), and Kevin Durant (#1).

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3/28/17 – The rift between Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb

What happens when two Animate ‘feelers’ get miffed at each other? Well, depends on how they were raised.

Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb were NFL teammates who just didn’t get a long, and people have wondered why. After all, they were roommates and soulmates all through their first training camp. Owens, in his own words, had this recently to say, There was a game, I can’t remember if it was we were playing the Giants or the Browns or whatever the case may be, but throughout the course of practice, there were designed, specific plays for myself. Ran it over and over. Knew it was going to work in the game. Ran that play to a T. Open, wide open, I didn’t get the ball. I could hear my teammates from the sideline,why didn’t he throw the ball? So I go back to the huddle and I was like dude, I was open. And you know what his response was to me? Shut the F up. That was disrespectful. I’ve never disrespected any of my teammates to that degree.”

T.O says he doesn’t know why McNabb turned on him, though he has ideas. “To go into Lincoln Financial Field, do what I did, have 70,000 people chant your name, T.O., T.O.’ Maybe that got under his skin. But, for me, I didn’t have anything personally against Donovan, because I went there to achieve the goal of helping them get to the Super Bowl.

Knowing the #1 FEARs tendency to crave the limelight, McNabb may very well have been a bit jealous of his talented teammate. Owens says if you don’t believe him, ask others. You can ask the teammates. You can go to Philly, you can ask the some of the staff. Again, even from Ray Sherman, who coached me in Dallas. He basically has said tell them to call [me]. Talk to him. These are the guys that have coached me. If you want to know the truth, call him.”

On the other side of the coin, it is always prudent to take the counsel of the wisest man to ever live, ancient Israel’s King Solomon. Among his many writings, he penned in the book of Proverbs, chapter 18:v.7, The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. Certainly there’s more to the T.O./ D. Mc story, but it’s a no-brainer that these two high-energy, Right-brained Animates have strong visceral ties to this distant on-field occasion and their many more moments together. Neither of their Q1 inborn designs operate by Q4 analysis, so there are surely more blanks to fill in, the g-rated blanks.

It’s also relevant to note that BTI Director Jon Niednagel was the to first notice T.O.s tremendous upside way back in 1996 before Mr. Owens was drafted in the third round by the 49ers. Working for an NFL team and attending the 96 Combine in Indianapolis, Niednagel waited in the hotel hall as all the players were scurrying from one team to another for their evening interviews. Having only a few minutes to get from one room to their next appointment down the hall, Jon strategically placed himself to spot any diamonds in the rough as they hurried by. When Jon spotted T.O. approaching, neither knowing who he was nor his playing position, he respectfully asked for only 2 minutes and a few questions. T.O. consented and within their brief conversation, Niednagel discerned he was definitely a #9 FCAR Brain Type, which instantly revealed his inborn mental and physical skills and upside potential (as all BT students know). Niednagel could check later if T.O.s key football stats made the NFL grade. Now 20-plus years later, Owens has since retired as the second all-time receiver (with career yardage) in NFL history (short of who else, Jerry Rice another #9 BT)!

That very evening many moons ago, Niednagel told his team’s personnel authorities of Mr. Owens’ BT assessment and to check him out carefully. If T.O. came clean on the team’s criteria, Niednagel highly recommended him and gave numerous reasons for this. (Many of these can be read in the numerous editions of Jon’s sports book, under football and the #9 BT.) In fairness to the team Niednagel was serving, they had never used his services before and thus didn’t grasp the full extent of his recommendation (similar to the Manning Leaf situation).

And by the way, T.O was much calmer in those days, and he demonstrated this in his interview with Niednagel. As we all know, success doesn’t usually lead to greater humility, another lesson King Solomon warned against (regardless of the time in history). Here are only 2 of the many verses he wrote on the subject:

16:19 The humble spirit and humble eyes are better than he that divides loot with the mighty.
18:12 Before ruin, the heart of a man will be lifted up, and before honor is humility. 

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3/23/17 – Paul Ryan finds Trump ‘Reaganesque’

Just days after a phone recording was revealed from 2016 with the voice of Paul Ryan stating to fellow Republicans, “I am not going to defend Donald Trump. Not now, ever,” the Speaker of the House is singing a new tune. Apparently, all he needed was a little quality time spent with his fellow #15 FCILAs a new health-care plan is nearing completion, Ryan and Donald have been speaking to one another nearly “every day,” and Ryan praised the president for his rare Reaganesque ability to connect with the American people and his hands-on, crucial role in negotiating sharp differences among Republican lawmakers.

 I’ve gotta tell you. I am very pleased and very excited it’s something I haven’t seen in a long time. This president is getting deeply involved. He is helping bridge gaps in our conference. He is a constructive force to help us get to a resolution so that we get consensus on how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

And again, “The president, his involvement and his engagement, his listening and his negotiating skills, are bringing people together so that we have a bill that we can pass.”

Wow, almost sounds like a quote from one of Jon Niednagel’s books! “This Brain Type has the ability to harness people or groups toward a goal.They are natural leaders who work hard, delegate well, and accomplish much,” Niednagel wrote of the #15 FCIL more than 25 years ago. And keep in mind, too, Niednagel had already Brain Typed Mr. Trump as a #15 years before that blurb was even written.

 No offense, Ryan finally went on to tell reporters, but he goes around the media and connects with people specifically and individually. This is a power that we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan. Yes, an FCIL comparing a former FCIL to a current FCIL. Irony, wouldn’t you say? With the knowledge of BT, your friends may start finding your accurate predictions being a little more than “ironic.”

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3/21/17 – Nancy Kerrigan on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

“Dancing With The Stars” gives us a chance to see some different Brain Types take the stage. We’ve written previously about the disaster that was #7 FEIL Kate Gosling, among others, and for season 24 we will be witnessing another Left brain dominant female take the stage. This gal, however, has practiced over her lifetime, not so much in dancing but in graceful figure-skating. Her name is Nancy Kerrigan.

Kerrigan, for those who remember, is a #3 FEAL who made a name for herself in 1994 when she won a silver medal at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. She was also known for her fashion sense, which comes as little surprise knowing her inborn design (think Princess Diana). Now she will be trying her hand (or feet) at dancing on live television, but before the season has even started, rumors are spreading that she’s been a bit bossy.

Nancy is really starting to make a lot of people angry because she is acting like she already knows what she is doing, a production insider claimed. She is trying to choreograph her own routines and is just being incredibly bossy to the other contestants and to the production crew. It got so bad that they had to straight up tell her, this is Dancing with the Stars, not Skating with the Stars!

To be sure, spoiled #3s females can turn into major divas, and Kerrigan has certainly lead the privileged lifestyle. Also, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the world witnessed Nancy acting a bit bratty. One author goes on to recall back in the early 90s, When Oksana, overcome by emotion, cried tears of joy for a good long time, Nancy’s body language was unmistakably disgusted. As if to say Hey we can shut off the waterworks and just get on with it.’

At any rate, also taking the stage will be recent Olympic sensation Simone Biles, a #9 FCAR, and she admits she is a bit nervous, largely because Simone has never danced with a man before. “I think just generally dancing in heels and dancing with a partner because I’ve never experienced that before. Sasha Farber is the first guy I’ve danced with.”  Kerrigan later commented about her and Biles, “I think as an athlete we’re used to being coached. I think having performed to music, I have a little bit of an advantage. I’m hoping that helps.”

Naturally, the #9 far exceeds the #3 in dancing ability (pliability, agility, quickness, etc.), so Kerrigan is fortunate to have had her nurture, rather than nature. Still, as an EA ‘dove’, Nancy still is gross-motor dominant, which is a plus. She is 47 years old, however, while Biles is a youthful 20, so that may come into play as well. In the end, both have had significant practice on their feet, so will match up rather evenly, but should the pressure really hit, look for Kerrigan to perhaps make a few stilted moves, or Left brain ‘rigid’ mistakes. If she remains relaxed, however, thanks to her years and years of figure skating nurture, Kerrigan will certainly be the one to beat!

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3/16/17 – NFL’s Greg Hardy falls on hard times

Brain Typists don’t typically think of the #3 FEAL as being “haughty”, or necessarily “cocky”. Particularly among females, they are kind-hearted individuals who enjoy conversation and hospitality, deriving energy simply by mingling with people. Males, too, can share these qualities, though in sports they tend to over-focus on self-image, desiring to appear cool, confident, and the best player on the team. In professional sports, however, they are never the best player on the team. This, unfortunately, can push them to try even harder to keep up their fragile image.

For Greg Hardy, who formerly played for the Dallas Cowboys, he learned his lesson the hard way, taking beating after beating from guys as big and strong, or even stronger, than he. Yes, Hardy has joined MMA fighting, and he says it has been a positive experience.

 It’s helped me a lot of ways, Hardy told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour. I have a lot of problems as a human being. It’s not something that you do, just walking around saying I’m perfect or I’m good. Man, I have a lot of different issues that I’m definitely working through and working on. I would say this helps me channel everything. It helps me just come back down to Earth, be humble, because these are machines that I see everyday. I get choked out, punched in the face, and laid out on the mat daily, and that’s not something that a guy my size and my stature with my history has every come across.”

A bit of humble pie for Mr. Hardy, for sure. He went on to conclude, “It’s a humbling experience, man.

Hardy is starting drug rehabilitation and anger management classes next month. He says he accepts complete responsibility for his actions, which led him to be kicked out of the NFL. “It feels like I did this to me, and it sucks. I was where I needed to be, I had everything that I wanted, and the normal story is, ‘Man, somebody took it away,’ and I don’t have that. I took it away from myself. Now I’m nobody. I’m nowhere. I’m just in the middle of where I put myself.”

A good lesson for us all that having everything can cause us to appreciate nothing.

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