The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

11/8/16 – Tom and Dirk don’t want to be coaches

Here’s the plain truth. Some Brain Types just don’t make good coaches … naturally. We add “naturally” because there have been a few non-BT-gifted individuals who have found success by implementing strategies and tactics that were learned. That is, they were well-nurtured by another, albeit a parent, coach, or close-knit other, and found success as a result.

There are two Brain Types that particularly fall under the “not so coach-gifted” category, and they are the #9 FCAR and the #10 BCAR. These Brain Types (located in Q1 and Q2) are not designed to be administrative CEOs, as they do not naturally implement self-disciplines. Remember, the Q3 designs have intense drive, yet with structure, which is ideal for coaching in many respects. The Left Front is like an air traffic control center, directing signals from all regions of the brain. It orchestrates, directs, regulates, and suppresses other parts of the brain whenever it wants to. Not so for the #9 and #10;  they can have very good spatial vision when relaxed, but they do not inherently possess the objective logic needed to make tough, tactical calls, especially when it’s crunch time!

So let’s start with #9 Tom Brady. While a talented quarterback, we don’t need to rehash the fact that Tom is far from the greatest quarterback of all time, despite what many would say. Anyone with a modicum of BT understanding can quickly see this mental and physical/ spatial fact. Without master strategist Belichick (#15 FCILdirecting his every move, Brady would have been on his 3rd or 4th football team by now (by his own admittance). So, when he was recently asked about one day heading up a team, Brady appropriately replied, Coaching wouldn’t be for me. No, certainly not. I like playing. I wouldn’t be a good coach. I don’t have the patience to be a coach.

One aspect we particularly appreciate about Tom is that he (like all #9s), at times, can be very candid, and this was one of those times. Of the 16 inborn, genetic designs, #9s are arguably the least patient. (Yet, when push comes to shove both figuratively and literally, the in-the-moment #1 FEAR BT will likely win this award.) Especially as children, #9s are normally explosive bombs of energy (this author is a parent of two). They temper as they get older, but still thrive on expending their energy in as many different ways as possible. They are great “rah! rah!” coaches, but in time they often find themselves getting fired due to their lack of needed structure and logical deductions (the Insider has covered many such cases). One author writes of Tom, “Brady wants no part of what Bill Belichick has had to do to be successful.” Yes, we well-understand that Tom wants “no part” of Bill’s strategic, calculated, regulated and impersonal life-style!

Now we move to the #10 BCAR, and particularly want to highlight Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks. He was also recently asked whether he would like to have a career as a head coach, and this was his BT-related reply:  Becoming a Head Coach was never my goal. A Head Coach not only needs to have basketball knowledge, he has to evaluate characters, has to mix them, to motivate even yell at someone once in a while. That is not part of my personality. I am not the person to stand somewhere and hold a 20 minute speech.”  Wow! How distinctly #10 is that? Those with the x-ray vision knowledge of Brain Types just have to sit back and laugh.

Yes, Tom and Dirk, we get you guys.

Written by: Staff



11/7/16 – Election 2016: Wake Up America

Opinion – Election 2016: Wake Up America!

Regarding the 2016 Presidential election, it’s time to try to put recent events into perspective, including the bigger picture, just before our country is likely to enter a period of calamity AFTER November 8. Regardless of the election outcome, very tough times are ahead. If folks think it’s been traumatizing up till now, they haven’t seen anything yet. How can we declare such alarming news? For followers of BTI, you regularly witness our accurate predictions, not through our own wisdom but borrowing from heaven’s. We, like you, only need to follow 2 of its basic messages to glean this insight.

First, understanding how mankind has been genetically differentiated into 16 astounding inborn designs, all intended to work synergistically rather than fractiously (as in 2016), we and others with such knowledge can predict how each BT will essentially behave (in mind and motor). This realm is about nature, that which is the genotype or our individual DNA.

The second is about nurture, that which comes after the egg and sperm decide to unite, by heaven’s design. Countless factors affect nurture as we regularly share with you, and these earthly influences can be dramatic, to say the least.Sometimes they influence 2 people with the same BT to differ drastically: one becomes a pious priest and the other a pugilistic prisoner.

Bottom line, however, the moral and ethical values (or lack thereof) each person decides to pursue in the nurturing process set the stage for a lifetime of either heavenly harmony or hellacious havoc, or somewhere between.

The present 2016 election events are surreal. Yet, if one has realistically monitored our world and its diverse behaviors, nothing should come as a surprise. Mankind can be guaranteed to act according to inborn BT, a lifetime of nurturing or environmental influences, and last but not the least, individual ethics and morality. That’s it, folks (except for isolated physiological aberrations).

Heaven has written that mankind can only achieve genuine peace and harmony by following its timeless standards and principles. Through the most historically researched, validated, and popular of all Scriptures, the sacred Bible, we discover the personal Creator of all matter has left us all a Manufacturer’s handbook. Within it, every possible scenario and potential problem with its perfect solution is provided. The warranty period is timeless.

Whether we like it or not, our country was originally designed by unique laws of high moral and ethical standards. Above all, these were not enacted to ensure public piety but rather an enduring, lasting, and stable nation. Even the least religious of our early Framers realized and agreed with this. The highly-educated Founders were well aware of previous societies and civilizations through history and what led to each’s downfall. Additionally, a healthy democratic Republic had never before been established. Considering all other failed approaches eventually led to tyrannical leaders and amoral standards, our Founders realized they needed to follow the parameters of Sacred scripture, especially the Old Testament. Here, God gave the Israelites some 600 laws that were crucial for a nation’s stability covering every conceivable and political issue. From these, 10 were especially significant, essentially summarizing all the rest.

For those of us who do not know, the Biblical God established the first 4 Commandments as vertical, the remaining 6 horizontal. In other words, 1-4 were directed to heaven and making matters right with Him, while 5-10 looked sideways to our fellow mankind while embracing the Golden Rule. Heaven’s GR says to honor, cherish, and even esteem others more importantly than self. Tragically for all of us, mankind has disregarded God’s GR and since created our own GR which says:  It’s all about me and my wants, and if you get in my way or have what I want, I’m likely gonna take it, especially if I can get away with it.

Once again, America’s Founders repeatedly stated and knew full well, regardless of their individual spiritual conditions, that a Biblical ethic was crucial for any society to achieve and maintain health. Yet what has since happened? Why now the dearth of Constitutional and Founders reminders in our mainstream society, media, and even educational circles? ts actually simple to understand, requiring no more than the intelligence of a poached egg.

In essence, our society no longer wants heavenly accountability. Instead, we’ve nearly all become little gods, each establishing his or her own criteria for life and its standards. Do you realize atheists really don’t exist, despite those who claim otherwise? We each have our own g(God); most choose SELF as the lone deity to be followed. This is a disaster in the making, considering each of us determines one’s personal ethics which are always subjective and forever changing, especially when we’re experiencing anxiety or pressure.

As each of us gains more power and prestige, without adopting immutable, heavenly guidelines, our endemic and tainted nature gives less regard to others about us. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t long before tyrannical traits surface, but in today’s contemporary world it’s now becoming what is defined as totalitarianism. With modern technology, those of us gaining power (and especially the evil elites) can impose chains without limit. Not only consider how world spy agencies gather endless info on each of us, and rarely for good, but just read the famed Orwell’s, 1984, or Huxley’s  Brave New World for starters. Once considered fictional, they are now books of reality.

Bottom line, the only nation with lasting, continuing freedoms and inalienable rights must put heavenly Scripture front and center. Even Erich Fromm, the notable German psychoanalyst, knew this full well. Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family but later to disavow it all, the also humanistic, socialistic philosopher stated that without a heavenly Deity, there is no such things as inalienable rights; man is incapable of granting himself a right that is untouchable. Fromm, like the vast majority today, had nothing to do with heavenly oversight;  instead, he exhorted us all to be independent of morals set in stone (or on Scriptural paper) and to establish all standards through reason.

Had Erich a clue about BT, or even taken a thoughtful introspection of the many he counseled and taught, he would have seen the many and incompatible capacities of human reasoning (starting with emotional vs inanimate intelligence EQ vs IQ). Nowadays, even those with no formal education yet with an understanding and experience with BT, quickly realize there can never be unanimity when it comes to processing and judging how matters should be settled. Without a trustworthy and righteous outside Source, each of the 16 inborn designs can only have its own myopic view and opinion. Major disagreements are guaranteed.

All this to say that as Biblical absolutes have been tossed to the curb in our once-healthy and stable USA, disruptive conditions in society are inevitable. Short of national repentance, as the godless city of Nineveh and its king miraculously did in the Old Testament, America’s days are numbered, sooner than later. As foreign enemies have bragged in recent years, the U.S. will fall from within;  an outside shot needn’t be fired. Sadly especially for our childrens sakes, we’re basically there.

If any or all of our country’s Founders could return to implore us for the 2016 election, there is no doubt for whom they would advocate. Though individual character would matter, their prime consideration, by far, would be the moral positions one is promoting. It would start with the 10 Commandments. What does his or her political party stand for? Is it consistent with God’s unwavering moral absolutes and His Golden Rule? Until recent years, the 2 political party platforms were quite similar pertaining to moral standards. Far from it in 2016. (Do you remember just a few years ago, the 1 party overtly threw God out of their platform! His existence wasn’t to be mentioned anymore, as it always had prior.)

Thus, it’s quite simple come Tuesday. Do we want the holy God guaranteed judgment, or blessing? Oh may we be as wise as Nineveh and not as ignorant as Sodom. We have the simple choice between 2 flawed #15 FCIL Brain Types. One party stands for Judeo-Christian standards and the other for their disintegration choosing instead forever-changing standards based upon the elites oft-wicked whims.

One final and sobering heads-up: Regardless of which presidential candidate wins, chaos appears to soon consume America (and far beyond ISIS, the flood of illegal and unvetted aliens, etc.). If Donald is victorious, trouble will likely hit the streets (and beyond), already witnessed through the nefarious actions of paid protesters and instigators the past few months (thanks to rich Dem benefactors.) Conversely, If Hillary wins, it’s unlikely millions of U.S. patriots will easily relinquish their Constitutional rights, starting with the First and Second Amendments.

God help us, but why should He when we’ve already kicked him out of the public square, schools, most churches and synagogues, and even our very own homes?


11/3/16 – The Cubs are World Champions!

The curse has been broken! Last night the Cubbies ended a 108-year drought by defeating the Cleveland Indians with a wild 8-7, 10-inning Game 7 victory that has been dubbed one of the greatest baseball games of all time. It lasted a whopping 5 hours, and who is to thank for that? Rajai Davis (#13 FCIR) of the Indians, who hit a homer in the bottom of the 8th to tie the game. Who did he hit the ball off of? Yes, the young #9 FCAR we wrote about yesterday, Aroldis Chapman. Granted, Chapman is human, so we’re not here to disparage him. What we will say is that we have little doubt Chapman’s nerves were certainly on edge. Since some 90% of his pitches were (easier to control) sliders when they are almost always fastballs, he knew he’d have a tough time even hitting the side of a barn only throwing darts.

Let’s recall what we wrote yesterday.

“Chapman’s arm will be plenty strong, but his brain is what remains vulnerable, especially if it’s a close game down the stretch.”

Yes, it was certainly a “close game down the stretch,” being the bottom of the 8th, the Indians down two scores, and a man on base. The situation could not have been more frightful for a #9. We guarantee you Chapman was mentally stewing inside, knowing a lone home run would change everything. It certainly did, yet the Cubs were still able to push the game to 10 innings and win themselves a Championship.

Did you catch what transpired during the rain delay? It was only all too Type-related. As one article put it, “Aroldis Chapman was reportedly crying in the clubhouse during the rain delay of Game 7 of the World Series between the Cubs and the Indians.” And another, “Chapman experienced such a major malfunction in World Series Game 7 he wound up crying in the visitors dugout at Progressive Field. Yet he settled down, his teammates bailed him out and the former (and future?) Yankees closer wound up celebrating with his teammates.” Says Chapman himself, It’s hard for me to find words to express how I feel after this roller-coaster of emotions that I’ve had … I was emotional. I thought that I had been given the opportunity to win the game and then it got complicated. I got complications. And because of those complications, once that hitter got that ball out, it was difficult for me. It was a very emotional time for me.” And remember what we said about fatigue yesterday and the #9 energizer bunny? When asked if he was tired, Chapman replied, “No, no. I just kept working. I didn’t feel tired. It’s just that they hit a few pitches. But I felt confident. I still felt that I could get out of the inning. I still felt that I could continue to work. I still felt that I could continue to pitch. I had no issues in terms of fatigue.

What also brought the Indians back from the grave was a wild pitch by John Lester (#6 BEIR) that went to the backstop and allowed Cleveland to score two runs, making the score 5-3. Nerves were likely a bit high for Lester as well. Niednagel dedicates a significant portion of his sports book teaching BEIRs how to relax. They are intense players, and he writes, “A calming influence in their lives will yield tremendous dividends … If BEIRs do not relax, they can perform poorly in the field and at the plate.”

What’s more, BT students know #6s are fine motor dominant! When anxiety levels rise, #6‘s wrists turn into vice grips; they’ll snap hook a golf shot, get the Ben Hogan (another #6) yips when putting a reason in modern golf that most pro #6s putt cross-handed or use the claw anything to take the dominant hand out of the putt. Now consider this in baseball!

Remember Steve Sax, the outstanding second baseman of yesteryear? Recall how the 5-time, #6 BEIR All-Star suddenly developed the Steve Sax Syndrome, confusing everyone, including psychologists? How could this possibly occur in a proven and tough-minded superstar? Well, BTI wasn’t perplexed. We wrote of it way back then as we’ve written of Cubs ace and John Lester in recent times. Though it’s not a common issue with #6s, it occurs way too much especially when it could be easily prevented by some BT counsel and a few dietary/ nutritional changes. Once again, no one needs to stay in the Dark Ages, mentally or physically.

Congrats, Cubbies!

Written by: Staff
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11/2/16 – Cubs and Indians all tied up!

Last night the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians 9-3 in Game 6 of the World Series in a best of seven. The teams are now tied up at 3-3, and tonight’s game will decide the looooooonnnng awaited victor!

Cubs pitcher Jake Arietta (#13 FCIR) led the way, giving up only two runs and three hits in five innings. He struck out nine and walked three Cleveland batters. He also had the luxury of watching teammate Addison Russell collect six RBIs, with a two-run double in the first inning and a major grand slam in the third!

Yes, so how bout that Addison Russell, anyway? The smooth-swinger collected six RBIs, with a two-run double in the first inning and a grand slam in the third. His Brain Type? Veteran BTInsiders should be able to guess it rather easily. He’s a #1 FEAR, and he’s not the only #1 (no pun intended) on the field for either team, which we will get to shortly Also striking one out of the park early was Kris Bryant (#13 FCIR), allowing the Cubbies to score three runs in the top of the first inning. Bryant has a good chance of winning the National League MVP this year.

So, let’s go over a few other players. First, the Cubs now have veteran baseball player Manny Ramirez, who is another #1 FEAR. For the Indians, have you taken notice of first baseman Carlos Santana and third baseman Jose Ramirez? Have you studied their faces, and watched their batting swings, preferably in slow motion? Folks, if you’re struggling to determine one’s inborn design from an interview, in this case, watch their batting swings. Both Santana and Ramirez have beautiful, big-muscle, EA ‘dove’ gross-motor swings that hit for power, and both are #1 FEARs as well. Compare their swings, for instance, to someone like Coco Crisp (#13 FCIR), who’s baseball swing is very “armsy” and “wristy” (i.e. fine-motor). Especially at the plate, the #1 FEAR continues to dominate baseball when it comes World Series crunch time.

Let’s go back to the Cubbies. They have a reliever named Aroldis Chapman, and the young man throws harder than any pitcher in baseball (even reaching 105 mph!). For tonight, “experts” say he has thrown the ball too much, is too overworked, and should sit it out tonight. If they knew his inborn Brain Type, however, they might think differently. Chapman is a #9 FCAR, and he is also a lefty, using far more gross-motors than other #9s. Given his size (6’4″), and these lefty abilities, he should be able to pitch 5 innings tonight if called upon – even as a reliever! No, Chapman is likely not overworked especially considering his #9 adrenaline and serotonin levels tonight. The issue will be: Can he hit the strike zone?!

We will add one caveat, however. Under big-time pressure, #9s can freak out, mentally and physically. After all, this is the last game of the World Series! Aroldis is an emotional player, more than most, yet the Indians will be at home in Cleveland, Ohio. If the crowd really rallies behind him, and the #9 gets his Animate ‘feelings’ and confidence amped, it will help him tremendously. Chapman’s arm will be plenty strong, but his brain is what remains vulnerable, especially if it’s a close game down the stretch. (Yet it’s always comforting to know that you’ve got something no one else has 100mph+ fastball.)

Lastly, pitching for the Indians tonight will be Corey Kluber, who is a #13 FCIR. This is good for Cleveland, as he has been the most dominant pitcher lately of the many top #13 pitchers in baseball. Kluber has been throwing a lot lately as well, this being his 3rd start of the World Series (rather unheard of). Perhaps the biggest question of the night will be … can Cleveland hit their hats? They have been pretty weak lately, and both managers Joe Maddon (#13 FCIR) and fellow #13 Terry Francona know it well. Francona gets so nervous, in fact, it’s reported that he chews like 70 pieces of gum during the game! Yet from many reliable sources, it’s reported his gum is laced with chaw, that is, chewin tobacky!

Anyone who’s tracked Terry over the years knows what a nervous Nelly he is. He makes the late, great comedian/ actor Don Knotts appear rather Henry Kissinger-like. Francona can’t sit still. No small wonder, considering what he continually puts in his aging body. For just 2 reputable short articles, read these following links on Terry if you’re looking for some levity amid this world and country in chaos:



The Cubs have endured 108 years without a championship. Can they break the “curse” tonight? We’ll see!

Written by: Staff
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10/31/16 – The bout between Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich

Wow! When you put two #15 FCILs in the ring, watch out! That is, you may not see much Animate emotion, nor physical punches being thrown, but the intensity in the room will be unequaled. That’s what happened last night between Fox’s Megyn Kelly and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who questioned the stories of women accusing Trump of sexual assault, as well as it’s overall importance. to the elections.

So, so it’s worth 23 minutes of the three networks to cover that story, and Hillary Clinton had a secret speech in Brazil to a bank that pays her 225,000 dollars, saying her dream is an open border where 600 million people could come to America,” said Gingrich. “I mean, you want to go back through the tapes of your show recently, you are fascinated with sex, and you don’t care about public policy.

Megyn looked dumbfounded. Me? Really? she said, laughing, and went on to argue the issues had been covered by her and others. Gingrich didn’t stop there, but went on to tell Kelly, “I just want to hear you use the words. I want to hear you use the words Bill Clinton, sexual predator. I dare you. Say Bill Clinton, sexual predator. Kelly responded, “Mr. Speaker, we’ve covered excuse me, sir” Megyn then later abruptly ended the segment by saying, “We’re going to have to leave it at that, and you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, Mr. Speaker. Thanks for being here.

So what do we make of all this? There are those who wonder why Gingrich challenged Kelly to acknowledge Bill Clinton as a sexual predator (which actually has been proven, even forcing him to pay nearly a million dollars). Well, Megyn had implied Mr. Trump was a sexual predator just moments before during their combative conversation. It’s easy to understand why #15 Gingrich challenged #15 Kelly, and rightfully so. Yet, his words could have been better chosen and gracious, causing her and the viewing audience to better identify the best facts for comparison and in their proper contexts. Truth be told, it goes far beyond Newt’s discourse; this wise approach also applies to Ms. Megyn, Hillary, The Donald, and ALL the rest of us!

Scripture makes it clear that it’s always best to follow God’s advice in conversations, such as when He says through King Solomon in the Biblical book of Proverbs, A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger, or Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body, or There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

Written by: Staff
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10/26/16 – Boris Diaw sure loves his coffee!

We want to talk about one particular #2 BEAR in the NBA, and his name is Boris Diaw.

Diaw plays for the Utah Jazz, and the man loves his coffee. In fact, he loves coffee so much that he nicknamed himself Borista and had his own a coffee machine put in his locker when he was with the Spurs. He even posted a picture of himself drinking coffee while watching the sunrise at the Grand Canyon recently. In fact, if you click our source link, you’ll see several pictures of him drinking coffee in various places, from Rio to Phoenix to areas all around the world. Some are looking for a photograph of him drinking coffee while in space!

What is ironically funny is that, of all the 16 Brain Types, the #2 BEAR is arguably the least driven. They constantly underestimate their own abilities and accomplishments, which can keep them from doing something that a far less capable person will end up doing. They just love the simple things of life, which tempers their aspirations. As a result, we often find #2s living long lives, albeit the males in particular who don’t overly stress about matters (and who are even more live-and-let-live than their female counterparts who more easily access the #2‘s non-dominant, Left brain).

Coffee gives you energy. After all, it’s made from the coffee bean, which contains caffeine. One serving size (28 pieces), in fact, contains 336 milligrams of it. As such, if anyone has an excuse to drink coffee, it would be your Back brain dominant Brain Types. Remember that Back-brainers are compelled to recharge their batteries from within. They build their energy when they have time and space to be alone, and throughout the day they are prone to conserve it. Turning back to Diaw, he of all people could find himself becoming reliant on caffeine, simply because it gives him more energy for what he needs to do each day. He is an NBA basketball player, after all, and that requires a great deal of physical exertion, as well as social exertion.

The problem is, coffee stimulates the adrenal glands, which means that every time you drink it, you are activating the body’s fight-or-flight response. Instead of releasing adrenaline so the body can react to a true stress, the adrenals are releasing this hormone in response to your coffee. In other words, it’s like waking up every morning to something terrifying for your body! In time, your adrenals can wear out, and that’s not a good thing. If you are a coffee drinker, therefore, beware of drinking too frequently, or becoming too reliant (especially you Back brainers!). Moderation is always a good thing in every area of your life, and caffeine intake is definitely one of them. And yes, we know well all the studies that show benefits to coffee. Yet with all issues, including foods, one must weigh the pros with cons and then carefully make wise choices. (By the way, drinking gasoline does wonders for cleaning artery walls, but we would strongly oppose such a practice.)

We look forward to seeing Boris Diaw in space.

Written by: Staff
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10/24/16 – Charles Barkley flies to Craig Sager’s side

They can be the first to punch you, or the first to hug you. They may leave you up in a hospital, or they may be the first to visit you in a hospital. We are talking about the oftentimes unpredictable #1 FEAR, and in this case we’re focusing on Charles Barkley.

Craig Sager (#13 FCIR), the ever colorful clothes-wearing sports reporter, underwent his third bone marrow transplant recently as he continues to battle leukemia. His wife is usually by his side, but due to an illness of her own, she was unable to be with Sager during the transplant. Mr. Barkley caught word of this, and took an immediate flight to be by Craig’s side, despite having JUST come off of hip replacement surgery himself! Barkley’s doctors put him under strict orders to not travel, but Charles would have none of it. Sager’s son Tweeted, “Have to thank Barkley for keeping my dad company today in Houston and for being there every step.”

“Craig Sager is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met,” said Barkley. “We go to see Sager to cheer him up, and by the time you leave, you’re like, ‘Is anything wrong with him?’ He has the most positive attitude. When you go to try and cheer him up, his attitude is so upbeat, he cheers you up.”

Written by: Staff
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10/19/16 – Alex Trebek and nerdy “losers”

They are prone to say it like it is, unless curtailed by political, financial, or similar-type motives. So, when Alex Trebek (#15 FCIL) of the ‘Jeopardy’ game show came one step shy of calling one contestant a “loser”, it really didn’t come as a surprise.

“Alex Trebek had harsh words for one Jeopardy contestant on Wednesday night’s episode,” writes one author. It came when librarian and contestant Susan Cole described her favorite genre of music, called “Nerdcore,” in which she told Alex, “Nerdcore is rapping about the things nerds love. Video games, science-fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. It’s really catchy and fun.”  Trebek didn’t waste a second, stating, “Losers, in other words.”  Susan reacted with an awkward laugh, seemingly flustered. “Cole, however, got the last laugh. She beat out the competition and walked away with $22,600.”

Yes, it is often the “nerds” who win intellectual game shows, and 9 times out of 10 they are #13 FCIRs. To be sure, other Brain Types like the #14 BCIR or #16 BCIL could give the #13s a run for their money in a more private setting, but when it comes to thinking quick on their feet in front of millions of viewers on television (and a live studio audience), the Front brain dominant #13s have a genetic edge. They also have quicker reaction times (Q1), a definite must once Trebek reads the question (or answer, rather).

Written by: Staff
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10/17/16 – Kawhi Leonard shows his true colors

The “Introvert” is finally beginning to show his true colors, or shall we say “genetic makeup,” also known as genotype. His persona, or phenotype, has long been described as quiet, but we have been telling BTInsiders from the beginning that he is clearly Front brain dominant and high energy. We are talking about the NBA’s Kawhi Leonard, a #13 FCIR, who is being pushed by coach Gregg Popovich (#16 BCIL) to be the voice of his Spurs team. I’ve been in the system a long time,” says Kawhi. “I know what Pop expects. Since I know what to do and what areas we’re lacking in, I can now be vocal with the young guys.

During a recent game, Popovich was reportedly very pleased at how easily “the once-reluctant star communicated.” Said Gregg, He talks in timeouts now. He’s joking with people more. You can see he demands the ball more and people know how to play with him in the middle of everything.

The beauty of Brain Typing is seeing past the persona and revealing what people truly are, genetically, on the inside. Leonard is innately gifted to be a speaker and leader, and the ease with which he has learned to communicate comes as no surprise to those who knew of his Q1 inborn design. If he can stay disciplined (quality of the Left hemisphere), while keeping his Right brain calm and collected, Leonard could and should well become the new trusted voice of the San Antonio Spurs.

Written by: Staff
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10/14/16 – Clinton vs. Trump: The ultimate firestorm

It has become the firestorms of all firestorms. This season’s Presidential elections are seemingly unequaled to any in U.S. history, with scandal after scandal on both sides of the political spectrum seemingly popping up every day. For Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State is desperately trying to circumvent accusations of all-out criminal activity, from deleting 33,000 emails to the events surrounding Benghazi to hiding her husband’s purported multiple incidences of rape. If you watched last week’s debate, you would have noticed Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Kathy Shelton sitting in the stands. On the Trump side, the millionaire tycoon is attempting to put to rest tapes that he has labeled “locker room talk” in which he can be heard speaking about touching women without their consent.

Remember, now, that both Clinton and Trump are #15 FCILs with largely different personas highly based on nurture. Their paths, too, have been directed by youth and upbringing, with Hillary quickly becoming the queen of politics and Donald the king of real estate. Bill and Hillary well-learned early on together in Arkansas to play the game of moral on the surface and backhanded under the table. Whether it be cases of rape, murder, extortion, perjury, etc., every imaginable scandal has been following them like an eerie shadow. While no one truly knows which are true or false, Trump has, in spite of his own sexual controversies, been able to keep competitive this Presidential race simply because so many Americans are fed up with the overly-clandestine Clintons and the radical change from traditional America.

And so we have the 3-wheel FCIL bandwagon with Donald, Bill, and Hillary, and for a 4th wheel we could even throw in Michelle Obama and her strong but masked desire to one day become the next POTUS. In short, Bill and Hillary have become the face of corporate, big banking globalism, while Trump has defended small-business nationalism. Both individuals, as agreed by many, are significantly flawed, yet to many evangelical Christians (a major voting block), one more closely fits the Biblical guidelines. Consider this:

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people–for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” I Timothy 2:2

The first-century apostle Paul wrote these words from a cold jail cell to his cherished friend and pupil, Timothy, and they ring as true today as they did 2,000 years ago. Paul was simply saying, “Pray for a leader who will leave us alone!” First and foremost, it was to seek religious freedom amid the tyrannical rulers of Rome and elsewhere, not only for the uprightness and purity for one’s family but also for the ethical preservation of society as a whole. Contrast this with the direction of the current globalist movement which advocates Judeo-Christian standards be removed in order for it to succeed. It believes leadership must have the ultimate control to legislate all morality and standards. In other words, they become little gods on earth, and all values become subjective to their whims rather than embrace the absolutes from heaven as penned in the Scriptures.

Thus, whether it be matters of the unborn, euthanasia, sexuality, all social norms including economic standards, and everything else, self-ascribed elite leaders must manipulate matters to achieve their self-serving visions. The lower classes are there to serve leadership’s secular standards, not to be interfered with by long-standing religious absolutes.

Bringing this into our present political moment, though Donald Trump is a man distinctly flawed, he more closely fits such New Testament leadership criteria verbally and on paper. Rather than making timeless scriptural standards hate crimes and labeled as some type of phobia (as does his opposition), he would be regarded as the superior Caesar for whom to pray succeeds. Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Thankfully, it does not matter. This is an issue of our most basic American freedoms (especially religious), freedoms the majority of people throughout history only wish they could have had. For some 250 years, Americans have been richly blessed from above.

It’s also good to note that when religious liberty is vanquished, all other freedoms become in jeopardy, soon to be lost as it’s now a subjective game, determined by those who know better. So America faces its biggest battle yet, even dwarfing Lincoln’s Civil War, since it now must choose whether it pursues secular progressivism or tries to reverse its course to reclaim some of its Constitutional fundamentals.

And now, one more debate next week! Hillary was largely viewed as winning the first, and Donald the second. All gloves will be off, with Trump fighting an uphill battle for sure. If he can emphasize his message of personal freedoms, protection of the 2nd amendment, and continuation of liberties and upward mobility for all Americans, it will serve his campaign well.

Written by: Staff