The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

10/7/16 – Goodbye to Vin Scully and Dick Enberg

They were two men with an uncanny ability to connect with their audiences on a personal, familial level, but both are now sadly saying goodbye at the same time. During a season in which Dodgers legend Vin Scully is being enshrined across baseball everywhere, Padres commentator Dick Enberg will also be dropping the microphone.

What made these two men unique among broadcasters? They both possess Conceptual, Animate Brain Types, also known as the CA “Stork.”  While Scully is a Left brain dominant #11 FCAL, Enberg is a Right brain dominant #9 FCAREnberg has broadcasted for nearly 60 years across a variety of sports, while Scully has stayed tried and true to his Dodgers for a whopping 67 years. He called his first Dodgers game, in fact, back in 1950 when Jackie Robinson (#9 FCAR) had broken the color barrier when he’d joined the Dodgers three years earlier.

Remember, as “Storks,” the CA Brain Types are gifted in speech (mouth) fluidity, as well as speech (mouth) control. As Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, these designs “usually pursue vocations that maximize their speaking or language skills, such as teaching, public speaking, singing, motivating, counseling, selling, writing, etc.”  Boy did these two fellows maximize their inborn potential for more than half a century! Vin Scully was nicknamed a “poet-philosopher” for his in-depth, erudite communication that also conveyed warmth and feeling. “Scully has always exuded an aura of accessibility,” writes one author, “ready with a smile for a fan’s camera and an autograph, and imbued with an unaffected sense of humility.”

As for Enberg, Padres president and CEO Mike Dee says of him, “Every major sports moment, it seems his voice is a part of it. You felt like you knew him before you did, because he was so personal in the way he connected with the viewers and described the action.” And like Jon Niednagel’s late, longtime friend Vic Braden (#9), Dick won’t be sitting still anytime soon. “At 81, I want to continue to be creative, I think that keeps you young,” Enberg said. “Part of that process would be to go back and teach. … Everyday, you can count on the challenge of a raised hand.”

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10/4/16 – Dwight Howard says goodbye to Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett, also known as “The Big Ticket”, is a retired man now after spending 21 seasons in the NBA. In a funny Tweet, fellow player Dwight Howard, who also shares KG’s #9 FCAR inborn Brain Type, stated, “KG. My favorite player ever. Thank you for inspiring me. I’m going to miss all the scraps and fights we had on the court. But I will never forget the talk we had after you head butted me lol. But thank you for the memories. My two favorite KG moments of All-Time are when you caught the one handed rebound and dunked it back in and pointed to the sky. The other moment is watching you win the title and say ‘Anything Is Possible’. My favorite commercial is when u was running around the world putting everybody on your back. There will never be another Big Ticket.”

Tweets aren’t typically so thoughtfully written, showing Howard’s true respect for his big man friend. Both players were/are emotional, fiery hoopsters with a penchant for technical fouls, typically due to their unchained motor-mouths (especially KG). The #9 is one of the biggest talkers in sports (and life), with Kanye West being the most obvious, ridiculous example. Or, they can put their mouths to good use by making people laugh, ala Bob Hope or Ted Danson.

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10/3/16 – Greg Popovich is moving on

Tim Duncan (#2 BEAR) is now retired, and coach Greg Popovich will no longer be bringing him carrot cake. “Say what?” you ask. It was a road ritual between the coach and player. Greg knew Tim loved carrot cake, so while on the road he would often leave a package from a nearby restaurant outside Tim Duncan’s hotel door. Inside, of course, was carrot cake. But now, he will no longer be bringing carrot cake.

He’s gone, Popovich said this week. I’ve put it out of my mind.

The author goes on to write, “As if that is possible.”

Actually, Mr. Author, that is possible, or at least more possible with certain Brain Types that are not overly sentimental. As a Q4 #16 BCIL, Greg is the most independent of the 16 designs. This is why they often appear cold and aloof unless they purposely develop a warmer method of relating. To say the least, Popovich did not develop this “warmer method” of relating (ala fellow #16 Jimmy Carter), and has long been known for his unsociable demeanor.

At any rate, Pop is ready for another NBA season, sticking to his trusted tried and true methods as is so very typical of the #16Same culture, same philosophy, he said. I only know what I know. We’ll hang our hat on defense. We just don’t have the greatest power forward of all-time playing for us anymore.

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9/29/16 – The tragic death of Jose Fernandez

It was a tragic accident, and it could not have happened to a more friendly individual. Jose Fernandez of the Florida Marlins, one of the top pitchers in baseball, was killed in a boating accident in Florida early Sunday morning after it reportedly crashed into a jetty while going at high speeds. “The Coast Guard arrived on the scene around 3 a.m. to find a 32-foot boat upside down on a jetty off Miami Beach. Two of the victims were found dead under the vessel. One was found dead in the water. None of the deceased was wearing a life vest.”

Fernandez was a happy-go-lucky #1 FEAR who threw for power and speed. Manager Don Mattingly, an intense, tough-minded #6 BEIR, broke down in tears during Sunday’s news conference, stating that Fernandez played with the “joy” of a “little boy.” Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman said, That smile I’m not going to see anymore. That personality and that love of the game, the love of everything, really. He was so accessible too.”

Per the wishes of fellow #1 FEAR David Ortiz, the Tampa Bay Rays canceled a scheduled pregame ceremony to recognize Ortiz’s retirement, and instead took a moment to honor Fernandez. Ortiz was seen in tears during the moment of silence. “I don’t have the words to describe the pain I feel,” Ortiz said.

The smile, the love of everything, the joy of a little boy … yes, Jose was the quintessential #1 who came from a humble background. Born in Cuba, he attempted to defect to the United States three times, only to fail each time and serve a prison term. Along with his mother and sister, Fernandez successfully defected in 2007, in which his mother fell overboard when the boat hit turbulent waters. Amazingly, Jose, not even knowing who it was who fell overboard, dove in and rescued her, saving her life. To many, he was a hero both on and off the field.

Check out Fernandez’s pitching style in the amateur video below. Veteran Brain Typists should be able to detect his smooth, gross-motor throw.



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9/27/16 – The death of Arnold Palmer

He was called “The King of Golf,” but more importantly was known as “a man who connected with the masses.”  He was also a businessman, philanthropist, trailblazing advertising spokesman, talented golf course designer and experienced aviator. Yes, Arnold Palmer led a life that would make any #5 FEIR proud. Sadly, the world lost ‘Arnie’ on Sunday at the age of 87, the quintessential “accessible common man.” How’s that for the down-to-earth “Opportunist”?

Palmer was one of just a few #5s to find success on Tour, also including Greg Norman, Payne Stewart, Severiano Ballesteros, Davis Love III, Ben Crenshaw, Bernhard Langer, and John Daly. Today, they are virtually extinct at the professional level, as the game becomes more complicated, calculated, consuming, and one might argue … less of a game. To be sure, Arnold’s approach to golf would not last long if he were a hopeful youngster today. “While his approach on the course was not a model of aesthetics the whirlybird followthrough, the pigeon-toed putting stance it worked for him. With thick forearms and a thin waist, Palmer had an aggressive risk-reward approach to golf that made for compelling theater. He hit the ball with authority and for distance and ushered in an aggressive, hitch-up-your-trousers, go-for-broke, in-your-face power game rarely seen in the often stoic and staid sport.”  In fact, it was said that Ballesteros, Langer, and Norman all adopted the same gambling style that Palmer made famous in the 1960s. Go figure, being #5s themselves!

Of course, Palmer’s arch-nemesis would forever be Jack Nicklaus (#8 BEIL), though the two would always be best of friends. “We were great competitors, and loved competing against each other,” Jack Tweeted shortly after news of Arnie’s death. “But we were always great friends along the way. Arnold always had my back, and I had his. We were always there for each other. That never changed.”

And to end with a bit of wisdom from Mr. Palmer, “Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.

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9/26/16 – The Super Bowl Presidential debate

It’s show time.

The first Presidential debate between the donkey’s Hillary Clinton and the elephant’s Donald Trump is tonight, an event millions of Americans are looking forward to watching. It is likely to draw more viewers than any American event in history, including Super Bowls. Never before has a “non-politician” like Mr. Trump made it so close to the seat in the Oval Office, and given his candor and tell-it-like-it is style of speech, people are wondering what in the world to expect.

We told you from the beginning:  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the ONLY #15 FCILs in the race (out of the plethora of #13 FCIRs), and lo and behold, look who we have left. As for Trump, look for him to be presidential, knowing that Hillary is going to try her best to make him look incompetent and uncaring and volatile. She will definitely be seeking to make Donald look like the chauvinistic buffoon, likely calling him out on racism, bad business, etc.

As a whole, the #15s seek to be principled, but when their love for power grows excessively, watch out. Many folks around Hillary Clinton, particularly the Secret Service, have told story after story of her mean-spirited ways. Writes one author, “When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously. As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident. One former agent writesHillary would cuss at Secret Service drivers for going over bumps. Another former member of her detail recollects, Hillary never talked to us. Most all members of first families would talk to us and smile. She never did that.

It’s good to remember that #15s are dominant Inanimates, and though female FCILs are typically nurtured in childhood to be more people-sensitive and affable than their male counterparts (who are more Right brain proficient), Hillary Rodham appears to have been an exception to this tendency. Whether it be from mom, dad, or a fellow sibling, Inanimate children are heavily influenced by other hair-splitting family members amplifying further one’s innate impersonal nature. Though it cannot be verified with certainty, it has been reported Hillary’s father, Hugh, instituted some stricter standards with his children. It is likely home life began the process of magnifying her detached ways. Couple this with an Ivy League education, becoming a lawyer, and then spending most of her adult life with the master manipulator of logic, Bill Clinton, it is rather easy to grasp her aloof proclivities.

Trump also has his flaws for sure, but as a businessman and deal-maker he has learned to act more agreeable and accommodating, despite his reality-show persona. Whether he attempts to attack Hillary’s controversial, sketchy past (and present) will remain to be seen, but look for him to come out swinging!

Lastly, as we’re said before, so we’ll say again. Hillary will NEVER bow out while she’s still standing. Unless her health involves a serious disease that cannot be concealed from the public, look for her to battle her way to the position of POTUS, a position she has desperately been seeking her entire life. As fellow #15 Colin Powell wrote not long ago in a recently uncovered email regarding Hillary, “A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational.”

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9/22/16 – Jon Lester and the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are the #1 team in baseball, and while their record isn’t absolutely stellar (92 wins, 52 losses), Chicago fans are cheering and celebrating their team on in hopes of a first-ever World Series victory. In the 5th inning during last night’s game against St. Louis, one author wrote, Jon Lester is taking matters into his own hands Wednesday as the Cubs hold a 3-0 lead over the Cardinals after 4 innings muggy Busch Stadium. Lester has pitched four innings of one-hit ball, and he hit a single to score Javier Baez with one out in the third.”

As we’ve written about before, Lester is one of a few rare #6 BEIRs in baseball (ala Tom Glavin, or Roger Clemens of yesteryear), and he’s having an exceptional season. “As for Lester, he just wants his 200 innings now that the team goals are nearly wrapped up. He needs to average six innings in his final four starts to get there, and it’s likely to happen considering the way he’s been pitching. He hasn’t given up more than a run in over a month, and despite teammate Kyle Hendricks’ minuscule ERA, most observers believe it would be Lester who’d be given the ball twice in a best-of-five series, if necessary.”  And again, “Lester improved to 7-0 with a 1.65 ERA over 10 starts since the All-Star break and has allowed seven runs over his last eight starts covering 53 2/3 innings.”

We’re happy for Lester, and hope he finds continued success in the playoffs. While #6s can indeed be great pitchers, they need to be careful not to rely excessively on their dominant upper-body fine motor movements. (When throwing from the left side, however, #6s utilize gross movements much more than normal such as Lester.) As intense individuals, keeping calm is of paramount importance, controlling the fiery emotions as they stand and wait to make the next pitch (baseball is a slow sport, and as such can mess with the mind).

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9/14/16 – 50 most unsportsmanlike acts in sports history

Some of these are just too funny. We’re talking about “The 50 Most Unsportsmanlike Acts in Sports History,” and several of them are only too Brain Type-classic. Let’s go over just a few.

49. Roger Clemens fires a bat shard at Mike Piazza.

Roger Clemens is a #6 BEIR, arguably the most fiery of the 16 Brain Types. After Mike Piazza (#5 FEIR) shattered his bat while hitting, Clemens picked up a two foot shard of wood and threw it back at Mike. “I thought it was the ball” he can be seen mouthing afterwards. Uhh … yeah, right, Roger!

44. Ndamukong Suh stomps on Evan Dietrich-Smith

When Ndamukong Suh ended up on top of the Packers’ Evan Dietrich-Smith, he decided to slam his opponent’s head into the ground three times and then stomp on him for good measure. Which Brain Type is most apt to react physically and emotionally in-the-moment? Yep, the #1 FEAR, and that’s what Suh is.

43. Scottie Pippen refuses to go into game because the final play wasn’t designed for him

Dominant Animates are prone to pout, and that’s exactly what Scottie Pippen (#2 BEAR) did in 1994 when coach Phil Jackson (#16 BCIL) drew a plan to give the ball to Toni Kukoc (#15 FCIL) at the end of the game instead of him. As a result, Pippen refused to enter the game. Toni ended up winning the game for the Bulls, but Pippen had clearly made his statement while demonstrating a me-first (versus team-first) mindset. (Considering another #2… can you say Kobe?)

42. Michael Jordan punches Steve Kerr in the face during practice

Don’t get a #6 BEIR mad. During one heated practice, Steve Kerr (#8 BEIL) took exception to Michael Jordan’s trash talking and got in MJ’s face (leave it to the rules-abiding, civil-minded #8 trying to win through words in combat). It was the wrong move, as Jordan clocked Kerr big-time (though #6s can lash out with words Bobby Knight, Pat Summit, et al they rely more on street combat, unless they’re in public; then again, Mike Tyson didn’t care). When Steve got back home, however, there was already a message on Kerr’s answering machine with MJ apologizing.

41. Kevin Garnett calls Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient”

The #9 FCAR talks a lot, and as a result can say some pretty stupid things (think of Kanye West). Kevin Garnett did just that when he said Charlie Villanueva (#13 FCIR) looked like a cancer patient due to a life-long skin disorder that left him bald. This did not go over well with the medical community, or any community for that matter. Kevin later clarified that he said Villanueva was “cancerous to your team and our league.”  Hmmm …

39. Charles Barkley unintentionally spits on a little girl sitting courtside

Yeah, the #1 FEAR is prone to spit sometimes. Charles Barkley got irked when a Nets fan heckled him with racial slurs, and lashed out by trying to spit on the fan. Instead of landing on the heckler, however, the spittle hit a little girl. Anyone also remember Roberto Alomar (#1 FEAR)? Remember when he spit in the face of an umpire, later claiming Hirschbeck had used a degrading ethnic slur against him? The moral of the story is … leave a #1‘s family heritage alone!

33. Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson put on a boxing display

Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s round 3 of Mike Tyson vs. Mike Tyson! Or shall we say, one #6 BEIR against another #6 BEIR! That’s what happened when Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson got into a boxing match in 1998, taking wild swings at each other that quickly cleared both benches. Who will ever forget the hilarious image of 5’9″ Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy (#15 FCIL) hanging onto Mourning’s leg?

For the full article, click here. There are many more Type-related stories!

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9/12/16 – Todd Marinovich has hit rock bottom

Our heart goes out to athletes who struggle with drugs during and after their careers. Often they’re used as a means to cope with pain, but then spiral out of control. Especially for those who are Right brain dominant (along with other genetic factors), addiction can only be one step away. One recent case of an athlete who has hit rock bottom is Todd Marinovich, former USC and Raiders quarterback who was arrested naked with marijuana, according to police. Marinovich is/was a talented #5 FEIR, and at only 47-years of age, looks closer to 60. He was cited and released for trespassing, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

Amazingly, the Raiders selected Marinovich in the first round of the 1991 NFL draft ahead of superstar and fellow #5 Brett Favre. Tood has struggled with his addictions for years, and was even arrested for cocaine possession a month after the 1990 Sun Bowl. Due to repeated drug use, he was was removed from the Raiders roster after only two seasons. In 1997, “he pleaded guilty to felony charges that he was cultivating marijuana in his Dana Point home and a misdemeanor charge of illegally possessing prescription medicine.”  He was again arrested in 2000 and 2005.

Todd is married (though now estranged) and the father of two children. According to his wife, He seems to self-sabotage. He feels he isn’t deserving of love and having good things happen to him. His biggest worry is that people will judge him. When he’s sober, she says, he’s a wonderful dad but seems haunted by his addiction.

Drug addiction has been the battle for many athletes of all Types, including Darryl Strawberry (#6 BEIR), Michael Phelps (#13 FCIR), Rasheed Wallace (#3 FEAL), Dwight Gooden (#9 FCAR), etc. Fortunately for people like Michael Phelps, however, he was able to overcome it, and it is our hope and prayer that Todd is able to do the same, and quickly.

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9/7 – Who knew Tom Selleck was such a softy?

“Who knew that Tom Selleck was such a softy?”

Uhh … we did!

How ironic for an article about actor Tom Selleck to start off like this? Anyone with the knowledge of Brain Type knows Tom Selleck is a #11 FCAL, which means he is a dominant Animate ‘feeler’. It really is like the author asking, “Who knew Tom Selleck had brown hair?”  Yes, Selleck’s Brain Type is just as as genetically driven, or determined, as his hair color. Isn’t that amazing? We can tell you a great deal about Tom Selleck, and we haven’t even met him. You, too, can know a great deal about Selleck, or anyone in and outside of Hollywood, when you know their inborn Brain Type.

For instance, we can tell you that Tom is Left brain dominant, which makes him more conclusive and decisive in his day-to-day life. Tom wants decisions to be made. The Left brain enjoys planning ahead, maintaining a semblance of order, setting down rules, and putting work before play. On the male side, there have only been a handful in Hollywood who are Left brain dominant, such as Jim Caveziel (#15 FCIL), Tom Cruise (#11), Robert Redford (#11), John Tesh (#11), Alex Trebek (#15), and the late Charlton Heston (#15).

At any rate, Selleck was recently featured in the news for crying while watching one of his own newest movies, as well as “wiping away tears from his eyes” at the Emmy award screening “as he took the stage for the Q&A portion of the evening.” Like we said, no big deal, and no big surprise here.

Did you also know Tom is one of a few conservatives in Hollywood (as is/was Caveziel, Trebek, Tesh, and Heston)? He once said, “I’ve learned by hanging out in Hollywood, where I disagree politically with most people, that most people’s hearts are in the right place, and the only thing we have to argue about is the way to solve the problems.”

How’s that for the harmonious #11 seeing the good in others?

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