The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

8/9/16 – Michael Jordan loses his cool

Brain Type enthusiasts know the #6 BEIR can be a feisty, fiery design. Even under an outwardly cool personality lies a competitive hidden tiger within, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. So, when Abe Pollin saw the often calm and collected Michael Jordan all-of-a-sudden hit the fan in a tirade of angry emotion, he was shocked. Had he known MJ’s Brain Type, however, he wouldn’t and shouldn’t have been.

In a new-published memoir, Pollin’s wife, Irene, shares a story that happened back when Jordan was with the Washington Wizards, first managing them and then playing alongside them. Michael committed to playing on the court with the team for a year or two, but after the end of the second season, Michael began admitting he’d made mistakes. Jordan felt, however, “that he had grown as a manager and was now committed to coming back the following year and improving the team.” So, he met with Abe to renegotiate his contract, desiring to return as president of basketball operations. However, after “failing to make the playoffs, friction between him and some of the players and the coach he hired there was a lot of skepticism among the owners. His new hires had raised questions about his abilities as a talent evaluator, and there were the questions of how much time he was spending on the job.”

Abe scheduled the meeting with MJ, knowing it would be a difficult one. “They all liked and admired Michael; it was purely business.”  What transpired, however, was something Pollin will never forget. Repeating the phrase that they needed to go in a different direction, Michael lost it. “He became very angry and began shouting. At that point, Abe walked out of the room as Michael called him several unflattering names. Michael stormed out of the room, went down to the parking garage, jumped into his Mercedes convertible with Illinois license plates, took the top down, and drove directly back to Chicago.”

Irene goes on to say, “He (Abe) never expected such a reaction. He’d always been a good negotiator. People always responded to him positively in those situations because he was cool and fair. This had never happened to him. It probably was a first for Michael as well. Nobody had probably said no to him in a long time.”

MJ, as the dominant Inanimate “Tactician”, wanted things his way or the highway, and blew up when he didn’t get it (#6s also highly value their freedom). Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, “As a parent of a BEIR, be sure you are in charge. They can especially be prone to self-centeredness and willfulness.” Jordan was raised rather well by parents (#6 BEIR father), but those days are long gone. He has been his own man for a very long time now, and certainly answers to no one. Pollin simply released Jordan’s inner tiger.

“During the following week, while we were taking a few days in Rehoboth, Abe was still visibly upset.” We all can get angry, but Abe Pollin, had he known MJ’s design, could have been much better prepared for it!

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7/25/16 – Allen Iverson owes his career to Tom Brokaw

We like good stories, particularly when they involve different Brain Types, and this is a good story.

In short, former NBA star Allen Iverson (#6 BEIR) never would have made it to the big leagues had it not been for a well-known fellow of his exact opposite Brain Type, the #11 FCAL. Back in 1993, the 17-year-old Iverson was sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly hitting a white woman at a bowling alley during a brawl. That’s right. 15 years! One particular news reporter heard about his sentencing, and thought it was absurd given that Iverson was a teenager with no prior criminal record. So, this man featured the story on national news. His name was Tom Brokaw.

The conviction was eventually overturned, and the rest is history. When asked if the story was true, Brokaw replied, “Yes, but he deserved it.” Iverson has publicly praised Brokaw for his good deed, along with coach John Thompson (#7 FEIL), who never gave up on him. “He saved my life, and he gave me another opportunity. All I needed was one chance, and God sent him to me.”

Lebron James (#1 FEARrecently said of Iverson, “Pound for pound, probably the greatest player who ever played.” Indeed, pound for pound, he was definitely as talented as any #6, or any Brain Type, to have played the game.

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7/21/16 – Jeff Teague makes $8 million and lives with his parents

Lots of young adults still live with their parents at home these days, particularly if Ma and Pa don’t resent it. Not many of them, however, make $8 million a year.

From your general knowledge of Brain Type, which of the 16 would be most prone to do this? Which Brain Type(s) seeks to reserve its energy, loves family, doesn’t want to be held responsible for too much, and likes to just live and let live? Yes, they would be Right brained dominant. Yes, they would be Back brained dominant, especially valuing their privacy and comfortable environment. And yes, they would likely live in-the-moment, taking it one day at a time, and most probable be Animate. Your answer is the #2 BEAR.

Ever heard of the NBA’s Jeff Teague? He’s a 28-year-old, and after buying a house in his hometown of Indianapolis several years ago, he decided to give it to his parents when he was signed to the Atlanta Hawks in 2013. Recently, he was traded to the Pacers, and decided to move back in with his parents, living in the basement (while they keep the master). Teague says he plans to stay there for the “the whole year” rather than find another place. One reason, he says, is because his dad will mow the lawn!

Meanwhile. we’ll try to find a #15 FCIL who makes 8 million dollars and lives in his parent’s basement, but don’t wait up for us. We’re pretty sure Big Foot will be found first.

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7/19/16 – Henrik Stenson wins the British Open

The champion played an incredible round, and had he not, Phil Mickelson (#15 FCIL) would have easily won another tournament. Yes, the British Open was fun to watch over the weekend, and in one author’s words, “Henrik Stenson kept hitting the best shots of his life, one after another, because there was no other way to beat Phil Mickelson in an Open showdown that ranked among the best in golf.”

Stenson (#13 FCIR) shot an 8-under 63 on Sunday to finish the tournament at 20-under and win his first major championship by 3 strokes. This is the 11th time that Mickelson has come up 2nd place at a Major’s tournament, second only to #8 BEIL Jack Nicklaus (don’t forget, however, you have to be great to have so many opportunities to win.) “Thank you very much for a great fight,” Stenson told Mickelson after accepting the Claret Jug. Indeed it was a battle, and could have easily gone the other way had not Stenson made a 50-foot birdie putt from off the green at No. 15 that gave him the 2-shot lead. Stenson, like other #13s who have ended up winning major championships, possesses a great swing and solid fundamentals. At 40 years old, it’s taken him a long time to win a Major, but this was one he certainly deserved as he posted a championship record of 264.

Phil, the Left brain dominant lefty, still has a lot to be thankful for, as for years he has possessed more Right-hemisphere influence than typical right-handed #15s. As a true right-hander, hitting from the left side can make it difficult to develop and maintain the typical #15 solid body mechanics, regardless of the sport. Mickelson has certainly made it work, however. with typical strict FCIL discipline (not to mention master-coach Butch Harmon and his caddie to continually mentor Phil along the way), and has an impressive career to show for it!

Congratulations to both golfers for a round very well played.

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7/13/16 – Tim Duncan announces his retirement

He recently announced his retirement after 19 seasons in the NBA. We’ve written about him time and time again, telling you that he is the quintessential #2 BEAR when it comes to Brain Type. Mellow, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and fun-loving, Tim Duncan gave his inborn design a good name, and he will be dearly missed on the basketball court. Duncan finishes his career with five NBA championships, two NBA MVP awards and three Finals MVP awards, making him one of the most decorated players in recent NBA history. Regarding his personality, he once said of himself, At this point, if I were to psychoanalyze myself, I’d have to say I am a clown, cleverly disguised as a regular person. And again, I enjoy jokes, smiling, and making people smile. I may be a little different, but that’s OK, who wants to be normal anyway?

Tweets Lebron James (#1 FEAR):  “Timmy D you know how I feel about you, what you did for me and for the entire NBA. Thank you for an amazing career!”

Tweets Dirk Nowitzki (#10 BCAR):  “Timmy D. Say it ain’t so!!! Greatest power forward ever!”

Says Pau Gasol (#15 FCIL, Duncan’s opposite BT) on Instagram: “My biggest respect and admiration for #TimDuncan. I’ve had the privilege to play against him in many occasions and I’ve always enjoyed the challenge to face the best power forward in the game. Thanks for being an example to follow!”

Nineteen seasons isn’t too shabby, yet not surprising given the BEAR‘s tendency to last long in their respective sports. They are the Methuselahs of sports. Since EAs are gross motor dominant, they rely on their large body muscles more than the other 12 Types (EIs, CAs, and CIs). Robert Parish hung around for 21 seasons in the NBA, while Gordie Howe, who we wrote about just a few weeks ago, made a brief game appearance at age 69 to become the only pro in hockey to compete in six decades! Remember Warren Moon in the NFL? In 2000, the 44-year-old quarterback played his 24th year in the league!

So as Timmy rides off in the sunset, only one active NBA player exceeds his years…  Methuselah Andre Miller (age 40). Not surprisingly, he’s a #1 FEAR, and bests Duncan by only 37 days. Also, it’s only Kobe Bryant (another #2!) that surpasses Tim in most years with same team, numbering 20!

Yes, it has been a commendable ride, Mr. Duncan. Thank you for the great memories, but most of all, thank you for your great attitude on the court!

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7/7/16 – It “hurts” Cristiano Ronaldo to see Lionel Messi cry

Their rivalry is legendary in the game of soccer, but their great respect for one another is equally mutual. Still, not everyone believes it, so when Cristiano Ronaldo said it “hurt” to see Lionel Messi lose in the Copa America final, and to watch Messie announce that he would retire from Argentina’s national team, people were thinking, “Yeah, right, Ronaldo!”

“He has made a tough decision and people should understand,” Ronaldo said. “He is not accustomed to defeats and disappointments. Finishing second and missing a penalty does not make you a bad player. It hurts to see Messi in tears and I hope he returns to play for his country, because he needs it,” Ronaldo continued.

One author at Fox Sports writes, “Do any of us really think it hurt him to see Messi fall like that? Does Ronaldo really feel any sympathy for a guy who’s bested him so many times? Maybe that’s the case, but we should probably take his words with a Ballon d’Or sized grain of salt.”

Well, we did tell our viewers of Cristiano’s Brain Type long ago, so his sympathy comes as no surprise to us. After all, Ronaldo shares the same #9 FCAR design as boxing’s Oscar De La Hoya, or the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. As Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, “With a high does of Front-brained ‘extraversion,’ the FCAR feels concern for others and the need to help and affirm them.”  Perhaps, just perhaps, Ronaldo was doing just that. After all, Messie was in tears, and unless full of vengeance, Animates (especially CA ‘doves’) typically do not enjoy seeing others cry.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll notice we left out Messi’s Brain Type. That is because he is our new Guess Their Brain Type” test case. Head over there now, and we’ll reveal his inborn design on the 15th of this month. Good luck!

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7/5/16 – Jake Plummer and medical marijuana

He’s a #5 FEIR that Niednagel recommended to teams years ago. A great college player, he went on and did well in the pros before retiring. He was a bit wild, however, and a loose cannon at times, but could still play the game of football. We’re talking about Jake “The Snake” Plummer, and throughout his career he was never one to be bashful … and he still isn’t.

Medical marijuana has become a hot topic not only among the general populace, but professional sports. In football, it’s particularly at the forefront, as players seek to ease their chronic pains that this violent sport incurs. Many have come out in favor of marijuana use, and Jake is no exception. However, unlike these other players, he doesn’t mince his words.

“Like Jerry Jones, who says it’s ‘absurd’ that there would be a link between brain trauma, football and CTE,” says Plummer. “Shame on him for saying that, that billionaire [expletive]. It’s the worst thing in the world for a guy like that to say. That’s where we’re sitting; grown-[expletive] men are asked to go out there for millions of dollars — which, yeah, it’s a lot of money — bang themselves around and completely [expletive] their lives over for their 40s and 50s. So yeah, poor football players is what I say. If you’re a grown-[expletive] man, you should be allowed to make grown-[expletive] decisions.”

In other words, these grown men should be allowed to use marijuana if they want to, in his estimation. Plummer says they’re better than prescription pain killers.

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7/1/16 – The lovable Marcus Willis

He’s described as the “lovable underdog,” and after watching his interview, you can see why. Tennis’ Marcus Willis is one funny, down-to-earth guy, and yes, he’s a #13 FCIR. Marcus went up against fellow #13 FCIR Roger Federer Wednesday at Wimbledon, and beforehand he was bonkers, though realistic, about it. “I’m not sure he can play on grass, so that’s good,” he said sarcastically. “No, obviously it’s a dream come true. This is what I dreamed of when I was younger. I’m gonna go out there and try to win the tennis match. I probably won’t. I might not. I’m just gonna give everything like I have the last 7 matches.

“I’m still living with my parents at home. Living the dream,” he also says, to the crowd’s laughter.

As many #13s are, he’s also a bit superstitious. “I’ve been staying in the same hotel, eating the same meal every night. It’s killing me. But I’m gonna keep doing it.”

Willis lost 6-0, 6-3, 6-4 to Federer, but had a blast. “It was amazing, I wasn’t really that nervous – it was just awesome.”

Enjoy the interview.

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