The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

2/7/19 – Trump’s State of the Union Address

One thing is certain.  #15 FCILs know how to get the point across.  Their secret?  Don’t rush it!

Did you catch President Trump‘s State of the Union address Tuesday evening?  His address, at 82 minutes in length, was the longest such speech since President Bill Clinton’s 89-minute one in 2000 and the third-longest ever.  As one journalist points out, “Neither Richard Nixon (#7 FEIL), Gerald Ford (#15 FCIL), Jimmy Carter (#16 BCIL), Ronald Reagan (#15 FCIL), or George H.W. Bush (#11 FCAL) had a single State of the Union that went over an hour.  Bill Clinton (#15 FCIL) bucked the trend, giving both the longest and second-longest State of the Union addresses on record.”

Perhaps one thing President Trump and former President Clinton share in common is a big ego.  To be fair to our President, however, there were many moments during his speech where he stepped aside from the podium to give honor to special guests and allow the audience to applause or even celebrate with one another.  “At one point, he allowed Democratic women extra time to celebrate on the House floor as he mentioned the gains women made in Congress in the midterm elections. At another, he paused as the assembled members of Congress sang ‘happy birthday’ to Judah Samet, a survivor of the Holocaust and last year’s Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.”

The Donald covered issues including immigration, the economy, foreign policy, and abortion.  He used perhaps the strongest language ever used by any President before him when he stated, “All children, born unborn, are made in the holy image of God.”  Regarding the new far-left ideals, he stated, “The United States will never be a socialist country.”

Yes, we told Brain Type followers some 3 decades ago of Donald Trump’s Presidential Brain Type, and now he is our actual President.  Nobody thought he could get there, but those “in-the-know” knew that The #15 Donald not only had an unrelenting drive, but between the ears, he was more than capable!

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2/4/19 – Meghan Markle changing Prince Harry?

He’s the likable Prince, the one who “wears his heart on his sleeve.”  But now, having only been married for less than a year, he’s changed.  At least, that’s what royal insiders are saying.

Yes, we’re talking about England’s younger Prince Harry, who last May married American actress Meghan Markle (#13 FCIRin a glamorous wedding.  Meghan, however, is being accused of “changing Prince Harry’s personality for the worse since their royal wedding.”  The piece goes on to say, “All of Harry’s staff have always thought he was fantastic, but the two of them are high maintenance.”  Harry has apparently become “quite grumpy and aloof from his own inner circle of staff. Harry was always very pally with [them], so this is very unlike him … What people love about Harry is that he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s down to earth, a normal guy trapped in the royal world, and he doesn’t take himself very seriously. But now he is.”

Yes, we all know Harry’s #1 FEAR design, so there is no need to tell us he’s “down to earth,” and a “normal guy.”  However, like other Animate, Right brain designs, he’s particularly susceptible to being controlled by more domineering Brain Types (in this case, his #13 wife, plus her acquired values and upbringing).  Markle is said to be “unashamedly ambitious,” and once she got the ring on her finger, it’s been her way or the highway.

If the reports are true, we do feel for Harry.  His dutiful brother, William (#15 FCIL), is reported to have tried to step in before the two were ever married.  “William was quite concerned that the relationship had moved so quickly,” says one informer. “And being close to Harry, you know, probably the only person close enough to say to Harry, ‘This seems to be moving quickly. Are you sure?’ And I think what was meant as well-intended brotherly advice just riled Harry.”  At any rate, William’s lovely #13 FCIR wife, Catherine, has settled into her royal role quite beautifully.

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2/1/19 – Jared Goff, Tom Brady, and Super Bowl 53

With the knowledge of Brain Type it is amazing what you can know about a person before you’ve even met them, or even if you never meet them.  To say it gives one an “edge” would be quite the understatement.  It gives an unparalleled advantage, where time and again you will find yourself amazed that you already knew something before it was ever released to the public.

And so when an article was published recently saying that Los Angels Rams quarterback Jared Goff was “really funny”, and even “outright silly,” Brain Type enthusiasts were responding, “Yeah, we know.”  In fact, #2 BEARs are typically some of the most laid-back, live-and-let-live people on the planet.  We’ve even noticed that they tend to live longer, and in sports they have been known to retire later than most (think of Robert Parish of the NBA, or Gordie Howe of the NHL who played till he was 51 years old!).

Getting back to Jared, he loves poking fun at people, yeah not in a way that is overly offensive or even perhaps noticeable.   “If he can find something that kind of can get you, he’ll sit there as innocently as possible and just little pokes here and there, just to see how much of a rise he can get out of you,” says Rams receiver Cooper Kupp (#13 FCIR).  As another observer put it, “If you’re not paying attention, or simply aren’t around Goff frequently, his jokes might go undetected.”  

Did you hear how Goff responded when he heard actress Halle Berry tweeted about one of his audibles (which is called “Halle Berry”)?  “Wait, hold on, are you serious?” Goff said. “She heard it!”  ESPN reported that “Goff became a giddy kid.”  That’s because Jared Goff is just a giddy kid, and now that kid is headed to the Super Bowl to take on fellow Animate quarterback Tom Brady (#9 FCAR).  Yes folks, get ready for the ultimate battle of the nice guys!

Here’s an addendum for those who desire greater insight into how the #2 QB’s brains will differ come Sunday. The zone region of the brain (where optimal performance occurs) is Q1, Right anterior.  Brady is strongest here; via innate DNA, he lives in this region most of the time.  Yet, Q1 can also be a double–edged sword, especially for Brady’s dominant Conceptual neurons.  Whereas the Empirical #1 and #5 Brain Types engage the zone most easily, the abstract #9 and #13 Types have more difficulty getting into the ‘visual’ circuits.  After all, they live primarily in imagination, focusing on what ‘could be’, not ‘what is’.

If Brady begins the game calm and collected, he’ll access the visual circuits adequately.  But if the Rams excel at the pass rush, Brady will not only get happy feet, his vision will begin to suffer. He’ll then tend to throw where the receivers ‘should be’ rather than where they ‘will be’.  Since Tom has been instructed by Coach Belichick for decades exactly where to throw, and to move quickly through his passing progressions, Brady can almost close his eyes and throw to all the spots that are in the Patriots’ massive playbook.  But if the Rams knock the Pats receivers off their intended routes, a BIG IF, Brady will have a longer day ahead of him.  Though possible, the odds of this are not high. For one, the Pats’ have not allowed one sack this whole post season!  No NFL team provides greater pass protection. Despite this, the Rams have the best interior D-line in the NFL—Arnold and Suh.  Who’s gonna win this battle?

And let’s not forget Jared Goff. Jared lives in Q2, Right posterior.  What’s more, he lives primarily in the brain’s emotional center (thanks to his inborn DNA), the Right amygdalae.  Though an Empirical, he must transition to the front of the brain (Q1) to heighten his visual circuits.  This is not real easy (under game pressure), but if he can get some easy throws at game’s beginning, and get cerebrally comfortable, he can end up having good vision and good throws.  Yet let’s not forget that any QB can be relaxed and maxing the brain’s visual circuits 1 quarter of the game and in the next quarter, or half, the wheels can still come off.  It’s all a matter of staying calm and ‘seeing’ the field.  If the pass rush gets heavy, however, quarterbacks begin to panic (after all, they want to stay healthy!), and their vision subordinates to sound, hearing the ongoing rushers’ grunts and clomping feet.

Both quarterbacks are capable of having a very good game. Nonetheless, since both have strong emotional circuits, this is their greatest potential liability.  It should interesting to watch all this play out.

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1/30/19 – Hall of Famers Martinez and Rivera

Two Animate “feelers” were inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame this past week, and one of them broke down in tears when he got the call.  Edgar Martinez (#1 FEAR) and Mariano Rivera (#10 BCAR) were those two men, and Mr. Martinez could be seen immediately shedding tears when he received the news.  Martinez is actually the first player who spent the majority of his career as a designated hitter to make the Hall of Fame. He hit .312 with 309 home runs in 18 seasons with Seattle.  While it was Edgar’s 10th time to be on the ballot, it was only Mariano’s first, and the decision was unanimous.  Rivera holds the record for most saves all-time and won five World Series championships during his career.

Do you remember what song was played every time Mariano Rivera walked to the mound as the New York Yankees closer?  It was Metallica’s 1990 hit “Enter Sandman”.  Yet, how many times has Mariano listened to their music?  Not once.  The famed pitcher made the revelation on the MLB network on Tuesday.  He went on to explain, “As a Christian…I don’t listen to that kind of music, I listen to Christian music, and therefore, I won’t be able to pick that kind of song.”  Still, the rock band sent Rivera a video congratulations message, to which Rivera replied, “That is amazing! It’s a blessing on top of blessings.  I have so much respect for those guys. I met them and they are great, great people.”

Mariano was later asked how he went from being raised in a small fishing village in Panama to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  “That’s easy to answer.  That’s the blessings of the Lord.  It came from the Lord. Nobody taught me that but Him.  It’s been tremendous since the first time that I used it. It’s been effective, so I thank God for that.”

It couldn’t have happened to a more likable, humble guy, and we can’t help but think of another lowly fellow from eons ago who also likely shared Rivera’s same #10 inborn design.  “Now the man Moses was very meek, more than all people who were on the face of the earth.”  Numbers 12:3

Congratulations, Edgar and Mariano!

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1/28/19 – The dynamic Donny and Marie Osmond

John and Jackie KennedyGeorge W. and Laura Bush … and Donny and Marie Osmond.  Notice anything they have in common?  All are #15 FCILs closely connected to #11s FCALs, though the latter example has the roles reversed.  That is, Donnie is an #11 male, while sister Marie is a #15 female.  Have you seen them perform together?  The duo has been going at it for for 50 years now.  Yes, you read that correctly.  50 years!

Critics say they still appeal to all audiences because “their cultural staying power is generational.”  To be certain, these two inborn Brain Types aren’t commonly found in the entertainment industry.  Notice they’re both Left brain dominant, and therein lies your reason why.  Hollywood (or Las Vegas in this case) is dominated by Right brain stars who must be flexible, adaptable, and spontaneous to be successful.  So what’s their secret?  Donnie and Marie have succeeded by simply staying together and working hard.  “We are very rare. I mean I don’t know that many women who have done five-and-a-half decades. We were always told it’s gonna be over, it’s gonna be over, but you keep reinventing, you keep working hard,” says Marie.

And you can imagine, knowing their designs, that it hasn’t always been easy.  “You know we have this chemistry and sometimes you can mix chemicals and it can be beautiful or it could be a big bang…and that would be us,” Marie shared.  In their case, we have a sneaking suspicion that dominant Inanimate Marie gets her way the majority of the time, while dominant Animate Donny obliges.  Well, at least it works!

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1/23/19 – All about Netflix sensation Marie Kondo

So we all know Left brainers are planned, decisive, structured, and organized, while Right brainers are adaptable, flexible, open to new ideas, and generally messy people, right?  If you answered “yes”, you may want to slow down a bit.  We don’t want to fall into the personality-driven stereotypes, which often casts “J”s (or Judgers) as vastly one way and “P”s (or Perceivers) as another, particularly when it comes to orderliness and cleanliness in the home.  Sure, Left brain dominant people tend to shun chaos and embrace structure in their life, which then tends toward organized surroundings.  However, this particular area is arguably the most malleable of any other when it comes to inborn design, not only based on parenting, but culture.

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo by now, you probably will very soon.  Her Netflix show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” is steadily growing in popularity across the country.  In fact, various organizational companies are seeing their profits soar because of her influence as people get rid of their old junk and keep items that only give them joy.  Yes, joy.  This is Marie’s criteria for keeping your old t-shirt you’ve had since the 80s, or tossing it.   But wait!  Don’t just toss it away.  Tell the shirt, “Thank you,” and then kindly place it in the dumpster.

Now what Brain Type would tell their clothes “thank you” and focus on “joy” as their main criteria?  To be sure, a creative and imaginative one, as well as Animate.  Marie bubbles with excitement as she skips from room to room helping bogged-down Americans rids themselves of their excess.  If you haven’t guessed her Brain Type by now, Kondo is a #9 FCAR.  Yes, arguably the most organized woman on the planet is Right brain dominant.  So much for stereo types!  Of course, Marie is Japanese (yet now lives in LA and is married with children), being raised in a structured culture.  We also suspect she had one or two organized parents.  She says she used to love coming home and tidying up her room after school!

Marie has kept her parents and upbringing confidential except for a few items that tell of her passion for tidiness. She wrote on Reddit: “Japan has more limited space, maybe some people in America might not have that space issue, so maybe they need a different way of thinking to de-clutter the space.” She also told Fast Company, “Children in the U.S. have more toys, and that makes it harder for my American clients to tidy up.”  Let’s not forget that #9s love to please others, especially those with whom they regularly live, or associate. And, they try to avoid conflict (and fear), much less verbal chastisement from others, particularly parents. Was part of Marie’s penchant for tidiness related to these?

Wikipedia writes:  “Kondo says that her (organizing) method is partly inspired by the traditional Japanese Shinto folk religion. Cleaning and organizing things properly can be a spiritual practice in Shintoism, which is concerned with the energy or divine spirit of things and the right way to live.”  Marie was quoted: “I was obsessed with what I could throw away. One day, I had a kind of nervous breakdown and fainted. I was unconscious for two hours. When I came to, I heard a mysterious voice, like some god of tidying telling me to look at my things more closely. And I realized my mistake: I was only looking for things to throw out. What I should be doing is finding the things I want to keep. Identifying the things that make you happy: that is the work of tidying.”

Another of Marie’s tips is to provide “homes” for your items.  Are your belongings all strewn out on your desks and counters?  Give them a home, whether that’s a box or cabinet or drawer.  By giving them a place to live, your actual home will become transformed without even knowing it.

Yes, she barely speaks English, but be sure to try and catch an episode of “Tidying Up” to see a perfect example of a #9 FCAR in action … cleaning up!  If you can’t wait for that, catch this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkPOMezkHsk

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1/18/19 – Tim Tebow to wed to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

So former football sensation Tim Tebow‘s finally getting hitched!  For years and years now he’s been waiting for just the right one (and saving himself physically, he says).  Last week, Tebow proposed to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, who said “yes”, and he presented his bride-to-be with quite the rock, FEAR style.  It’s 7.25-carats, and estimated to be worth $500k to $800k or more!  Brain Typists know that, when it comes to gift giving or bling, #1s are the masters.  They love spending money on themselves and others, ala Elvis Presley.  At any rate, they celebrated afterwards with family and friends with a surprise party, and continued the festivities later with a trip to Walt Disney World!

So what kind of gal is Tim marrying?  Actually, one who is not quite unlike himself.  Nel-Peters, from South Africa, is a #9 FCAR, full of energy and spirit.  She says as a high-school student she greatly struggled, especially with math  “I just couldn’t get myself to focus and do what I needed to do to pass.  I realized that prioritizing is so important … I finally graduated with ‘A’s and I worked really, really  hard to get that.”  To be sure, #9s often succeed in life through pure hard-work, overcoming their Inanimate deficiencies by channeling their inner desire to be loved and noticed by others and be the best.

Academically, #9s especially rely on their dominant Conceptual abilities, making quick links with other similarities. And if relaxed, when they introspect (which is hard for the #9 energizer bunny to do!), they will be able to access their Right brain logic (not their favorite brain region).  Nonetheless, they are capable of achieving great learning IF they can only discipline themselves to slow down and delve into the ‘impersonal’ world.

It now makes sense why the #1 and #9 went to Disney, doesn’t it?  What better place for two happy, feel-good Brain Types to go than the happiest place on earth!

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1/15/19 – Jose loves and Cher hates Donald Trump

There’s one #5 FEIR who apparently likes President Donald Trump (#15 FCIL), and another #5 FEIR who really, really doesn’t.  Let’s start with the first.

Does the name Jose Canseco ring a bell?  Yes, he was the “rat” that brought steroid use in the MLB to the public eye years ago.  He was also one heck of a baseball player, hitting .266 with a .353 on-base percentage and 462 home runs in 17 seasons. The 1986 AL Rookie of the Year, Canseco played for seven teams from 1985 to 2001.  Sure, the steroids helped, but they also helped a lot of other players over the years!  At any rate, Conseco recently tweeted to the Donald: “Hey little buddy @realDonaldTrump u need a bash brother for Chief of Staff.  Got a secret reorg plan already. Also worried about you looking more like a Twinkie everyday. I will buff you up with daily workouts. DM me. #yeswecanseco”

Stated as only a hilarious #5 could state it!  Conseco may not make the best Chief of Staff, but he sure could help Trump lose a few pounds!  To be sure, you don’t find too many FEIRs out of shape;  it’s a rarity.  Instead, think of Sylvester Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Hulk (Hollywood) Hogan.  As dominant Right brained Empiricals, they are highly “in tune” with their bodies, noticing every detail about their look and appearance.

Meanwhile, one female #5 FEIR detests our President.  We know her simply as Cher, and the singer/actress recently tweeted that Nancy Pelosi (#15 FCIL) should just let Donald “have his #$% money” to fund the wall, otherwise “PPL WILL STARVE LOSE THEIR HOMES, B UNABLE 2 C DRS.”  Make no mistake, Cher is no fan of the wall, but she thinks Nancy should simply let Trump have his way.  The biggest Brain Type lesson here?  FEIRs are willing to compromise (a trait of the flexible Right hemisphere), while FCILs rarely do (unless forced).

And the government shutdown continues.  Hand it to Trump.  He campaigned on building the wall, and he’s getting done what he promised his supporters.  We’ll see which #15 is the first to capitulate, or that Trump just implements an emergency response to the Border fence—leaving both #15s to hold their ground!

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1/14/19 – ‘Zombie Geezers’ Brady and Brees

Zombie Geezers!  That’s what two particular quarterbacks in the NFL are being called.  One is 41-years of age, and the other 40, and both men are only one game away from the Super Bowl.  “If they weren’t playing next weekend for a shot at the Super Bowl, they’d be side-by-side in a mummy exhibit,” writes one overly-eccentric journalist.

But these two men, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, have something much more important in common.  Amazingly, both star quarterbacks are #9 FCARs.  For those out-of-the-know, this means both Brady and Brees are Front brain dominant (high energy), Conceptual (imaginative, “big picture”), Animate (personal, subjective, driven by “feelings”), and Right brain dominant (flexible, adaptable).  Both men are anomalies in a sport commonly dominated by #13 FCIR quarterbacks who rely on their quick-thinking objective, spatial decision making.  LIke #13s, FCARs are dominant Conceptuals.  When relaxed, they can have very good spatial-vision (being Right brain dominant), but when things tighten up, they tend to “imagine” what’s there (i.e. the open man) when reality might be otherwise.  This fundamental difference between the #5 FEIR (dominant Empirical) and the #13 FCIR is what has made Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Joe Namath household names.

But guess what?  There’s another Animate quarterback one game away from the Super Bowl.  He is Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams, a #2 BEAR.  Other #2s have included Eli Manning, and Steve McNair..  Again, when calm and relaxed, they can really zing the ball with great accuracy (big muscle EA gross motors).  Because Goff has such a talented football team, he need only play decent for the Rams to go all the way.  Remember, Eli himself has two Super Bowl rings on his fingers!

At any rate, it will be quite interesting to see how the Animate QBs fair in the next couple weeks during the BIG moments, especially when playing on the road!

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1/9/19 – Steven Spielberg crosses $10 billion mark

It is an amazing feat, one unsurpassed by anyone in movie history.  Last year, with the release of the box office smash “Ready Player One,” director Steven Spieldberg became the the first director in history to cross the $10 billion mark worldwide.  As one journalist puts it, “Steven Spielberg is far and away, financially speaking, the most successful director of all time … and nobody else is even close. So, not only is he one of the most beloved and respected directors to ever do it, he’s quantifiably one of the most successful.”

It’s Interesting to note his use of the words “beloved” and “respected” when describing Steven.  As Brain Type enthusiasts know, Spielberg is a rare #14 BCIR, the same as Nelson Mandela, William F. Buckley Jr., John Lennon, or Jane Goodall.  They are deep, thoughtful, introspective people, searching for answers to life’s problems and calculating how they might solve them.  As such, they can be awkward, too.  Steven once said, “I never felt comfortable with myself, because I was never part of the majority. I always felt awkward and shy and on the outside of the momentum of my friends’ lives.”  Also, BCARs are not typically pretentious.  “I’m not really interested in making money,” he said years ago, but “I dream for a living.”  Amazingly, Steven even dropped out of college to follow those lofty dreams.  “I quit college so fast I didn’t even clean out my locker.”

And dream Steven does!  He is the master of science fiction, with his highest-grossing effort being “Jurassic Park” in the early 1990s ($983.8 million).  Of course, “Jaws” and “E.T.” are also on his resume.  Remember, BCIRs live in the creative world of concepts and ideas.  Even existence can be an abstract to them, as they pursue the next impossible theory or grand idea, sometimes to the disregard of reality itself.

For now and the foreseeable future, Steven’s reality is movie making. “Even though I get older, what I do never gets old, and that’s what I think keeps me hungry.”

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