The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

6/6 – Jack Hannah and the death of a gorilla

The death of a single gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo last week has caused world-wide uproar, with animal-lovers asking the questions, “Why wasn’t the gorilla tranquilized? How could the child’s mother allow this to happen? Why shoot a gorilla when it wasn’t hurting the child?”

Of course, with more and more information coming out, those questions are quickly being answered. At the forefront of the discussion has been none other than Jack Hannah, well-known animal-handler and the director of the Columbus Zoo, also in Ohio. The host of Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild went on record a few days ago to say, “It was the right decision made. There was no other decision to make. You have human life, you have animal life. No one loves humans and animals more than the Hanna family or the zoo world. And they made the right decision.

Hannah, a rare #2 BEAR when it comes to TV entertainment, says he came to his conclusion after watching video footage of the gorilla jerking the boy through a shallow moat in the exhibit. Silverback gorillas, experts say, are extremely dangerous animals, and can severely injure a child even if it’s not intending to. And regarding tranquilizers, Jeff Corwin (#13 FCIR), the comedic conservationist who has also made a name for himself on television for years, went on to tell reporters, “It can take some significant time before an animal is sedated — as big as a 400 pound gorilla. It can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. It may take multiple shots. I think that’s a risk they weren’t willing to take.”

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6/2 – The reclusive Robert Parish turns down reunion

Robert Parish was notably absent at a Boston Celtics reunion held recently, which included such attendees as Kevin McHale (#15 FCIL), Bill Walton (#6 BEIR)Jerry Sichting (#6 BEIR), Sam Vincent (#13 FCIR), Danny Ainge (#5 FEIR), and Greg Kite (#7 FEIL). Why? I just didn’t want to travel,” says the 62 year-old ‘Chief.’ It didn’t motivate me to attend … the answer I gave you implies that I didn’t think it was important enough to show up, that’s not what I’m trying to convey. I’m just saying that that time has passed for me. I don’t dwell on the past and I’ve been honored and appreciated and I still get love for not only what myself but my teammates accomplished. I just didn’t feel like [the reunion] was that big of a deal, that’s all.”

Parish, a very low-key #2 BEAR, went on to say, I have never been one to seek or want attention or admiration or a pat on the back for what I’ve done. I did my job. I got paid for doing my job. That was enough for me. That’s one of the reasons I was able to accept a lesser role on those teams in the 80s. I didn’t have a huge ego.

Indeed he didn’t. Those who remember Parish will recall his stoic face on the court that rarely revealed emotion. He was a quiet, humble player who did not mind deferring the fame and glory to his fellow Celtics, including (the now deceased) Dennis Johnson (#2 BEAR) and Ainge, who he says wanted to “expanded roles with the Celtics as the 80s progressed.” Parish, instead, took a back-seat, and volunteered to reduce his role. I did that because my ego wasn’t as big as Kevin’s and Larry’s. I’ve never been a person that was concerned about accolades or the media embracing me. I was all about winning and losing, and we did more winning than losing. It was a successful formula with me accepting a lesser role. I always wondered, what if I said there is no way I’m accepting a lesser role, what would that have done to our team chemistry?”

And while Parish says he is not good friends with Bird or McHale, he admits it is largely due to his personality. I’d be the first to say that I’m a distant individual. I have a tendency to come across as being aloof and dismissive. I think the best way to describe me is that I’m a loner. I prefer to be by myself.

Readers may have noticed Dennis Johnson’s Brain Type above, and are thinking, “What? The same as Parish?” He is indeed, and could be considered a #2 more comparable to Kobe Bryant in terms of energy and personality. Indeed, the personality spectrum among the #2 BEAR can be quite vast (while Q4s are the most consistently similar among the four quadrants). In the end, while saying he personally believes he is one of the best centers to play the game, Parish would rather the critics think less of him than more. “I’d rather be underrated than overrated. If I am underrated, I’m all for that.

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6/1 – Guess Their Brain Type! Actress Minka Kelly

Dear BTInsiders,

A new face has been added to Guess Their Brain Type! and she is actress Minka Kelly. Minka has appeared on such TV series’ as “Charlie’s Angels” and “Almost Human,” while also playing the role of Jackie Kennedy in the movie “The Butler.” Hone your skills and submit your guess today! The answer will be posted June 16th.

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5/31 – The groin kick heard ’round the world

It was the kick heard ’round the world, or rather seen around the world. We have the video posted below for your critiquing eye, and whether it was done on purpose or not you can decide. What we can tell you is that #1 FEARs are not only your biggest floppers in the NBA, but in all team sports they are the most emotionally volatile and rarely is this a good thing for the opponents immediately in their way. Think of the NFL’s Domican Suh, or the NBA’s Dennis Rodman, Ron Artest, and our #1 poster child today, Draymond Green. With their dominant gross motor muscles, explosive energy, and Animate ‘feeling’ emotion, they can fake the slightest bump to appear like they were hit by an oncoming train, or, take it out on an opponent and literally send him flying as if punched by another #1, Muhammad Ali!

To be a good flopper, you’ve also got to know how to flail your arms and legs, and that’s exactly what Draymond Green did last week against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Going up for a shot, he was fouled by Golden State’s Steven Adams (#13 FCIR), and immediately kicked his leg up between Adam’s legs, hitting you-know-where. Adams was down for the count for a good couple minutes, and the crowd went wild when the replay was shown.

No BT is known more for athletic cheap shots than #1s. We could chronicle pages of these occurrences that have transpired over the years. Yet Green insists he didn’t purposely kick Steven in the groin. If you believe him, you don’t know BTs and sports. What’s more, Draymond has a history of cheap shots in just his few NBA years. (Of course, some #1s have strong ethical values and always treat others with kindness and dignity.) Whatever you believe, he certainly flailed his body, and wasn’t overly concerned with Adam’s physical welfare. In game 5, in fact, Green AGAIN made headlines for flailing his leg, which you see here.

In other news relating to Green, he made a Brain Type related quote about sports analytics and people over-analyzing his game recently. “Professionally, I play completely off of feel. I hear people discussing my game in terms of all these advanced numbers. I have no part of it. Even paying attention to it, from a playing standpoint, would make me robotic and undermine my game. I’m supposed to step back behind the line in real time to avoid taking a bad two.That’s thinking way too much. I don’t get the fascination at all.

Yes, we all know how #1s avoid thinking too much! They are your ultimate “feel” players, which can be good in one sense and detrimental in another (when they lose their cool and have a meltdown). At any rate, the Warriors made an amazing comeback and are now headed to the NBA Finals to go against the supreme #1 FEAR, Lebron James, and his Cleveland Cavaliers.



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5/25 – Phil Jackson’s choice of Jeff Hornacek is a no-brainer

We all know the phrase, “It takes one to know one,” and that was certainly the case recently when GM of the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson, went against the grain by hiring Jeff Hornacek to be the team’s new head coach. Hornacek was fired by the Phoenix Suns back in February, and while some are saying it makes no sense at all, to Phil, it makes perfect sense.

“What Jackson values most in both players and coaches is an intellectual heft, an ability to think the game, and in Hornacek he saw an analytical mind whose basketball values are in line with his,” writes one journalist. ‘Intellectual capacity matters,’ said one person with insight into Jackson’s decision and now, more than ever, in an NBA shaped by advanced statistics, player tracking technology and sports science.”

Brain Typists don’t even have to blink, knowing Jackson is a #16 BCIL and Hornacek is a #8 BEIL. Both men are Q4s, being strongest in the Back Left region of the brain, which is the most analytic, scrutinizing, and what some describe as the “persnickety” region. Before making a decision, the Q4 says, “Is this all the information? Did I miss anything?”

The irony only gets better. Guess who was Phil’s second choice? Kurt Rambis, another #8 BEIL. Kurt has long been familiar with the triangle system, and shares Jackson’s low-key, analytic mind. Still, it wasn’t enough to get him the job, since Kurt has already coached the team part-time and some of the Animate Right brainers didn’t like his less-than-optimal feeling ways. So now they get Jeff, much the same as Kurt, but he is a non-triangle, up-tempo coach. That they’ll like!

Good luck, Jeff!

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5/23 – Draymond Green tries trash-talking Tim Duncan

In the NBA, or any sport for that matter, you have your trash-talkers, and you have your quieter types. More prone to verbalize their thoughts and feelings are Q1s, though Q3s (particularly the dominant Animate, sometimes-insecure #3 FEALs) can be talkers as well (as can insecure Q2s).

Draymond Green recently had a funny story to share of Brain Types (and character types) in action. A spunky #1 FEAR himself, he recalled when he tried trash-talking with Tim Duncan when he was just a rookie in the league. “My rookie year I kind of talked junk to everybody. In the middle of the game I started talking to Tim, and I had already got into it with somebody on their team. I don’t remember who it was. But I started talking to Tim and he kind of just stared at me. I just kept talking junk to him and he kept staring at me. At that point I realized during the rest of my career that I might as well not talk to him. Either, one, he is not going to talk back because he has no respect for me. Or, two, he is not going to talk back because that is who he is. Or, three, both. I figured then that was the last time I would talk junk to Tim. And that was the last time.

Tim has been the quintessential #2 BEAR when it comes to Brain Type. Mellow, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and fun-loving, he’s poked fun at himself a number of times. He’s our chosen poster-boy loving most everything about him. Tim once said of his personality, “At this point, if I were to psychoanalyze myself, I’d have to say I am a clown, cleverly disguised as a regular person.”  And again, “I enjoy jokes, smiling, and making people smile. I may be a little different, but that’s OK, who wants to be normal anyway?”

In the end, while quite serious on the court, Mr. Duncan is just a kid at heart. As he nears the end of his career, Tim will go down as arguably the best #2 BEAR center to have ever played the game. When we really compare him with other past centers of his design (Robert Parish, Bill Cartwright, Kevin Willis, Benjamin Duckworth, and so on), it goes without saying that he definitely is the best at his position to have played the game.

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5/18 – The original Wonder Woman who broke down barriers

As the new Wonder Woman was recently revealed in the blockbuster film “Batman vs. Superman,” does anyone remember the original Wonder Woman who fought bad guys on our television screens back in 1975 to 1979? Her name is Lynda Carter, a #11 FCAL, and next week she will be presented with a lifetime achievement award at the 41st annual Gracie Awards.

Lynda is the definition of a trailblazer as she has paved the way for women in media, carrying a national television show as Wonder Woman, and producing and starring in five highly rated network television specials, Kristen Welch, the senior VP of global content operations at Discovery Communications, said in a statement. Her success on screen, on the music charts and on stage showcase her talent and drive to break down barriers.

Of course, when a #11 FCAL “breaks down barriers,” they typically do so with style and grace, not like a bull in a China shop. Of her film career, Lynda once said, “I just want my audiences to be entertained and feel like they’re part of the show. I want to show them a good time and create an experience they’re going to enjoy.” Yes, like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or Annette Funicello before her, or Faith Hill and Paula Abdul currently, #11s inherently want to love and be loved. They are idealists when it comes to love and relationships. Those idealistic desires, however, can sometimes lead them into depression when they are not met, as they take the world and its problems on their shoulders. When her first marriage ended in 1982 and Lynda remarried in 1984, she fell into alcoholism, admitting that alcohol was her way of avoiding emotional difficulties during her first marriage. Alcoholism is an abyss and you are terrified of the addiction. You just can’t stop. The disease has taken over and it is not a matter of having willpower. She has been sober now for 18 years.

Now I’m focused on health, not perfection. I don’t want to be a weak, sick 90-year-old, she said. I try to help others and I’d like to take the stigma out of alcoholism, but I don’t struggle with it.

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5/16 – Buddy Hield gives warm goodbye

We can’t tell you his Brain Type just yet, as he will be coming into the NBA this season and many teams would be all-too thrilled to stumble upon our web site and find some free, valuable information from us! Buddy Hield of the Oklahoma Sooners didn’t want to go out with a loss, but after his team fell to Villanova a month ago, he penned a heartfelt letter of thanks and farewell to the University of Oklahoma and its fans.

“Saturday wasn’t the way I wanted to end my college career but I have a lot to be thankful for and I will never forget the experience at the final 4 we shared. Many see this as the end of the road but I see it as the start of many great things. My college career has been more than I can imagine, through the ups and downs the Sooner family has always been by my side. I want to thank all of the fans that have watched our team for the past four years. Without you all, we would not have had the drive that we did.”

We will tell you this that he’s an Animate, which, after reading this “heartfelt” letter, shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Now it’s your turn to YouTube Buddy Hield and attempt to determine his inborn design yourself! After he enters the league, check back to our web site and we’ll reveal his Brain Type.

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5/12 – NFL Draft Insight: Carson Wenzt vs. Jared Goff

We would like to inform our BTInsiders regarding some “inside” events that have recently taken place here at BTI. Many of you know that the NFL draft was last week, and two particular young men were all the buzz of the media. Their names are Carson Wenzt and Jared Goff. Although we can’t tell you the NFL team(s) we did work for, yes, we did in fact evaluate both quarterbacks, and even had contact with them.

We will reveal this much for now. We do not have a night versus day situation here as we did with Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) and Ryan Leaf (#7 FEIL), when Jon Niednagel famously predicted Manning’s superstar future and Leaf’s struggle in the league at the QB position. However, Wentz and Goff do possess two separate Brain Types, thus being wired via their DNA quite differently. And so, the question now on our readers’ minds likely is, “Will one be better than the other?” Our simple answer is … Yes. One of these two quarterbacks has more upside than the other, provided all remains equal and there are no injuries. Again, we are not necessarily predicting one will be a dud and the other a superstar, but rather, that either Wentz or Goff should excel above the other. To be sure, when we are dealing with young hopefuls who possess different Brain Types, the potential prospects are quite exciting indeed!

In time, we will reveal their Brain Types. Stay tuned, folks!

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5/10 – Trump vs. Clinton: And it begins

We told you their Brain Types long before this day ever came. Out of the plethora of potential candidates for President of the United States, only two possessed the ultimate take-charge #15 FCIL Brain Type. Those two are now the nominees of their parties, and they will be going head to head for the showdown of the century in just a few short months from now.

Ok, to be accurate, Hillary Clinton (#15 FCIL) hasn’t secured the nomination just yet, but it is practically a done deal (provided her email scandal doesn’t disqualify her, etc.). Bernie Sanders (#13 FCIR) fought long and hard against her, as did Ted Cruz against The Donald (#15 FCIL), but they were no match for the CEO powerhouses. As many have noted, Ted’s lack of personality, or “personableness,” certainly didn’t help him. While many #13 FCIRs possess the innate ability to act cool, relaxed, and down-to-earth (ala Obama), Cruz was often too stilted, too scripted, and too … some may say, arrogant. Also, he was too smart and thoughtful for most. Trump can get away with arrogance, simply because he does not try to hide it. To be sure, Donald’s no-nonsense, competent nature has won a wide variety of Americans sick and tired of political rhetoric.

You will recall we made some spot-on predictions during the Mitt Romney (#15), Barack Obama (#13) debates back in 2012, when Romney and running-mate Paul Ryan (#15) came out the decided victors. For the upcoming debates, we have two quintessential debaters going head-to-head, so victory is a little more difficult to predict. The question is: How far will Trump go? Will he take his gloves completely off, and go after Hillary where it really hurts? In turn, will Hillary focus on Trump’s sketchy past, and leave no shady stone unturned? Both certainly have dirt on their hands. Donald, however, has the upper-hand due to his lack of political history.

Stay tuned, folks!

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