The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

3/1 – Kelly Clarkson gives emotional performance

She was the first American Idol winner nearly 15 years ago, and last week she gave an emotional performance that left not only the crowd in tears, but herself as well. Kelly Clarkson (#1 FEAR) “wiped tears from her eyes and was so choked up she had to miss a few words … as Keith Urban (#13 FCIR) and Jennifer Lopez (#1 FEAR) looked on in awe.”

Always one to speak exactly what’s on her mind (par for the #1), Kelly said afterwards to Ryan Seacrest (#13 FCIR)“I’m pregnant and I’m nostalgic and I can’t believe it’s the last season, and I’m really sorry but I just bawled.”

The song was “Piece By Piece,” written about her absentee father and now faithful husband. You can watch her heartfelt, Animate performance below.



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2/26 – Delonte West, Brain Type, and brain health

There is Brain Type, and there is brain health. One is as crucial as the other when it comes to sports (and life), so when we find an athlete who has an optimal, innate brain design for the job, but his or her neurons are questionable, we hesitate, to say the very least.

A young man by the name of Delonte West came into the league over a decade ago, but even before he did, Jon Niednagel knew his Brain Type (at the behest of the NBA team he consulted). Delonte was a Michael Jordan. That is, while he didn’t approach MJ’s height, athleticism, skill, discipline, or talent, he was a #6 BEIR, and he had upside. He had potential especially if developed properly, and, certain cognitive aspects could be enhanced. Mr. West also had an atypical upbringing which would be benefited by regular encouragement and counsel from his closest NBA comrades and mentors. (In 2015 he talked with a reporter “about a childhood littered with mental health issues, including stints in children’s hospitals after he swallowed pills and began cutting himself.”)

It took a while before he got an opportunity to play regularly in the NBA, but when he finally did, he surprised many onlookers. Not only did his skills impress, but his tenacity and toughness put trepidation into his on-court opponents. Unfortunately, as he found greater success and increased paychecks, his private life became more disrupted; he lost focus of what had created his NBA ascension.

We now jump to 2016, and photos have recently surfaced showing Delonte “wandering around shoeless in a hospital gown outside a Houston-area Jack in the Box.”  A fan noticed Mr. West, and reportedly asked Are you Delonte West? to which he responded, I used to be, but I’m not about that life anymore. West’s career spanned eight seasons, earning him $16 million “which he reportedly no longer has.”

Our heart goes out to Delonte.

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2/24 – Jordan Clarkson: “Don’t say anything crazy”

The #10 BCAR is more apt to think first, speak later, than the #1 FEAR. Of course, of all the 16 genetic, inborn Brain Types, the #1 is, well, number 1 on the list for speaking first, thinking later, due to their Front brain, Right brain dominance, as well as their Empirical (here-and-now), Animate (emotions, feelings) nature. So, when Jordan Clarkson (#10) of the Los Angeles Lakers made headlines for whispering, “Don’t say anything crazy” to D’Angelo Russell (#1) during a press conference last week, it provided, once again, a perfect scene of Brain Types in action for everyone to watch and appreciate.

The microphone picked up Clarkson’s comment, and the clip went viral. As a result, Clarkson was forced to say something about it, and later told reporters, “They were asking some crazy questions when we were up there, and I just didn’t want him to get put in a situation where he was looked at as a problem or something, We ain’t got no problems here. I didn’t think they were going to catch me saying it.”

Not surprisingly, Russell didn’t even hear Clarkson when he said it. “I didn’t know he said that until I saw it blow up a little bit on SportsCenter. So I didn’t notice.”

The whole ordeal revolves around coach Byron Scott (#6 BEIR), who has butted heads a number of times this season with the feisty Russell. He went on to say, “I think Jordan was doing a good job giving him some good advice. He was trying to make sure he understood to be careful what you say.”

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2/19 – The all-too influential Kanye and Beyonce

They are two of the most influential people in the world presently, and they both happen to share the same inborn Brain Type. We are talking about two talented musicians who are the ‘pied pipers’, but unfortunately, they are playing their pipes to lead people down some pretty sketchy roads.

Kanye West and Beyonce Knowles are both #9 FCARs.
Although this inborn Brain Type is not typically known for seeking to start a controversy, they are fiercely passionate for and loyal to their personal goals and values (or lack there-of), and can quickly throw others to the wayside if they offend them or cause them emotional anguish and anger. Kanye has taken this to the extreme yet again. In an audio clip attained by Page Six, Kanye can be heard repeatedly yelling at Saturday Night Live production staff in an hebephrenic (child-like) tirade, yelling, I’m 50 percent more influential than filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, Pablo Picasso, the Apostle Paul, and drug runner Pablo Escobar. By 50 percent more influential than any other human being. Don’t f k with me … By 50 percent dead or alive, by 50 percent for the next 1,000 years. Needless to say, this was a very logic-lacking fit of rage, with one source stating, It was like he was having an emotional breakdown.” Yes, if only people understood Kanye’s passion-prone inborn makeup (conversely, #9 King David of the Bible directed his emotion to the heavenly direction!). Also, West’s $50 million in debt likely weighs heavily on his fragile psyche, unfortunately a result of when #9s fail to balance themselves by implementing crucial helps from their opposite BT, the logical, methodical, and pragmatic #8 BEIL.

Meanwhile, Beyonce has been at the center of controversy lately after her performance at Super Bowl 50, where she and her performers sported afros and black berets, “reportedly in reference to the Black Panther Party… At one point during the performance the backup dancers and Beyonc gave a salute, and they later formed an X formation, which the Twitterverse was quick to declare was a reference to Malcom X.”  As a result, The Miami Fraternal Order of Police released that they would boycott Beyonc’s concert in April and are urging others to do the same. The fact that Beyonc used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the BlackPanthers and her antipolice message shows how she does not support law enforcement, said Javier Oritz, President of The Miami FOP.

Other #9 musical artists have included Doris Day, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Amy Grant, and Reba McEntire, all certainly much less controversial figures, for sure!

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2/18 – Franklin Graham negotiates peace in Oregon standoff

Things got pretty ugly in Oregon recently, where protesters occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for 41 days led by Cliven and Ammon Bundy. The group was protesting federal government control over land in the western United States where cattle freely grazed. By the end, only four protesters remained … David Fry, Jeff Banta, Sean Anderson, and his wife Sandy.

Then, a little over a week ago, Franklin Graham (#15 FCIL), son of famous evangelical preacher Billy Graham (#11 FCAL), posted on his Facebook page that he was heading to Oregon at the request of the wildlife refuge and the FBI. “Last night I was on the phone with them for several hours, was able to have prayer with them, and they have said they would come out today,” Franklin wrote. He had apparently spoken with the last occupiers every day for a whole week from an FBI checkpoint.

Of course, BTInsiders know that the #15 can be the ultimate negotiator, using their strategic prowess to harness people or groups toward a goal. Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, “FCILs have the ability to comprehend complex issues and relate them to the layperson with ease.”  If you have been following the standoff over the last long while, it indeed was a complex issue over property rights, but somehow Franklin (and others) were able to persuade the hard-lined group to lay down their arms. No doubt father Billy’s #11 influence has shaped Franklin’s character and behavior over the years to become a peacemaker whenever possible..

Lastly, when it comes to the quintessential negotiator, no Brain Type tops the #16 BCIL (think of Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Negotiations, or Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War). When “introverting,” the #15 has the ability to become like a #16, though that can be a difficult thing for them to do since they are compelled to get matters settled, right now, not mana.  All to say, the wildlife refuge and FBI are certainly thankful to Franklin for taking the time to step in and avoiding a national crisis.

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2/16 – The death of Justice Scalia and the Presidential race

Known for his “elegant legal opinions and profound intellect,” Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (#13 FCIR) was found dead last week in his room at a hunting resort in Texas of ‘supposed’ natural causes. (Many troubling coincidences/ facts including BT ones surround the case, however. BTI has researched crimes and questionable cases for over 3 decades, and this surprising death and circumstances raise many legitimate questions ones we are exploring further.) Scalia was an avid hunter, with one friend stating, Other than being with his family or in church, there’s no place he’d rather be than on a hunt. Scalia’s friend him hunting for wild boar, deer and even alligators.

Scalia’s death comes as a blow to conservatives, as he rarely ventured far from the constitution and was one of the minority judges to vote against homosexual marriage. He “expressed his opinions vigorously, willfully refusing to change with the times,” and when on the losing side of a decision, Scalia often took the opportunity to formally opine, and he was known for his lecturing and sometimes caustic dissents.”  Indeed, a testimony to a principled man, also revealing that #13s are not genetically destined to “change with the times.”  Scalia “caustic dissents” are also quite not unlike the #13 FCIR, who never wish to be one-upped by any contenders (think of losing quarterback Cam Newton). In the end, as one author so eloquently puts it, “Our country has lost not only an eminent jurist, but also a witty, humorous person who could explain the law in a way that normal people could understand.”

We now move on to the Presidential elections, where a number of other #13 FCIRs can be found. Truth be told, Senator Ted Cruz (#13) is another avid conservative with the same design, as well as fellow-Hispanic #13 FCIR Marco Rubio. A few withdrew their nomination in recent weeks, including the eloquent and affable Carly Fiorina (a #13 female with greater Left brain prowess than most male #13s), , along with Chris Christie (#13 and heavily Right brain). The bulldog, Q3 amped Donald Trump (#15 FCILcontinues to lead in most polls, though Cruz did claim victory in Iowa a few weeks ago, where evangelicals came out in larger numbers to vote for the more overtly Christian candidate (Trump would be wise to follow).

Lastly, and on the opposite side of the planet, we have the spunky Bernie Sanders (#13 FCIR) nipping at the heals of Hillary Clinton (#15 FCIL), claiming victory last week in New Hampshire (though as widely unreported, she won as many or more delegates there than Sanders). Boisterous Bernie doesn’t stand much of a chance against Madame Hillary, as at this point Clinton holds a commanding lead of 394 delegates compared to 42 for Sanders. If it weren’t for the Dem’s Super Delegates, however, it would be a fair ballgame, but the Dem establishment has structured the primaries to heavily favor their chosen candidate, not the peoples.

Will we see the two lone #15 FCILs going head to head when all is said and done? It looks to be that way (though Cruz and Rubio, especially, still stand a chance). It is quite amazing that, given both Hillary’s and Donald’s sketchy pasts (yet for very different reasons), no one has been able to bring them down. Running their campaigns like efficient war machines, these two #15s are as stalwart and determined as they come, and sparks will certainly be flying if and when they face each other in upcoming debates. The Donald, unless persuaded otherwise by his counselors, will give Ms. Clinton a run for her money, but whether it will be enough to persuade the liberal masses we will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned!

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2/15 – One golf ‘hawk’ to replace another golf ‘hawk’

The TV world of golf is replacing one insightful commentator with another. Paul Azinger, a #8 BEIL, will shortly be replacing Greg Norman, a #5 FEIR, as the lead golf analyst for FOX Sports. Do BTInsiders know what the #8 and #5 have in common? Both are ‘hawks’, or Impersonal Observers, and are “realists” who are innately strongest in the hand-eye region of the brain and body (and Azinger and Norman are both dominant Empiricals!). They are logical pragmatists, and see the world with little imagination, as compared to the dominant Conceptual designs (#9, #12, #13, #16). As such, they can make extremely insightful commentators, catching the small details and nuances that other designs tend to overlook. As Niednagel writes in his book, Brain Types and Parenting,Empiricals go through life trusting the tangible, the visible. They pay attention to detail and follow directions step by step.”

Both Paul and Greg are smart, likable guys, and have done well for themselves on national television. It also just goes to show that some Back brain designs can enjoy being in front of the camera (especially for #8s, such as golf great Jack Nicklaus, when it involves critiquing matters). Though the Front brain #5s are more naturally relaxed and engaging with the public, the detective #8s come out of their shells when communicating key issues overlooked by others.

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2/11 – Peyton Manning’s last ride into the sunset?

Will he now ride off into the sunset on his blue and orange bronco? Is this the final chapter of Peyton Manning’s illustrious career? We don’t know, but what we do know is that Peyton is a man ‘in-the-moment’, and as he said in our “Quote of the Week” on our home page, I’m taking it one week at a time. I don’t want to look too far ahead and I don’t want to look too far back. I am a realist. I am aware this could be it. Yes, as an #5 FEIR, Manning is the ultimate realist, and for now he is just taking it easy and biding his time.

With the victory over the Panthers on Sunday, Peyton became the oldest starting quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl, the first quarterback to win 200 games in his career, and the first in history to lead two different teams to victory in the Super Bowl. The last feat is the most notable, because while a Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) can boast 4 of championships, all were accomplished on the same team under the same mastermind coach, Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL). But wow, to be the first quarterback in NFL history to start for two winning teams really is impressive especially when one considers all that Manning had to overcome personally and team-wise.

Thankfully, as a possibility we posed, Manning was not forced to pull Houdinis in last week’s game. Instead, he posted a conservative 13 of 23 in passing for 141 yards, letting the defense led by Von Miller (#1 FEAR) and DeMarcus Ware (#1 FEAR) take care of the rest. Yes, even the best of Brain Types cannot compete with Father Time, though when comparing Peyton’s stats that day to those of Newton’s he still comes off as the better performing QB, by far. For starters, how did the aged Peyton begin the game, after the Panthers won the toss and were assured they’d bury him on the first set of downs? All he did was pick them apart with some Einstein passes and play calling, especially when they blitzed him initially. He efficiently took his Broncos down the field where they settled for a field goal, but the tone was set;  Manning still had it in him. That #5 brain was still clickin, even though the body was not as able as the old days.

Conversely, on Cam’s first toss of the game, it was air-mailed 10 over the receiver! From the get-go, Cam was deep into #13 Conceptual city (which also affects motor skills). Manning went with the upper-management game plan … just do enough to get a lead and let the D do the rest. That he did in fastidious fashion. And let’s not forget, had he not bailed the Broncs out in game 17, from halftime onward, the SB 50 Trophy would not be hoisted in Denver.

He’s happy. He’s peaceful,” said Archie Manning before the game. “I think you have to put this in some perspective. He had four neck surgeries [in 2010 and 2011]. He might never have played again. But playing again, and playing well when he came back what a blessing.

Like nearly all detractors in life, Manning’s are no different. Beyond the blatant biases, few people truly appreciate the amazing talent Peyton has demonstrated throughout his career. Why? Not because they noticed his (few) flaws, but they did not know what to look for beyond the seeming obvious. Without the experience of playing or working in the NFL, and knowing how the brain and body work in sports (applying neuroscience, genetics, and biomechanics), much is missed by the observer. Yet when all the measurements for QB excellence are quantified more objectively and dispassionately someday future (10 years?), including the physical/ cerebral dimensions, Peyton will be at the top even surpassing all current star QBs. By soon adding the QB’s genetic blueprint, coupled with all other factors, Manning, and his fellow #5s under center, will eventually get their just due. In the meantime, BT students can enjoy the moment and depth of understanding that not only takes place between the lines, but in life as well. We even know what makes Donald and Bernie do as they do!

So will Manning retire? “I tell ya, I really haven’t spoken with anybody about it yet,” Manning said. “I’ll certainly talk about it with Ashley, and I’ll pray about it to the big man upstairs, but right now, I’m still running on a lot of adrenaline. I’m not going to sleep tonight. I’ve been celebrating all night with family and friends, but I’m very much at peace … with kind of however that decision’s gonna go down and when it’ll it go down.”

In the end, Jon Niednagel and Peyton Manning will forever be linked together. The predictions Brain Typing made long ago of his innate greatness will not soon be forgotten by our faithful followers, proving that, yes, each and every individual on this earth possesses one of 16 inborn, God-given designs with specific mental and motor-skills that can be identified and quantified. Niednagel is particularly grateful that Peyton Manning never gave up, nor that he gave in to the Empirical, Right brain “playful” impulses that so often can keep #5s from seeing stardom. Manning is far from perfect, but he has worked hard and deserves every bit of credit he has been given (and moreso).

It’s been a good ride, Peyton! Thanks for the memories, and congratulations!

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2/9 – Miller, Ware, Ealy, and the Brain Type superstar

We’ve told you again and again that they excel at the defensive lineman position. Yes, when it comes to the #1 FEAR Brain Type, they are statistically the BEST design for the job (and if there were more of them population-wise, you would see more of them on the field!). So, when Denver’s Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware spent a great deal of time in “Cam Newton’s kitchen” on Super Bowl Sunday, Brain Typists were not surprised. Miller then took home the MVP trophy, picking up 2.5 sacks, forcing two fumbles and “destroying the Panthers offensive line. Carolina’s patchwork crew was no match for Miller’s speed, strength and pass-rushing moves.”  The author goes on to write, “It was also memorable in that defensive players rarely earn the award, albeit this is the second time since 2014 when Malcolm Smith won it with the Seahawks, which was completely deserved.” Bingo, Smith is another #1 FEAR (and a personable one at that).

Does anyone know who was runner-up for this year’s SB 50 MVP? It was the Panther’s Kony Ealy, who had three sacks, tying a Super Bowl record held with Reggie White, another #1 FEAR, and Darnell Docket (#13 FCIR). Yes, Ealy is a #1 as well, and also had one interception and forced a fumble late in the game that could have cost the Broncos the title. The interception, in fact, “etched his name in the record books as he became the only player in Super Bowl history to record multiple sacks and an interception in the game.”  Take note, all you quarterbacks. When you’ve got 10 guys trying to kill you, knowing their Brain Types will tell you who to look out for (which would have served Cam Newton well)!

Let’s step back for a moment. Again, if #1 FEARs are so talented, why are there not more of them in the NFL? Rules, rules, rules … it’s all about the rules. “To be eligible for the draft,” states the NFL’s official web site“players must have been out of high school for three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season.”  In other words, you gotta hit the books and spend some time in college. As such, which Brain Types are more apt to succeed academically? Yes, the CI ‘owl’ Brain Types, followed by CA ‘storks’ and EI ‘hawks’. Though there are many educated EAs around the world (we know doctors, dentists, etc.), they are primarily gifted in the Empirical Animate world of emotional reality, not the abstract universe of philosophy and Inanimate concepts, theories, and mathematical equations. Stuck to a desk with books can be a living ‘you-know-what’ for them. Instead, they wish to be free, out building relationships and/or utilizing their physical gifts to entertain crowds and be loved and appreciated by all.

Yet on the other hand, establish a separate curriculum and school at any university, including Harvard, teaching and emphasizing (better yet, practicing) emotional intelligence (EQ), and the EAs (especially FEAR #1s) will be your valedictorians and Einsteins dominating the attendees. By the way, this caustic world we now live in could urgently use this direction.

Perhaps we need to place a permanent bookmark on the web site clarifying to our readers that #13s and other designs can also excel as defensive linemen and other positions (as we already noted Luke Kuechly and Darnell Docket). We hope by now, however, that to do so would only be redundant, as Insiders know there is never a “this BT can’t find success” rule in most areas of life. However, when it comes time to place your bets, and when the big pressure hits, nothing can compare to the insight Brain Typing can give you.

We’ll have one more article on Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl coming shortly.

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2/8 – Choke: What happened to Cam Newton’s brain?

Yes, everyone is talking about the Denver Broncos winning Super Bowl 50. Looking at the headlines, however, everyone is talking just as much about Cam Newton (#13 FCIR) losing Super Bowl 50.

“Cam Newton should have his MVP rescinded. The way he didn’t go for that last fumble and now his post-game attitude?!?”

“Another reason why I don’t like Cam Newton. A couple years ago when Manning got blown out by Seattle he didn’t walk off the stage and pout like Cam. Completely Classless.”

These comments from fans are just a few among hundreds regarding Newton’s behavior after losing last night’s game. Says one source, “It couldn’t have been easy for Cam to face the press after the Panthers lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50. But Cam didn’t want to talk at all. The quarterback looked beyond furious during the press conference. After being asked about the ‘tough’ loss, Cam huff he was ‘done’ and abruptly walked away from his seat.”

Yes, the Panthers lost to the Broncos 10 to 24, wherein Cam “didn’t play his best game.”  He he was 18-of-41 for 265 yards with an interception and six sacks, and as USA TODAY writes, “Newton was understandably frustrated by the loss, a game in which he never got into a rhythm and was continually stymied by the Broncos defense, which was led by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.”  Yes, Cam never got into a rhythm, and as we wrote in our last article, that very real possibility was on the table due to his inborn Brain Type.

What do we mean? We can’t help but think back on Rich Ganon (#13 FCIR) vs. Brad Johnson (#6 BEIR) in Super Bowl 37 with the Oakland Raiders against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That year, Ganon had won MVP, having come off of an exceptional season. On that frightful day, however, he threw a Super Bowl record five interceptions, three of which were returned for touchdowns, and his team suffered a humiliating loss despite being highly favored. The pressure got to him, and the pressure certainly got to Newton as well. (By the way, the week before SB 37, Brain Doctor Jon Niednagel did an interview where he uncannily predicted both Gannon’s and Johnson’s performances opposite the so-called experts.  Once again, inborn BT proved true to form, and science.)

Granted, the Denver defense was exceptional, and kept Newton on his toes. Therein lies the problem, however. When pressure is greatest, true grit and talent is revealed, as well as one’s inborn design. What really has the sports world abuzz was Cam’s decision not to dive for the football after he was stripped by Von Miller (#1 FEAR). Check out both YouTube links below.

Dive for ball …

Why didn’t he dive?

Cam clearly had a chance to recover the football, but at the last moment he bailed out for reasons only he knows (and BT students). The play is actually so embarrassing that it’s being used for fodder by conspiracy theorists to ‘prove’ the game was fixed! Yikes! We sure hope not, Cam! At any rate, Denver cornerback Aqib Talib (#13 FCIR simply stated afterwards, “He didn’t want it.”  Others speculate that he just “froze.”  In the end, it was frazzled #13 nerves primarily, and secondarily, not wanting to get hurt.

For those unfamiliar with each Brain Type’s manner when succumbing to severe pressure, the #13 FCIR‘s strongest cerebral function, visual abstraction (C), overcomes the whole brain. Other normally reliable capacities suffer, especially the #13′s weakest trait Empirical sensing’ stimuli (grasping what is in the moment). Instead, FCIRs enter a fog failing to see and grasp Empirical reality. Thus they become paralyzed to process and act on such in-the-moment matters.

It’s unfortunate that Cam Newton had to display such a pity party after the loss. Newton is a talented #13 quarterback, ala Colin Kaepernick or even (the more skillful) Aaron Rogers. He is certainly no bust, and could have played very well (as have other #13s in the past) had he been able to stay loose by knowing and controlling his BT, for starters.

More articles on Super Bowl are coming! Stay tuned.

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