The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

2/1 – Clint Eastwood and the “all too white” Oscars

If you want a Brain Type who speaks its mind, look no further than the #5 FEIR. They are stuck in the world of reality (E), and view and critique matters in the world through their Inanimate lens (as do the #7 FEIL and #8 BEIL, though they more often think twice [Left brain] before saying something).

If you’ve been following Hollyweird lately, you’ll know that some folks have been complaining about the Oscars, saying that they “are too white.”  A few actors are even refusing to attend, including Will Smith (#13 FCIR). So, when a reporter asked what straight-shooting #5 Clint Eastwood thought of the fiasco, he gave his frank, straight-shooting answer.

All I know is there are thousands of people in the Academy and a lot of them the majority of them haven’t won Oscars. A lot of people are crying I guess.

Whether you agree or disagree, it’s certainly no surprise to see Eastwood so succinctly speak his mind.

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1/27 – Manning’s Broncos defeat Brady’s Patriots

You likely knew this article was coming, but ponder this. Had Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) and his Denver Broncos lost Sunday evening to Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) and his New England Patriots (or should we say, master tactician #15 FCIL Bill Belichick and his Patriots), it would have changed nothing. Peyton Manning is still the better of the two quarterbacks (inborn design-wise, not more athletic, etc.), and considering all QB facets, the greatest of all time. (We hope to scientifically prove this, and soon. For those who follow BTI, you know we are only dogmatic with matters we know to be true and that can be [ultimately] proven.) No quarterback in NFL history has maxed his inborn makeup like Manning, especially at QB. As we’ve reported in years past, many even say that no coach in the NFL, including offensive coordinators, has had the tactical abilities of Peyton (Archie, and Olivia, played a key role here). Why? First, they’d need to have the #5 FEIR genotype, and second, they would have had to extensively develop it. Again, as we reported not long ago, Tom Brady himself was candidly honest when asked by sports analysis Peter King:

King:  Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had been drafted by Arizona?
Brady:  Yeah, I’d be on my third team by now.

Can you believe Bill Belichick has coached Tom his entire career, which has been some 16 years? He has certainly become Brady’s second father, and with his conservative dink and dump system, the accommodating Tom Brady has flourished, even more so than would have Peyton Manning had he been a Patriot (Peyton and Bill would have likely and often butted heads).

At any rate, “it was the player that most had counted out that shined the brightest,” says one author. “Manning completed 17 of his 32 passing attempts for 176 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions,” while “Brady, by comparison, was 27 of 56 for 310 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.”  Says another, “Manning, the ‘playoff choker’ is now 3-1 against Brady in AFC championship games (and 3-2 against Brady in the playoffs). And Brady’s success has come with the greatest coach of this generation, while Peyton Manning has now gotten to a Super Bowl with Jim Caldwell and Gary Kubiak.”  Indeed, to reach the Super Bowl on two separate teams is a rare feat, and no quarterback in history has ever started for two different Super Bowl winners. Whether the Broncos win or lose two weeks from now, such reveals just how talented Manning has truly been, even in his elderly, broken-down and bad neck state.

We’ll be sure to write another article before Super Bowl Sunday.

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1/26 – Super Bowl preparation: Brain Type DeMarcus Ware!

Hey BTInsiders!

The Super Bowl is on its way, and we now want you to hone your Brain Typing skills by heading over to the “Teaching Brain Type” page and submitting your guess for Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware. We’ll post the answer next week (Feb 2nd)!



1/25 – Our predictions become harsh reality in Carson Palmer loss

We at BTI stand in a very precarious position. After last night’s blowout Cardinals/Panthers game, where prophecy/prediction became harsh reality for Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer (#4 BEAL), and headlines across the nation are now reading, Carson Palmer fails on biggest stage of career,” and Memorable Season Ends With a Forgettable Night,” we have mixed feelings about it all. Certainly, we want to spread the news far and wide of Jon Niednagel’s eerily accurate foretelling over a decade ago of Carson’s potential future, just as we wanted to do so back when Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) became a star and Ryan Leaf (#7 FEIL) became everything but. At the same time, our heart goes out to Mr. Palmer, who said in his own words after last night’s humiliating loss, “This is as low as you can feel.

Folks, no Brain Type feels worse for failing others than the #4 BEAL. They are the consummate team players, and Carson has been no exception over the last 13 years of his career, whatever team he’s played on. I kept digging us a hole we couldn’t get out of it, he went on to say. “We put so much in, the coaches put so much in, the fans put so much in, and I let them down.”  Carson again used the phrase “I let them down” when he went on to say about the fans, “Our fans take this personally, and they should, and I hate that I let them down.”  As a rare and genuine Back-brained introvert, Palmer will assuredly ruminate on this calamity for many moons to come.

As our Facebook followers were reminded this morning, Jon Niednagel went on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” way back in 2003 to predict Carson Palmer’s potential future before he ever took an NFL snap. The show was posted on our page this morning for everyone to watch, and you can view it below as well. Besides Niednagel stating that Carson’s motor, spatial, and emotional skills would be taxed under big time pressure, and that he, as a Left brained #4 quarterback, was no #5 John Elway, Joe Montana, or Peyton Manning (who we’ll get to later), he also specifically told Mike and Mike, “There’s nobody who will assume more self responsibility than Carson. There’s nobody who will be more sincere.”  Yes, unfortunately, while it is too often the success or lack thereof stories that make headlines for Brain Typing, we believe the more subtle, personal predictions should be far more valued. After all, many BT sports predictions could be placed somewhere in the 50/50 chance range, but the odds for accurate personal behavior predictions, such as taking self responsibility for mistakes? Those odds are far, far slimmer.

At any rate, back to the game. Palmer completed 23 of 40 passes for 235 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions in Sunday’s NFC championship loss, not to motion two costly fumbles. This is the “hole” Palmer was referring to, which ultimately amounted to a staggering 34 point loss to Carolina. To be sure, and as Niednagel said was certainly possible, Palmer enjoyed the best season of his career in 2015, passing for 4,671 yards and 35 touchdowns, while completing 63.6 percent of passes. Yet, it is the post season that truly matters, and is what separates the goods from the greats, and the greats from the legends. Also, it reveals most clearly how both mind and body uniquely operate for each BT, and that there is no greater predictor for performance, regardless of the circumstance.

Would you like to see Niednagel back on “Mike and Mike” for another interview? Drop them a note saying so! While Niednagel’s time is limited (due to schedule and health), he likely would accept an invitation to talk about the game, not to mention Peyton Manning’s victory over Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) yesterday. Would make for some great radio!



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1/22 – So who are the dirtiest players in the NBA?

So who are the “dirtiest” players currently in the NBA? Mind you, some Animate ‘feelers’ have made the list in years past, but this year the #13 FCIR definitely takes home the trophy. It’s based on the consensus of NBA coaches, assistants and players, and was conducted by The Times.

Matthew Dellavedova (#13 FCIR) of the Cleveland Cavaliers received the most votes with 13, while Oklahoma City center Steven Adams (#13 FCIR) came up second with 7 votes. Golden State center Andrew Bogut (#13 FCIR) took in 5 votes, while Memphis forward Matt Barnes (#10 BCARhad 4, being the only Animate on the naughty list. In 5th place came Oklahoma City forward Serge Ibaka (#13 FCIR) with 2 votes.

Anything about this cast of characters that grabs you quickly? NBA dilatants recognize four of the five are from overseas and locales rather void of the Golden Rule. Also, three are from Down Under, two Aussies and a Kiwi.

Regarding Dellavedova, one unnamed Western Conference coach said, “He’s as dirty as they come. When you’re hurting people, that is not OK.”

“He was kind of dirty in the playoffs, for sure,” another anonymous East coach said. “He broke Kyle Korver’s (#13 FCIR) leg. He held Taj Gibson (#13 FCIR) with his legs and Al Horford’s (#9 FCAR) legs and got them kicked out the games because they retaliated against him.”

Regarding Barnes, one Western coach stated, “He just does stuff to be doing stuff. He fouls real hard, is the first one to want to fight, grabs and holds. He does dirty stuff to me.”  To be sure, Matt Barnes has been putting a bit of a stain on the name of #10s, as they typically aren’t overly aggressive, confrontative players. Yet as the NBA increases fines for court abuses, #1s have taken notice (figuring the money is better spent in restaurants!)

Some of the dirtiest players in the 80s and 90s were #6 BEIRs, which included John Stockton, Gary Payton, and Allen Iverson. Being a rarity in the league today, it’s little wonder that no one of that design made the list. Also, #1 FEARs, who are the quickest to react emotionally in-the-moment, can often be found in the top five. Who knows? Maybe they’re turning a new leaf?

In summary, let’s not overlook the topic at hand. Who are the NBA’s dirtiest players, not who has received the most fouls or technicals? While four of this year’s top five abusers are #13s (voted by peers), the ‘owls’ are typically more strategic and subtle in their infractions, likely to be overlooked twice as often as the wear-life-on-sleeve #1s!

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1/20 – Carson & Cam, opposite Brain Types, go head to head

The football world is abuzz over this weekend’s game between the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals. The buzz centers around their respective quarterbacks, both of whom are former Heisman Trophy winners. However, when it comes to other similarities between Carolina’s Cam Newton (#13 FCIR) and Arizona’s Carlson Palmer (#4 BEAL), you’ll be hard-pressed to find any! For starters, the two men possess exactly opposite Brain Types, and as one author notes, “It took Palmer 13 seasons to find postseason success. It took Newton just four.”

Those who have been following the i-Blog for the last few years know what we predicted for Palmer before he even entered the league. While much of the media was predicting greatness, we, on the other hand, predicted the possibility for “goodness.”  There have been no #4 BEAL quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, in-so-far as we know, so this prediction was, even for us, going out on a bit of a limb. Jon Niednagel even went on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning” to share this information, and Insiders can read our in-depth, exhaustive article from back in 2004, “Carson Palmer: Another Manning or Leaf?” It is interesting to note how we stated from the very beginning that Carson, with his Left brained, mechanical EA ‘dove’ gross motor skills, would be able to throw both the long and accurate ball. Not surprisingly, even in his advancing age (especially for QBs), he is still known as one of the best long-ball, and accurate passers, in the league.

At any rate, it has certainly been a rough road for Palmer over the years, and as the previously quoted author pointed out, it has taken him 13 long seasons to finally find post season success (and it’s taken arguably the NFL’s best team and receiving corps to achieve it!). From 2008 to 2010, in fact, Palmer’s QB rating was 50, which ranked 26th in the NFL (according to ESPN Stats & Information). He threw 50 touchdowns and 37 interceptions during this time-frame, tying a career high with 20 interceptions in 2010, and his 23 turnovers were fourth most in the NFL. Things didn’t improved all that dramatically over the next couple of years, though Palmer’s numbers have improved in recent seasons. Again, let’s recall what we wrote several years ago.

When CP is playing relaxed and properly accessing his Right-brained spatial logic, he will perform as a good BEAR quarterback (#2, e.g., Eli Manning). The BEA_ cerebral factors will be working and he’ll transition into the less comfortable (for him) Right brain, not only seeing the field well but throwing and running smoothly with superb rhythm and tempo. Achieving these traits will not come easily for CP if he’s uptight. On the other hand, CP’s BEAL wiring is actually innately superior to the BEAR genotype in such critical areas as self-discipline, work ethic, self-responsibility, studying plays, wanting to please others, team spirit, paying attention/listening, being aware of what’s going on, and even throwing mechanics. Nonetheless, if the BEAL doesn’t loosen up on the field, playing with fluidity and spatial awareness, he’s in for a long day.

If you happened to watch last weekend’s game against the Packers, CP melted multiple times and was extraordinarily fortunate to have won the game and gain redemption, thanks to Larry Fitzgerald bailing him out. To be sure, Palmer is currently in an ideal position with the Arizona Cardinals, having some phenomenal receivers, defensive linemen, and top-notch coaching staff. If he can stay relaxed and conservative this weekend, where he will be playing away from home, he has the ability to play a good game. However, if he has to process matters quickly, and if his own teammates begin to lose confidence in him, his gross-motors will tighten, his L-brained vision will go tunnel, and you may witness “a long day” for CP.

In the end, as we’ve said prior to his NFL career, Heisman winner Carson Palmer will never be a (non-Heisman winner) Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, or John Elway (all FEIRs). Although it’s unfortunate that it’s taken him 13 seasons to find success, if he is able to end his career well, he may leave a legacy of a ‘good’ quarterback (or maybe even a very good QB, thanks to his personable #4 ways which gathers adoring fans, including many in media).

This weekend, Brain Types will clash as the Animate feeling Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) duels with Inanimate thinking Peyton Manning (#5), and the #13 FCIR goes head-to-head (mentally and physically) against the #4 BEAL!

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1/18 – Loretta Lynn, Donald Trump, and the rare FEAL

We have to admit, sometimes we feel sorry for the Brain Types that don’t often make it on the i-Blog. After all, as we mentioned in our previous article on Alan Rickman (#13 FCIR), each and every inborn design is gifted and talented in their unique, personal ways (and this isn’t just a feel-good, ‘everyone wins a trophy’ statement, but rather the truth).

Hence, we wanted to briefly highlight Loretta Lynn, one of the few #3 FEALs to be well-known outside of sports and politics. In sports, we’ve had females such as Nancy Kerrigan in figure skating, and Gigi Fernandez in tennis. On the male side, there is recently-highlighted Derrick Favors of basketball, and Greg Hardy of football. In politics, there has been the late Princess Diana, as well as Barbara Bush. Yet, in the world of entertainment, Loretta Lynn nearly stands all by herself. Why is this?

Unlike the Q3 (remember, Quadrant 3, which is Front Left) #11 FCAL and #15 FCIL, both of which can be found in Hollywood (though not often), the #3 thrives in the world of day-to-day reality. They are warm, practical, down-to-earth individuals, which reveals itself both in what they pursue in life, and even what they wear. They are not naturally driven towards the imaginative, creative arts that make up so much of acting and entertaining these days. That is not to say that they cannot be excellent artists, or writers, as they love to beautify the world around them in visual, hands-on ways (crafts, etc.), and can also enjoy putting their dominant Animate feelings into words by journaling or writing more pragmatic poetry. And certainly, as Loretta has proven, they can be accomplished singers, particularly if they have people behind them pushing them on to success.

All to say, Loretta Lynn was recently highlighted in an article for her support of Donald Trump, stating, When you get up there and try to say you want to see Hillary Clinton win, that wouldn’t go over so big. Trump has sold me. What more can I say?” She went on to add, I just think he’s the only one who’s going to turn this country around. I’m going to let him call me. To be sure, it isn’t all-too surprising to find a “say it simply and like it is” candidate like Trump appealing to a no-nonsense #3. While it may be difficult to predict exactly what The Donald will say next, he certainly doesn’t mince words, thanks both to his Brain Type and his non-political past.

Everyone loves the lovely Loretta, and it is often hard not to like most #3 females (provided they restrain their words, and are not too self-focused)! Needless to say, we all have our talents, and we all have our areas to work on (and it sure helps knowing your BT!).

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1/15 – Goodbye to the inherently talented Alan Rickman

We lost singing sensation David Bowie (#13 FCIR) just a few days ago to cancer, and yesterday we mourned the loss of actor Alan Rickman (#13 FCIR) at the young age of 69 (also cancer), known for his deep, amazing voice and brilliant acting talent.  One quote by Mr. Rickman, made several years ago, is all too accurate when it comes to inborn design.

“Talent is an accident of genes – and a responsibility.”

Yes, raw, inherent talent is a matter of genes (that can be perfected with responsibility), and as such, each and every Brain Type is amazingly talented. In Rickman’s case, acting talent was inherent in his genetic makeup.

Veteran BTInsiders know full well that the #13 dominates Hollywood, and the reasons are quite obvious. They are Front brain dominant, giving them the energy to face the world. They are dominant Conceptuals, allowing them to escape the world of reality (and who they are) and become completely new characters. They excel with Inanimate reasoning, generating quick, sharp wit and intelligence (CI ‘owl’). Lastly, they are foremost Right brained dominant, which is a must in the crazy world of acting. Flexibility and spontaneity are areas where the Right brain hemisphere thrives, not to mention the fact that this cerebral locale is largely responsible for processing and appreciating the arts (colors, music, etc.).

We close with a final quote from Rickman.

“I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take yourself too seriously.”

How’s that for the lobe of latitude?

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1/13 – Donald Trump reminds him of his father

I think Trump reminds me so much of my father. He says exactly what he thinks no matter what anybody cares.

How’s that for a quote? And who was this particular father spoken of? None other than the late Jerry Falwell (#15 FCIL), founder of Liberty University. The quote comes from his son, Jerry Jr., now President of the conservative school. Jerry Jr. has stayed in close contact with Trump since his 2012 appearance on campus, and the two also spoke after Falwell’s December appearance on The Sean Hannity Show (another #15 FCIL). Falwell Jr. describes Trump as one of the greatest visionaries of our time and said he had single-handedly forced President Barack Obama (#13 FCIR) to release his birth certificate. Falwell Sr. was known for making a host of controversial comments during his lifetime, particularly about homosexuals.

On a side note, father Falwell was a bit of a hefty man, which is certainly not altogether uncommon among #15 males. On the flip-side, to find an overweight #15 female is extremely difficult, with Madame Hillary Clinton “tipping the scale” as one of the few who could drop a few pounds (though she’s been working hard at it as election time approaches). In short, #15 women seem to have a greater awareness of Empirical issues. Think of Courtney Cox, Jane Seymour, Demi Moore, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Lucille Ball, Jane Fonda, Shelley Long, Sarah Palin, or even Michelle Obama.

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