The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

12/18 – Was Justise Winslow joking?

Are you familiar with Justise Winslow, the new rookie for the Miami Heat squad? He Tweeted something the other day that has people wondering. In response to Wikipedia’s request for donations last week, Winslow Tweeted, “Wikipedia asking for donations… Might have to do it. Wouldn’t have gotten thru high school without it. Definitely not duke .”

People think he’s joking, but we are prone to think otherwise. “Hopefully Winslow,” one source writes, “who spent a year at a top academic school like Duke University, is simply joking. After all, using Wikipedia as a source on a university-level paper probably wouldn’t fly for any non-student-athlete.”  Justise is a #1 FEAR, and while they can do well in academics if a lifestyle of many self-disciplines have been embraced (atypical for #1s unless fostered by solid parenting or other structural influences). Female #1s, usually with greater Left brain involvement, tend to excel more with the books, but regardless, FEARs are not drawn to the Conceptual world of higher education unless the emphasis is in the pragmatic and Empirical realms. With good parenting and hard work (females more often), they are not typically known to be Albert Einsteins. Back to Justice, it seems he had a moment of here-and-now honesty, and that honesty could cost him a few laughs at his own expense. As most of us BT students know, #1s often do not think of long-term consequences; after all, even tomorrow may seem like eternity to them.

Take a moment today to review BTI’s body-skill charts. While you’ll notice the head region to be a nice dark black for the CI ‘owls’, it’s quite white for the EA ‘doves’.

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12/16 – Yes, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant are similar players

Coach Byron Scott (#6 BEIR) sees Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant as similar players. “Well,” he clarifies, “Tim has a quiet passion for the game, where Kobe is a little more outspoken for how he loves to play this game. They have so many things that are similar that you just can’t see with the naked eye. Those two guys are competitive; Tim is just quiet in the way he does it.”

Those unfamiliar with Brain Typing don’t have the slightest clue just how similar Tim and Kobe really are. As Byron pointed out, there are things undetectable to the naked eye, and yet the properly trained naked eye can detect every nuance that makes both Duncan and Bryant #2 BEARs. Yes, we have been saying this for over 20 years now when and before both players even entered the league. They share the same genetic, inborn design, while possessing dissimilarities due to nurture, neurochemical variables, and even genes from Mama and Papa up-lines (not to mention health and lifestyle differences).

Staying true to the ‘Methuselah’ reputation for #2s in sports, Kobe is now playing his 20th season, while Tim is in his 19th (and for their same respective teams!). Both also have won 5 NBA championships.

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12/15 – Goodbye to John “Hot Rod” Williams

In our last article. we highlighted a #3 FEAL in the person of Derrick Favors. Sadly, we have another #3 FEAL to report on, but it’s regarding his passing. We are talking about John “Hot Rod” Williams, who died Friday at the young age of 53.  Once again, not only did cancer (colon) strike before its suspected time period, but it left its victim with little time to say goodbyes and put matters in order before entering eternity. BTI’s Director, Jon Niednagel, spent time with Hot Rod when he consulted for the Phoenix Suns and always found him to be a wonderful and humble person, not typical of many pro athletes.

Can you remember Hot Rod in his prime, particularly during his stint with the Cavs? He played with them from 1986 to 1993, proving himself to be an able defender and big team player (typical of the #3). Those Cavs teams included Mark Price (#6 BEIR), Brad Daugherty (#9 FCAR), Larry Nance (#2 BEAR), Craig Ehlo (#9 FCAR) and Ron Harper (#6 BEIR). Williams was said to be especially close to Lenny Wilkens (#2 BEAR), whom he called, “Coach Lenny.”  No surprise there, considering both were/are dominant Animates!

Williams was said to “never complain,” and “was a completely unselfish player on the court.”  While at Tulane, Williams was accused of being involved in a point shaving scandal, causing most NBA managers to stay away from him, save Harry Weltman of Cleveland (who took him in the second round). Michael Green, however, who was hired by Williams’ agent to be his attorney, was convinced of John’s innocence after meeting him for the first time. “Williams spoke slowly and explained things. At the end, he had tears in his eyes. He said, ‘Mister, please help me. I didn’t do anything wrong.’ I said, ‘You got a lawyer.'”

Remember Danny Ferry, John’s #15 FCIL teammate? He went on to say, Hot Rod was a great, caring and unselfish teammate. He was a team first guy. He was also a valuable, intelligent and very underrated player. He could defend anyone. We were all lucky to have him as a teammate and friend.

While ‘Hot Rod’ was a talented player, he also had his Left brain limitations. In Ron Harper’s own words, “We used to always tease him because we always said, He’s going the same way. He’s going right all the time. He went right all the time and you could sit on that right hand of his and he’s still going right. He was going right. He didn’t care what you did, he was going right all the time.

By the way, ever wonder where ‘Hot Rod’ came from? It was nickname given by his stepmother, who was “amused by all the engine sounds made by a young Williams when playing on the floor with toy cars.”  Yep, both as youngsters and adults, the #3 can sure be verbally expressive!

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12/14 – Derrick Favors escapes to comic books

So, where is your happy place? That is, when you’re down the dumps, what do you turn to, or where do you go, to escape reality? For some it’s food, for others television, but for Derrick Favors of the Utah Jazz, it’s comic books.

Yes, comic books, and yes, Derrick is 24 years old. What may even be more surprising to some BT enthusiasts is that he is a hard-to-find #3 FEAL public figure (including pro sports and NBA). Just when you thought only Conceptuals enjoyed the world of fantasy, think again. For Favors, however, it helps aid his lacking imagination. “My outlet was going to comic books because it got me out of this world and put me into that world and let me use my imagination. It helped me out a lot. It helps me get my mind off stuff by just going there, reading comics to get a laugh or use my imagination. I read it and try to visualize that maybe I’m in the comic.

Now of course, imagination and fantasy for Empiricals, such as #3s, is not in the same realm as inborn Conceptuals. To say the least, Cs extend their imaginations far beyond the normal realisms visited by Es. Thus, Mr. Favors escape into his comic books cannot be equated with his opposite Brain Type, the #14 BCIR, who could easily find his escape by envisaging principles of the universe (like Einstein).

The here-and-now young power forward is having a very good year thus far, putting up stats on both ends of the floor, averaging 17 points a game and 8 rebounds. Back to the subject of comic books, Derrick takes care of them in typical Left brain fashion, keeping 40 comic books his uncle gave him in protective plastic to preserve the covers and pages. He also said his prized comic books are in an undisclosed safe place and that he has no plan of selling them. “I don’t want to get rid of them because I cherish them. That’s my childhood.

As a dominant Animate, we understand you, Derrick. We understand.

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12/10 – Deion Sanders dishes dose of reality on guns

In light of recent terrorist attacks, the world is engaging in hot debate over gun control. Of course, in Paris, it’s virtually impossible to get a gun, while in Southern California the laws are also quite strict compared to much of the United States. Chiming in with some words of reality recently was former sports star Deion Sanders, a #5 FEIR. Neon Deion, known for his flashy ways on the football field (also played professional baseball), went on to say that “Guns aren’t picking up themselves and pulling triggers on their own. I think people are doing that. It says more about people than it says about guns.

Watch the video below.

Sanders is the only celebrity interviewed in the video who actually addresses the issue from a practical, Empirical viewpoint, while “My heart goes out to them,” “gun violence needs to be stopped,” and “we’re more alike than different” are poetically reiterated by the others. We need to be looking at people, Deion argues, and not inanimate objects.

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12/8 – Greg Popovich gives “feeler” interview

Our last article was on the prince of power and control, Charles of England (#16 BCIL). Our sites now move on to Greg Popovich, a fellow #16 who’s long been known for his sarcastic, boring, and often times rude behavior in his interviews. Well, in Greg’s latest interview with Craig Sager (#13 FCIR) of TNT, he changed his tune just a bit out of appreciation for the recovering, fancy-suit host.

“Gregg Popovich gave an uncharacteristically enthusiastic sideline interview last night with Craig Sager, smiling and laughing and even giving Sager a hug on live TV. Sager, who is perhaps known best for his overly flamboyant suits, missed much of the past two seasons with leukemia, but has since returned in good health to man the sidelines for TNT’s coverage of the NBA.”

Check out the funny, uncharacteristic interview below.


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12/3 – Prince Charles is prince of power

Let’s face it, the #16 BCIL enjoys control. While they don’t often appear as outwardly domineering as their outgoing counterparts, the #15 FCILs, behind the scenes #16s are the master manipulators, carefully crafting plans to achieve goals and ensure their agendas get accomplished. This can be positive, or negative, depending on their moral values and personal character.

So what if I handed you a a 15-page contract to sign before I let you interview me? Would you sign it? That’s exactly what Prince Charles is doing, according to The Independent. The reclusive Prince of Wales, who attempts to portray a personable public persona, will only speak to broadcasters on the condition that they sign a 15-page contract, which recently led to the cancellation of an interview due to be conducted by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News at the British ambassador’s residence in Paris, on the eve of the Paris climate change talks. The contract states that an interviewer of Prince Charles may solely ask questions previously approved, and if they (Charles, et al) are unhappy with the final product, they can remove the contribution in its entirety from the program.

Nice! One source, in fact, accurately described the heavy-handed control as reminiscent of North Korea.”  Sure sounds like it.

We mentioned earlier how #16s tend to control matters most often “behind the scenes.”  According to some particular memos that were released recently, Charles also has for decades “attempted to influence public opinion by sending secret letters to government departments on pet subjects as diverse as climate change, homeopathic medicine, housing policy and hospital food.”  Yes, knowing the ways of the BCIL, we assure you the powerful Prince is always formulating new and global strategies to achieve his grand vision whether it be good, or not, for the rest of us.

Maybe Charles should learn to channel his governing behavior into the world of sports. Who knows? He could become the next Greg Popovich, Phil Jackson, or Rick Carlisle.

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12/2 – Coach John Thompson has a twisted sense of humor

We’ve longed informed our BTInsiders about tough coaches, often coming in the form of the #15 FCIL, #7 FEIL, or #16 BCIL.  In a recent “Players Tribute” article written by one of the few #14 BCIRs to ever play the game of basketball, Dikembe Mutumbo, the 7’2″ gentle giant goes on to say what it was like playing for coach John Thompson (#7 FEIL) at Georgetown. Under his leadership, you couldn’t play ball without doing well in school, and Dikembe learned that in a hard way during his sophomore year.

“I only missed one day of class at Georgetown,” Mutumbo writes. “But even one day was a mistake. I woke up that day with a toothache and decided to skip all of my classes. I went straight to the dentist and I forgot to call the basketball office to let them know. When I showed up to practice that afternoon, there was a piece of paper in my locker: It was a one-way plane ticket back to Congo. This was not a fake ticket. Coach Thompson really bought a one-way ticket with my name on it. Today, he will laugh about it. But it was not funny to me that day. I started to cry at my locker. I had already seen two friends get kicked out of school for academic reasons. I was not going to be the third. Coach Thompson liked to play jokes, but he was serious underneath. I never missed another class again.”

Hilarious! Thompson literally purchased a one-way ticket for Dikembe to return to his homeland in Africa! The FEIL can definitely have a twisted sense of humor, especially when it’s at someone’s expense. When introducing Dikembe at a press conference, in fact, Coach Thompson played the funny man once again, stating, We have a new recruit from Africa. Wait until you see him. He’s 5 10, but believe me, the kid’s going to be very good. 

Mutumbo indeed did turn out to be “very good,” going up against the likes of other talented big men, including Hakeem Olajuwon, Alonzo Mourning, and Patrick Ewing, all #6 BEIRs.

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11/30 – Steve Kerr and Luke Walton battle for humility

Because the #8 BEIL is typically calm, quiet, and collected, they don’t often come across as proud, arrogant people. As for the #6 BEIR, it can go both ways, with some being big blabber mouths (ala Shaquille O’Neal), and others (more of the majority) as quiet and intense (ala Larry Bird). At any rate, the winningest team in the NBA this year is the Golden State Warriors, who are 15-0 for the season. Luke Walton (#6 BEIR) has been their interim coach thus far while Steve Kerr (#8 BEIL) has been out with painful complications from his first back surgery. Over the past couple weeks, people are asking, “Who is the better coach?”

As for Walton and Kerr, it hasn’t been much of a question. Rather, they “are engaged in a brutal war of deferential humility,” with Walton saying he’s just been carrying out Kerr’s well-laid plans and Kerr saying Luke should take the credit. “I think it’s ridiculous,” Kerr told ESPN.com. “I’m sitting in the locker room and watching the games on TV, and I’m not even traveling to most of the road games. Luke’s doing all the work with the rest of the staff. Luke is 15-0 right now. I’m not. So it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, to be honest with you. I don’t even understand it.”

To be sure, both the #6 and #8 can make excellent coaches (think of #6 Jerry Sloan or #8 Johnny Wooden). Even Kobe Bryant (#2 BEAR) saw promise in Walton years back, saying recently, “I told him he was the next Phil Jackson (#16 BCIL) because he was an average player with a messed-up back … I used to rib him all the time about that. But honestly he always had a really brilliant mind and understanding flow and tempo and spacing and how to manage a team the right way. I couldn’t be any happier for him.”

Kerr describes Luke as “quick to smile” and “quick to crack a joke,” as well as being “laid-back.” To be sure, he likely got a bit of that humor from Papa Bill Walton, another #6 BEIR (who’s definitely developed an outgoing public persona since his younger days), who can still be seen and heard on television commentating on basketball games and giving his frank, cutting, and oftentimes hilarious opinions.

Good job, Luke! Good job, Steve! You both deserve credit! Oh, and you too, Stephen Curry (#13 FCIR)!

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11/23 – Martha Stewart knows how to ignore people

There are few Brain Types that can be gifted at ignoring you. That is, when their minds are focused on something else, or you just have nothing to offer them, or they don’t plain like you, acting as though you’re invisible is not difficult for them. To ignore you on national television for a good 15 minutes, however, takes a special kind of “mean,”  and that’s exactly what Martha Stewart (#15 FCIL) did when she appeared on “Ellen” last week to cook along side the show’s hostess and actress Drew Barrymore (#13 FCIR).

The headline reads, “Martha Stewart utterly ignores Drew Barrymore on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it is epic,” and goes on to read, “Drew, who shot to fame as adorable Gertie in 1982 flick E.T., was like a kid in a sweet shop as she repeatedly attempted to gain Martha’s attention. But she wasn’t having any of it. The TV personality had eyes for Ellen DeGeneres alone as she described how to make a very alcoholic autumnal sangria.”

Why was Martha ignoring her? No one really has any idea. Perhaps the flitting and flighty actress is not a personal favorite of the publicly mild-mannered, ‘chief executive officer’ Stewart.  After all, Barrymore has been that way ever since she was a little girl and flat-out lied to director Steven Spielberg (#14 BCIRto be cast for a roll. “I lied to him. I lied my face off. I told him I was in a rock and roll band. And that I was a cook,” she said. “I sold myself and told my little stories.”  While the unique and cerebral Spielberg didn’t hire her for the job, he did end up casting her shortly later for “E.T: The Extraterrestrial.”

Yes, if a #15 doesn’t like you, or has no use for you, or is simply irritated by you, don’t be surprised to see the cold shoulder (unless they’ve been raised right – or by two loving Animates!). Martha’s beef with Barrymore is only too perfect a living, breathing example.

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