The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

5/11 – Yes, as we told you, Tom Brady knew

The cat is out of the bag. Really, it was already out, and we were one of the first to say it. Now, headlines across the sports world are reading, “NFL finds that Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) probably knew about deflated balls.”  Everyone is still saying “probably” only because there isn’t a locker room video showing Tom in a ski mask letting air out of pigskins, though there might as well be. That is, not Tom himself, but those he asked to do it for him.

Brady has refused to release personal emails and texts, so gathering evidence was going to be tough. Still, an investigation was issued months ago, and a 243-page report on “Deflategate” came out Wednesday and “stopped barely short of calling the Patriots star quarterback a cheater,” as one author writes. It went on to call some of Brady’s claims “implausible” and “left little doubt that he had a role in having footballs deflated before New England’s AFC title game against Indianapolis in January and probably in previous games.”  In other words, Brady instigated it, he knew about it, and yes, Tom Brady is a cheater.

Two Patriots locker room attendants, Jim McNally and John Jastremski, executed the plan, asking for expensive shoes, signed footballs, jerseys and cash in return. McNally’s texts portrayed Brady as a taskmaster. “$%&#* Tom,” one read.  Really, you have to read this article to believe it, detailing how everything was carefully executed like something out of Mission Impossible.

We’ll soon come back to Tom, but let’s briefly transition to a different dimension of this infamous event. From a Brain Type’s perspective, one interesting thing to note is that the CA “stork,” more than the CI “owl” or the EA “dove” or even the EI “hawk” (in certain situations), can struggle with fine-motor wrist issues. This may be particularly seen in golf (its short game) and sometimes football;  particularly at the quarterback position, such can be disastrous. Thus, having a softer ball for a better grip would particularly aid Mr. #9 Brady. Additionally, think about it … not only does it especially aid Brady, but also his receivers. Anyone who has ever played the game knows that catching a hard ball is much, much harder than catching a softer one i??particularly in nasty weather, like New England!

According to Ted Wells, the attorney who wrote the lengthy report, “We believe it is unlikely that an equipment assistant and a locker room attendant would deflate game balls without Brady’s knowledge and approval.”  Yes, Tom Brady knew, though sadly he may deny it till his last breath. For now, the world waits to see what the NFL consequences will be, not only for next season but Tom’s entire legacy. Whatever the stats at the end of his career, people will always be forced to mark a mental asterisk next to his name. We’re hopeful, however, by coming clean, Thomas will be ultimately remembered as regarding others more than self (starting with the 2 manipulated locker room attendants).

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5/6 – Into the minds of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota

Jon Niednagel went on ESPN Radio last week to talk about Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, saying among many things, “Mariota will have a better learning curve, being a #13 FCIR, along with better spatial logic, but if I were working with Marcus, I would have him doing visual learning exercises to bring him into the hear-and-now, in the moment.”  On the other hand, “Winston will have much better spatial awareness, but being a #1 FEAR, his logical decision-making won’t be as proficient, and he’ll struggle under big time pressure.”

In short, neither of the two will be a Joe Montana or Peyton Manning. In short, neither are #5 FEIRs.

“Both have done so well in college ball,” the skeptic says. Very true, but at the NFL level, in the toughest of games, we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Niednagel did go on to express that both could find success in the NFL, as Jameis shares Donovan McNabb‘s Brain Type and Marcus shares the same design as Aaron Rogers, Andrew Luck, and a number of other proficient QBs. “If I were just picking by Brain Type alone,” Niednagel concluded, “Marcus has more upside than Jameis.”

ESPN’s football guru, Todd McShay, touts Winston far superior to Mariota. Todd is correct on many of Jameis attributes, but what TM doesn’t grasp is how they differ in Brain Type. Marcus will perhaps take a while to mature especially depending on his coaching staff, offensive system, and O line but overall, his mindset at QB will be better than Winston’s.

For those who follow us, you know all #1s are born gross motor dominant. Thanks to other #1s like hoopsters LeBron, Magic, Chris Paul, and James Harden, even the neophyte can easily see their big muscle superiority when performing. No BT is more athletically gifted than #1 FEARs, but as we have pointed out for decades (including Niednagel’s book, Your Key to Sports Success), some positions within certain sports do not fit the #1 well, mentally and/ or physically. Though the #1 dominates at most positions in the NFL, you’ll basically never find them at offensive guard, on occasion as a DB, and a little more often at QB. Of course, at running back they tend to dominate. For starters, can you say Sweetness, Emmitt Smith,  Beast Mode, and All Day (*look below in case you don’t know who these guys are.)

At QB, they excel with gross skills at such things as body balance and strength (often arm strength, too), coordination, and peripheral and 3-D vision. Conversely, they can struggle with gross dominance when they tense up and become robotic, long armed when throwing. Balls will sail on them when they’re nervous and “grossies” tense and “fines” (like hands) go too soft.  Where they most get in trouble when succumbing to major pressure is when they lose spatial logic. As big-time Animate feelers, their emotions take over and all logic vanishes, mentally and spatially. Here they’ll make foolish throws and take excessive chances. Also, they won’t be good decision makers with the ball, unless they opt to run it when appropriate.

Don’t forget, an NFL QB position is much different than a point guard in hoops though they seem similar. Yes, there are parallels, but points do not get tackled, nor are they rushed by 11 rabid defenders. QBs must often make decisions in nano-time, whereas the point guard can take his or her sweet time to facilitate the offense by dribbling, waving to the crowd, or whatever.

Speaking of the #1 FEAR, two other notables were drafted and, barring unforeseen difficulties (especially off the field), should find great success in the NFL. One is defensive-lineman Leonard Williams, and the other is receiver Amari Cooper. In contrast to the quarterback position, the #1 more readily excels at these two positions where body balance, coordination, and strength truly pay off. Many great #1 receivers have preceded Amari, and he should be stellar especially with the good attitude he’s said to have. As our followers know, a good attitude and hard-work ethic are not assured for many #1s.

*Answer: Walter Payton, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson.

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5/4 – The 2015 Magic Johnson award goes to …

We thought our viewers should catch a recent article titled, “The consummate professional,” talking about a man who was voted the recipient of the 2015 Magic Johnson award, which was “named for the player in NBA history who most understood and appreciated the media’s job as messenger to the public.”  The recipient this year was Pau Gasol (#15 FCIL), a player we’ve touched upon a number of times in the past for his hard work ethic and mature behavior with players and the paparazzi. Of course, Magic Johnson is a #1 FEARwho was particularly known for treating the media with respect (ulike his #10 BCAR teammate, Kareem Abdul Jabbar). The first NBAer to take home the award years ago was another #1, Ray Allen, followed by Elton Brand (#1 FEAR), Dirk Nowitzki (#10 BCAR), Chris Bosh (#13 FCIR), Grant Hill (#10 BCAR) and Antawn Jamison (#9 FCAR). Looking at the stats, Gasol is the first Left brainer to take home the trophy!

In contrast, we thought these quotes from the article were rather amusing.

Rajon Rondo (#2 BEAR), Russell Westbrook (#13 FCIR), Kendrick Perkins (#1 FEAR), Blake Griffin (#1 FEAR) and Deron Williams (#1 FEAR) come to mind among a very few whom you’d prefer to avoid and ignore if you could given regular episodes of simply being uncivil.”

Just goes to show how the #1, especially, can be so likable and dislikable based on character and upbringing.

Back to the article, it goes on to say, “Gasol is a truly remarkable man. Every game this season, win or lose, good game or bad, Gasol has been there to speak with reporters. He can be political at times, though always earnest and thoughtful. He’ll be critical, but never personal.”  The last statement, especially, sounds quite like the quintessential #15.

Congratulations, Pau. It’s especially commendable considering one of the most hated players to have played the game, Christian Laettner, shared your same design!

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4/30 – The unique and likable Dana Perino

She’s always been charming, positive, and upbeat, quite unlike a number of other women in politics with her inborn design. Sure, the female #15 FCIL can speak positively, forcing the best “feeling” smile she can muster while telling the crowds how the future holds great promise (in order to garnish votes), but you’d be hard-pressed to find a genuinely sweet and considerate female #15 in the political arena these days.
Think of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, or even conservative talk show host Megyn Kelly. All are quite visibly sharp tacks, ready to verbally tackle you to the ground at a moment’s notice. Sarah Palin especially and Michele Bachmann, though much more charming in manner, have quite the tough side that’s evident when they jump into the political ring.

Former Press Secretary Dana Perino is a unique #15 whom most everyone loved at a time when political foes hated George W. Bush (#15). In fact, his administration was predominantly lead by #15s, with Dick Cheney as Vice President and Colin Powell as Secretary of Defense. Presently, Dana is on a tour promoting her positively upbeat book so aptly titled, “And the Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.”  She is also one of five hosts on the popular television program “The 5” on Fox News.

According to one review on her book, “A recurring theme in AND THE GOOD NEWS IS…is that planning has never worked for Dana; every time she has made a plan, something unexpected-and often better-has happened.”  Indeed, leave it to the FCIL to do everything they can to plan life! One thing Perino said she learned from our former President was how to forgive. I wanted to make sure he knew how bad the coverage was and how I was concerned it would last. His answer surprised me. I’d like you to try to forgive him, he said. Well can I throw him under the bus first? No, he said with a smile.

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4/27 – “Legends of Golf” tournament brings legendary Brain Types

The “Legends of Golf” tournament was held in Branson, Missouri, over the weekend, and almost every legendary name one can think of was there. The diversity of Brain Types at Big Cedar Lodge on Sunday was astounding, covering nearly all 16 inborn genetic designs. Joe Durant (#13 FCIR), who was teamed with Billy Andrade (#9 FCAR) went on to win the Champions Tour trophy, while Larry Nelson (#8 BEILand Larry Fleisher (#13 FCIR) won the Legends Division championship.

“We played really well,” Nelson said. “Yesterday was just a miserable day to play golf. I mean, it was windy, gusting. Sometimes I couldn’t stand up hardly. It was amazing how hard the wind blew and for us to hold it together there. And today was just kind of a fun walk around nine holes and not trying to hurt ourselves.”

Here are a host of players who participated and their respective Brain Types.

Jerry Pate – #1 FEAR
Lee Trevino – #1 FEAR
Chi Chi Rodriguez – #1 FEAR
Mark Calcavecchia – #6 BEIR
Craig Stadler – #6 BEIR
Mark O Meara – #6 BEIR
Lee Janzen – #6 BEIR
Tom Lehman – #6 BEIR
Corey Pavin – #6 BEIR
Hale Irwin – #16 BCIL
David Frost – #16 BCIL
Tom Kite – #16 BCIL
Mike McCullough – #16 BCIL
Russ Cochran – #10 BCAR
Ben Crenshaw – #5 FEIR
Hal Sutton – #5 FEIR
Peter Jacobsen – #15 FCIL
Tom Watson – #15 FCIL
Gary Player – #15 FCIL
Larry Mize – #8 BEIL
Larry Nelson – #8 BEIL
Jack Nicklaus – #8 BEIL
Billy Andrade – #9 FCAR
Jesper Parnevik – #13 FCIR
Fuzzy Zoeller – #13 FCIR
Ian Woosnam – #13 FCIR
Colin Montgomerie – #13 FCIR
Duffy Waldorf – #2 BEAR
Andy North – #7 FEIL

Of course, winner Larry Nelson has long been a fan and friend of Brain Typing, stating years back, “Applying Jon Niednagel’s knowledge will improve your game and your understanding of everyone around you.

Congratulations, Larry!

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4/24 – Kelly Clarkson, Brain Types, and weight loss

She’s been receiving a good deal of flack over her weight, but singer Kelly Clarkson (#1 FEAR) isn’t listening to the haters, particularly one British critic who said, “She looks like she’s eaten her backup singers.”  In reply, Kelly simply stated, “That’s because she doesn’t know me. I’m awesome! It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world. Say what you will. I’ve just never cared what people think. It’s more if I’m happy and I’m confident and feeling good, that’s always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family — I don’t seek out any other acceptance.”

Who did Kelly marry? Believe it or not, Clarkson married Reba McEntire‘s stepson, Brandon Blackstone, in October of 2013. Reba, a #9 FCAR, had this to say about the negative fanfare“Get over it. Kelly’s happier than she has ever been in her life. Just be happy for her.”

When it comes to weight, both the #9 FCAR and #1 FEAR female can struggle, though when in the limelight both Types typically stay slimmer. Think of Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Goldie Hawn, or Suzanne Somers on the #9 side, and Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Carrie Underwood on the #1 side. The #1 FEAR is more apt to give way to their dominant Empirical, Right brain desires, however, satisfying their taste buds by enjoying the moment, here and now. The #9, on the other hand, is consistently more physically active, chasing their dreams and desires with high energy. Food can be an after-thought for them.

Clarkson is one of the few #1s to “give way” in a more outwardly-evident way, though she’s far from obese (the truly obese are usually #13 FCIRs who “give up” and dwell in their dominant Conceptual realm). She’s just come away from having a child, so don’t be surprised if Kelly slims back up a bit for the cameras, though struggling with her weight will likely be a lifelong struggle.

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4/21 – Coach Jim Harbaugh may be “clinically insane”

What Brain Type is most apt to push you, and push you, and push you, until you succeed? What Brain Type is the most driven to accomplish a goal, to see results, and to cross the finish line, only to then look for the next race to compete in? If you guessed the #15 FCIL or the #7 FEIL, you would be correct, though the A+ score goes to those who guessed #15.

Jim Harbaugh, a #15 FCIL, is no longer coach of the San Francisco 49ers, where in 3 years he took a team that was “nothing” and made them “excellent,” in Mike Greenberg’s (#13 FCIR) own words (host of Mike and Mike). Now, he is headed to the University of Michigan to coach college ball, and in the words of offensive lineman Alex Boone, “I think he’s a better college coach than he would be as an NFL coach.It’s different for college kids than pro players. I don’t think college kids can say, ‘Hey, Jim, you’re pissing me off today.'”

So why would Alex imply that Jim has been ticking people off? Simply because he has been, and Boone went on to be more specific. “I think he just pushed guys too far. He wanted too much, demanded too much, expected too much. You know, ‘We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this.’ And you’d be like, ‘This guy might be clinically insane. He’s crazy.'”

No, he’s not crazy. Jim is just true to his Type, though perhaps at a more extreme level. Asked whether he has a problem with working others too hard, Harbaugh replied, “It must be true. Because I’d wear out my welcome. People just don’t want to be around you for a while.”

Coaching is always a delicate balance. You want to push your team, but remain a friend; be a tactical leader, but not a over-scrutinizing tyrant. Several weeks ago, Brian Shaw, a #2 BEAR (Harbaugh’s opposite BT), was fired as head coach of the Denver Nuggets. His problems were likely the opposite of Harbaugh’s, with a lack of strategic thinking and disciplined training of his players. When the pendulum swings too far to either side, a coach’s days are often cut short.

Still, Alex Boone thinks Harbaugh will do well at Michigan, and it’s likely that he will. As he pointed out, college athletes can’t talk back, and if they faithfully carry out Jim’s battle-tactic orders, they likely will find success. Let’s just hope Harbaugh’s pendulum doesn’t swing too far to the extreme #15 side. Yet, also consider what the Patriots Bill Belichick has accomplished through his domineering #15 ways. Everyone, and that includes everyone, in the organization is intimidated by his rather tyrannical ways. As long as a coach keeps winning, however, especially the big ones, all things will be tolerated.

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4/20 – Hillary Clinton plays the average woman

The Presidential arena is heating up, with new candidates throwing hats in the ring for their bid to become the next Commander In Chief. They’re doing anything and everything to get there, and that even includes flying coach for Hillary Clinton (#15 FCIL).

Mind you, Hillary NEVER flies commercial airlines, much less coach (she hasn’t for decades!), but last week she was seen toting her own luggage as she awaited a United Airlines regional jet that carried her back to the East Coast from Omaha, Nebraska. Writes one source:  “In contrast with the private jet service Hillary has been accustomed to on her storied and lucrative speaking tours, her ride home was a no-frills commercial flight without a First Class seat to be found anywhere.”

Mrs. Clinton, of course, has been trying to reposition herself as an everyday woman over the last several months. In Iowa recently, she “spontaneously” stopped at a coffee shop to sit down and talk with average voters. It was later revealed, however, that the entire ordeal had been “a carefully staged production whose young participants were driven to the cafe by Clinton’s Iowa political director. At least three of the ‘everyday Americans’ featured in Hillary’s campaign launch video have ties to Democratic Party politics.”

In refreshing contrast, remember our article on “The coach-flying Prince William” a few months back? Now there’s a #15 who didn’t have much to gain by traveling like a normal citizen.

Whatever it takes. Yes, we’ve been saying it for years. Hillary will do whatever it takes to become the leader of the free world.

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4/16 – Jordan Spieth wins the Masters

Did you catch the Masters? Jordan Spieth, only 22 years of age, took home the green jacket with an 18-under total that matched Tiger Woods’ (#10 BCAR) 1997 performance for the best 72-hole score ever posted at Augusta. In the group ahead of Spieth, Phil Mickelson (#15 FCILsparked several cheers from the crowd on the back 9, particularly with his eagle hole-out from the greenside bunker at the 15th, but by the end he never came within 3 shots of Spieth. Mickelson and Justin Rose (#13 FCIR) tied for second place at 14 under.

So what’s Spieth’s Brain Type? He’s a #13 FCIR, thereby continuing the long streak of #13s who come and go without making a legendary name for themselves, particularly at Augusta. Consider the last 5 years (6 technically).

2015 – Jordan Spieth (#13 FCIR)
2014 – Bubba Watson (#13 FCIR)
2013 – Adam Scott (#13 FCIR)
2012 – Bubba Watson (#13 FCIR)
2011 – Charl Schwartzel (#13 FCIR)
2010 – Phil Mickelson (#15 FCIL)

We saw Bubba Watson take home two jackets within 2 years, but it’ll take at least two more, not to mention a few more majors, for him to join the ranks of Jack Nicklaus (#8 BEIL with 6 jackets), Arnold Palmer (#5 FEIR with 4 jackets), and Woods (4 jackets).

Presently, Rory Mcllory, who ended up in 4th place, stands atop the list of #13 FCIRs finding success in golf, though he has yet to win a green jacket himself. Thus far, Rory has won three majors.

Once again, what makes the #13s so dominant on the PGA tour (whereas #1s often fight for the top spots on the LPGA circuit)? FCIRs are typically the best of putters, and of the short game due to their innate (less dominant) motor skills. (This giftedness has been key for Jordan Spieth.) Among other assets, #13s also rule the links due to their general populace above-average numbers and their intellectual, goal-setting, high-energy ways.

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4/ 9 – The TV shattering Rajon Rondo

You look at his face, his eyes, his countenance, and he looks like he could easily fall asleep. As an energy-conserving #2 BEAR, it isn’t all that surprising. Yet, behind those lazy eyes is a deeply emotional human being, one who can react in-the-moment with intense fury and frustration. We’re talking about the NBA’s Rajon Rondo, who in recent months while in Dallas has displayed a bit more emotion than what people are used to seeing. According to former teammate Kevin Garnett (#9 FCAR), however, that particular fire has always been there.

You just have to read the article for yourself, but in an extensive interview Garnett recalls an occurrence while in Boston when the Celtics were down 2-0 to the Miami Heat in 2011 and coach Doc Rivers (#6 BEIR) was riding Rondo hard. “He was just pushing and he was just pushing and he was just pushing,” Garnett recalls. Rondo looked at Shaquille O’Neal (#6 BEIR) across the room, than Jermaine O’Neal (#1 FEAR)“They saw me bubbling,” Rondo recalls. “They were trying to calm me down. It was too late.”

Rondo burst up, grabbed a water bottle and hurled it full force at the 50-inch flat-screen used to criticize him, which shattered. “When he blew the TV up, it was about to go in another direction — like, the whole thing,” Garnett says. Rivers than ordered Rondo out. “He kicked the door off the hinges,” Garnett says. “I’ll never forget: I had to pick him up and carry him out because it was going like that, and the locker room was suuuper tense. Just super tense.”  He hauled the 6-foot-1 point guard out the building. “He was hot, yo. When I say he was hot, he was hot.”

We believe you, Kevin.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge (#5 FEIR) had this to say about Rondo:  “He doesn’t like to be told what to do. He wants to be coached, but when you coach him, you’d better know what you’re talking about. And even then, he still may challenge you. The question always was, ‘Is he a good enough player to behave the way he does?’ “

Now that Rondo is with Dallas, and the old self is starting to surface again, Garnett knows exactly what is going on. “That’s what makes him who he is. I always told him, ‘Don’t ever apologize for that, because that’s your mojo, that’s what makes you who you are.’ But he’s got to be able to control it. ‘Let that be a part of you, but control it. Don’t let it control you.’ “ 

Picking up a copy of Brain Types and Parenting, we read from Niednagel, “Sometimes, though not often, BEAR males develop a chip on their shoulders. Their Right-brained Animate ‘feelings’ can be moody, even angered at times. Although BEARs are innately kind-hearted, they can also demonstrate stubbornness and a temper if provoked.”

Rajon Rondo has certainly developed quite the emotional chip on his shoulder, and as Garnett pointed out, he must not let it control him. “Already insecure even about their strengths, they take reproof personally,” Niednagel again writes. Considering Coach Rick Carlisle’s Brain Type (#16 BCIL), there’s little doubt Rajon has come under a good amount of criticism from him, and isn’t taking it well. Consider the king of criticism, fellow coach and #16 BCIL Greg Popovich of the Spurs. Almost every week Popovich makes some disparaging comment about his players to the media. Thankfully, Carlisle is more temperate, though still possesses the same innate Q4 Left posterior dominant design, the most analytic, scrutinizing, and “persnickety” region of the brain.

Keep it cool, Rajon, and dwell on the words of King Solomon. “Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.”

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