The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

2/16 – The rare Mike Budenholzer and the NBA All-Star Game

Did you catch the NBA all-star game last night? The West went on to beat the East 163-158, and Russell Westbrook (#13 FCIR) had 41 points and was the game’s MVP.  Of course, who knows what the score really would have been had both teams been playing like it was the NBA Finals, but it’s always fun to watch.

Did anybody notice the coaches on each end? You had Steve Kerr (#8 BEILon one side, and Mike Budenholzer on the other. We began to take notice of coach Budenholzer months ago, but it wasn’t until we receive some requests from BTInsiders that we decided to take a a closer look. Anyone who has been following the NBA as of late knows that the Atlanta Hawks are one of the hottest teams in the league right now. They have some talent, for sure, but they also have some serious talent at the coaching position.

It’s only his second year, and already Budenholzer is making a name for himself. He’s been around for awhile, but only as an assistant for Gregg Popovich (#16 BCIL) at San Antonio for nearly two decades. Yes, two decades! One will certainly pick up a thing or two from a disciplined, hard-working #16 BCIL during that time, especially if one’s design is already similar, or dare we say, the same. Yes, Budenholzer is another #16 BCIL. What other BT could stay with the irascible and demanding Pop that long?  (btw, is anyone seeing any resemblance to former PGA player, Tom Kite?).

You can never put a smile on his face, says Hawks guard Jeff Teague (#2 BEAR)I don’t care what you do. He just doesn’t smile. I think it just trickles down to the team.

So how did the intensely private Budenholzer even make it on the Spurs? Back in 1994 he was hired as a video coordinator. Yes, he was a techy, and two years later he was named an assistant coach under Popovich. Wow, you talk about working your way up! That is where #16s are particularly gifted. They are slow, patient, methodical, and willing to strategically grind the ax for however long needed to achieve their goals, and dominate the competition. Nor are they materialists; it’s not that they can’t enjoy riches, but in the process of achieving their goals, money means next to nothing. This is why they will work for free if that’s what it takes to achieve their ambitions. Budenholzer actually began his “career” as a gofer for Popovich while he was doing a brief stint as Don Nelson’s (#16 BCIL) assistant in Golden State. “I brought him in as a video guy for no pay and no tickets, Popovich recalled. “Just go in the backroom there and when I ask you for something, give it to me. Don’t talk to me, don’t do anything.”

We don’t need to point out that, yet again, two Inanimate Q4s have distinguished themselves as distinguished coaches in the NBA, so we won’t. Interestingly, Steve Kerr himself also spent some time “under” Popovich as a player, and both he and Budenholzer (especially) implement an offense and defense that “resemble the Spurs.”  Go figure!

Between Kerr’s and Budenholzer’s inborn Brain Types, which of the two is prone to be more communicative and likable? Consistently, you would find the #8 BEIL to have a more engaging persona (as dominant Empiricals, they relate to the “here and now”). Between the two, Kerr is no exception, who doesn’t mind playing the funny man every once in awhile. Before the weekend, when asked about his goals, he couldn’t help but take a jab at his former coach (Popovich), who likes to rest his players during the regular season to get them prepared for the postseason.

“The main thing I want to do is run Tim Duncan into the ground,” Kerr said.

Steve went on to poke fun at Duncan himself after a team practice. “I was disappointed in Duncan’s effort. So I’m going to have to have a talk with him later. He never listened to me when we were teammates, so there’s no way he’s going to listen to me when I’m his coach.”

Check out the interview below to see two rare designs talking and sitting side by side.



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2/12 – A lone wolf in Hollywood, Jim Caviezel

A previous article of ours featured defrocked anchorman #15 FCIL Brian Williams, who has since been suspended by NBC for 6 months due to his blatant lies regarding his time spent in Iraq. Now, a flurry of accusations are being made against him, from his curious story of saving a puppy from a burning building years ago to claims of seeing dead bodies floating in the water during Hurricane Katrina.

lol, sorry. We just have to laugh at the puppy story.

At any rate, there is another well-known #15 FCIL who is, by all accounts, as upstanding as they come, and his name is Jim Caviezel. Yes, the actor currently starring in the “Person of Interest” TV series, now in its 4th season, who also starred in the recent movie, “When The Game Stands Tall” as Bob Ladouceur, the high school football coach who from 1992 to 2004 guided his team to 12-consecutive undefeated seasons, setting a national winning streak record for high school football of 151 consecutive wins. Of course, Caveziel is best known for playing Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.”

To be sure, we can’t think of one other current well-known male #15 actor (there have been a number of females, including Courtney Cox, Demi MooreLucille Ball and Jane Seymour). There were a few gents in the past, including Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan, but to find a #15 man in the media nowadays is slim to none. Remember, they are dominant Inanimates, not Conceptuals, which makes it challenging for them to leave the world of excessive thinking, much less shoot from the hip while improvising on screen. Also, as Left brainers, they despise chaos and too much flexibility. Hollywood is rife with it. Additionally, FCILs do not like putting themselves under another’s control. Even if they sink, #15s prefer captaining their own ship.

You’ll notice that while Caviezel has played a number of roles, nearly all of them are serious. He certainly is not one for comedy, and his role as John Reese in “Person Of Interest” is no exception. The show is quintessential Caviezel … sober, serious, tough and tactical. It’s also humorous to read about Jim’s childhood. “As a youngster, Jim was described as being ‘very intense’. His two main interests growing up were sports and religion. He was athletically gifted on the basketball court and dreamed of someday playing in the N.B.A.” Regarding basketball, Jim was once thumped in Junior High for being too cocky. Go figure!

It also appears Caveziel did a bit of Brian Williams-like fibbing when he “won a very small role as a foreign airline clerk after he told casting agents that he was a recent Italian immigrant.” Still, Caveziel remained strong to his Catholic faith, refusing to do love scenes and such. His co-star Elizabeth Mitchell who played his mother in “Frequency” said about him, “Jim is the perfect son, if I had a son like him I would be a very proud mother.”

And how’s this for conviction?

“Jim told an interviewer that he had been challenged by a friend who was not pro-life to live up to his professed pro-life convictions and adopt a disabled child. The friend told Caviezel that if he did that, then he would change to the pro-life position. When Caviezel and his wife, Kerri, went to China to adopt not one, but eventually two orphans suffering from brain tumors, the friend reneged on the deal. Caviezel, however said, ‘It didn’t matter to me because the joy that we had from (Bo) – he’s like our own.'”

All to say, there’s still yet hope for the #15 in Hollyweird. That is, of course, if they can stand the weirdness.

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2/9 – What made Dean Smith unique?

For those who follow BTI, you know we present insight whereby the rest of the world lacks awareness. Why and how? For decades, our prime interest has been upon why people do what they do more than what they do. As others continually focus on the what (or superficially on the whys), we value and search for the deep prompters of human behavior particularly innate ones.

What is most exciting, yet equally sobering, is that mankind can finally know, truly, what makes people tick thanks to the recent discovery of 16 DNA-driven designs. Couple these with the environmental/ nurturing (plus spiritual) factors available for gathering, and one can know virtually all there is to know about a person. Of course this to be done for the common good and by the Golden Rule.

Today we focus our attention on a revered college basketball coach who passed away over the weekend. Known by many even outside sports, he was a Hall of Fame “innovator” that won two national championships at North Carolina, an Olympic gold medal, and set what at the time was the record for career coaching victories in 1997. Known for his discipline, organizational skills, and his no-nonsense approach to the game of basketball, Dean Smith (#7 FEIL) was a true-blue, old-school college coach. “He graduated more than 96% of his players and taught his teams to point to the teammate who passed them the ball after a basket,” said President Obama (#13 FCIR) in his personal tribute.

My basketball philosophy boils down to six words: play hard, play together, play smart,” Smith wrote in 2004.” (‘Playing) hard’ meant with effort, determination and courage. ‘Together’ meant unselfishly, trusting your teammates. … ‘Smart’ meant with good execution and poise, treating each possession as if it were the only one in the game.”

Knowing Smith’s inborn Brain Type, none of these statements come as any surprise for the #7 “Supervisor.”  They enjoy nothing more than deciding what must be done and then putting into practice procedures that hasten the finished product. Logical, practical, industrious, capable, energetic, dependable, traditional, defensive-minded, and yes, critical, Dean Smith was ever true to his Type, and it’s what “made” him, literally, a successful basketball coach.

If interested in hoops, do you recall the 4-corner offense (actually it was a stall)? Created to keep the lead in a game, it spread the floor intending to have the defense rendered useless as they fatigued themselves scrambling in pursuit of the ever-moving ball. Leave it to conservative and Left-brained Coach Smith to popularize this tactic in the 1960s. By the 1980s, however, the Right-brained coaches (and fans) rebelled and the modern shot clock was finally instituted.

We’ve carefully followed Coach Smith for decades, and he was included in Jon Niednagel’s first printing (1992) of Your Key to Sports Success. (By the way, another person in that revolutionary book was an unknown, early teen golfer by the name of Tiger Woods who just so happened to have Coach Smith’s opposite BT, the rare #10 BCAR.) Dean Smith, like unique snowflakes we all are within each BT, had his own one-of-a-kind experiences and ideas; this made him (so to speak) variety 6,357,255 of all #7s Even among #7s, there will never be another Coach Smith.

Of course, Smith will forever be remembered as the coach who’s 1982 lineup included future NBA stars Michael Jordan (#6 BEIR), James Worthy (#6 BEIR) and Sam Perkins (#1 FEAR), who went on to beat Georgetown 63-62 for Smith’s first national title, with Jordan hitting he winning jumper and Worthy intercepted an errant Georgetown pass to seal the title Jordan said in a recent statement, “Other than my parents, no one had a bigger influence on my life than Coach Smith. He was more than a coach he was my mentor, my teacher, my second father.  Coach was always there for me whenever I needed him and I loved him for it.

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2/5 – Brian Williams caught in a big lie

He’s been caught in a bold-faced lie, and while that’s disturbing enough, his attempts to explain it away have been even more disturbing. The fellow of focus is NBC’s Brian Williams (#15 FCIL). Yes, THE Brian Williams, the prim and polished anchorman who has built his reputation on professionalism and ‘integrity’ for more than a decade. After being challenged recently for his latest fabrication, he admitted yesterday that he was not aboard a helicopter hit and forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Instead, he “was nowhere near that aircraft … Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter after the other three had made an emergency landing.”

Wow, that’s quite the contrasting story. So, what did Brian have to say?

I would not have chosen to make this mistake. I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.

Say what again? Did he take a page from Bill Clinton’s playbook? Remember, this is a story Williams has repeated several times on the air since the incident supposedly happened. This would mean his mind has been “conflating” one aircraft with another for some twelve years now. As recently as two years ago he even went so far as to tell actor Alec Baldwin (#13 FCIR) that he was afraid he was going to die!

Williams has told this trumped-up story so many times it’s virtually impossible to account for them all. As his deception has recently come to light, more and more people are recounting hearing him tell it once before. How about with David Letterman #13 FCIR) just within the last 2 years? In this case, Williams emulated the hundreds of liars heai??i??s either interviewed or castigated from his long-held news anchor chair. They’d be proud of him. (See Letterman video below, starting around 3 minutes in.)

So how about for those who were actually on the attacked helicopter?

It was something personal for us that was kind of life-changing for me. I know how lucky I was to survive it, said Lance Reynolds, who was the flight engineer. It felt like a personal experience that someone else wanted to participate in and didn’t deserve to participate in. Reynolds went on to say that Williams later approached the aircraft and took photos of the damage. It’s a good thing Instagram hadn’t been invented yet.

Unfortunately, another #15 FCIL has been caught in a Dan Rather (remember his attempt to take down George W?), or Bill Belichick moment. Oh, and by the way, can you recall the last #15 who lied about coming under enemy fire, just finishing a flight? Does Bosnia give you a clue? If you recall Hillary Clinton’s falsehood, you guessed right. Whereas she claimed they got off the plane and had to duck and run for cover from sniper fire, lo and behold, a video of the account later showed what really happened, where she slowly exited the plane and was waving, and then shook hands with a little school girl.

Yes, with a little practice, the Left brain dominant individual can lie just as smoothly as the Right brain dominant individual. Coupled with #15 competence, the lie can be even more believable. Yet, lest we begin to seem too negative of the #15 FCIL design, ‘tune in’ for our next article where we will highlight a newly-Brain Typed, respectable Hollywood actor who shares this wiring. Don’t miss it!

Check out the video below of Brian Williams recalling the incident with David Letterman just two years ago.



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2/4 – Jeff Hornacek’s unpopular new rule

Wow! Leave it to a #8 BEIL to establish an unpopular rule that benches players for getting technicals for complaining to officials. Yes, that would be Jeff Hornacek, and the controversial rule for technical fouls simply states, “If you get a T for arguing with an official, you’re benched for the rest of the game.”  The hypothetical rule became reality when Goran Dragic (#13 FCIR) was benched against the Houston Rockets after picking up a technical, and then again when Marcus Morris (#13 FCIR) picked up one against the Clippers.

After some discussion with the team, a little leeway has been allowed by Horny (Jeff’s nickname), but not much. “I told them, Hey, if you guys do that, and kind of help each other out there on the court, we’ll kind of look at it and it might be my discretion whether we do it for the rest of the game so we don’t have that necessarily hard rule. But I may still sit them for the end of the game if I feel like it and they know that.

He again went on to state:  I think we have to put some responsibility on the players. Them helping each other, good chemistry teams do that. Indeed, when it comes to the word “responsibility,” your #8 is typically among the most duty driven, preferring structure and order (Q4 region).  When you look down the list of well-known #8s, one has to chuckle.  Think of basketball’s John Wooden and Mike Krzyzewski, or golf’s Jack Nicklaus and Paul Azinger. One might even mistake the NBA’s Steve Kerr as Hornacek’s long lost brother.

The Suns are currently 3rd in the Western Conference, with most people seeing Jeff as doing a great job as Suns head coach thus far. Whatever their record come the end of the season, it’s pretty safe to say Jeff Hornacek won’t be let go any time soon for lack of team discipline.

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2/3 – The REAL Super Bowl MVP

The plaudits and accolades are predictably rolling in for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) in the wake of his third Super Bowl MVP award. Brady joined Joe Montana (#5 FEIR) as the only three-time Super Bowl MVP winners. It is quite predictable, however, that Brady would be voted MVP with his team coming out on top. In fact, in the 49 Super Bowls that have been played, the quarterback of the winning team has received the award 27 times! The QB is essentially the default pick unless another player turns in a remarkable performance, usually on the offensive side of the ball. For instance, only eight times has the award been given to a defensive player.

With that backdrop, we consider who was the real MVP of Super Bowl XLIX. As the Providence Journal’s Tim Britton wroteFrom their first play from scrimmage, the Patriots had a clear plan against the (banged up) Seattle secondary. Dink and dunk the Patriots decided they were going to throw short passes underneath and in the flat. As a result, Tom Brady hardly looked down the field; 44 of his 50 pass attempts were shorter than 10 yards downfield in the air. In other words, the New England game plan was carefully scripted and unwaveringly executed.

Who was the architect of this winning scheme? Well, it was the same general directing its execution from the sidelines. Of course, it was the field marshal extraordinaire, #15 FCIL Bill Belichick not only the best NFL coach of his area but likely of all time . BTInsiders will remember that we highlighted the innate NFL coaching and leadership superiority of the #15 C.E.O. back in this 2011 story on the Harbaugh brothers. Leave it to this supreme leader and strategist to stick with the game plan even as Brady struggled at times, throwing a pair of critical interceptions, causing the Patriots to fall behind 24-14. As wide receiver Julian Edelman explained in the same Providence Journal article, Our coaches put a lot of time and effort into this. Whatever they put out there, you’re always pretty confident.

On the other sideline, of course, we have Belichick’s counterpart, #13 FCIR Pete Carroll, known as an upbeat motivator versus Belichick’s sober-minded intimidator. Perhaps taking positive thinking a tad too far, Coach Carroll was predictably second-guessed after he elected the fateful game-losing slant pass when the entire stadium not to mention worldwide viewing audience was expecting Beast Mode for the final yard of the apparent game-winning touchdown drive. We are not going to jump on the second-guessing bandwagon here, but, as usual, we can provide some insight that might help to explain what seems to be a somewhat puzzling call. The Right-brained #13s are also supreme strategists, just as their #15 counterparts, though much more apt to shift gears on a whim, as their adaptable Right brain might feel compelled in the moment. On top of that, as dominant Conceptuals, FCIRs are extremely creative, constantly envisioning new ways of doing things, including new, and improved strategies (sometimes even if cooked up in the moment especially under pressure). More than any other Type, #13 FCIRs take pride in moving to the beat of a different drummer. While the rationale Carroll provided for his decision (for which he admirably took full responsibility) was not all that unreasonable, it is possible that he simply out-thought himself, getting just a little too creative, rather than sticking with the tried and true formula of riding Marshawn Beast Mode Lynch to victory.

Getting back to Brady, we highlighted Belichick’s marvelous handling of him back in this 2014 story detailing how the ignorance (and bias) of the fawning East Coast media completely misses the boat on the majority of the Tom Terrific  analysis. As the dust settles following another Belichick-led Patriots Super Bowl title, the most appropriate award for Tom Brady might be MVS Most Valuable Soldier, for the effective manner in which he carried out the conservative, methodical, and safe orders of the Real MVP, his leader, Bill Belichick.

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1/31 – Mercurial Marshawn Lynch, Introvert?

It is Super Bowl week and, as usual, Brain Types are making news in the days leading up to the big game. First, we had #15 FCIL Bill Belichick and #9 FCAR Tom Brady playing roles in Deflategate. As usual, the BTInsider provided unique unmatched insight into the mystery and the Pied Piper Brady’s probable role.

Just when we thought that story would continue to be the big story overshadowing the big game, however, the petulant Marshawn Lynch comes along and steals the show during Super Bowl Media Day by saying nothing? Well, he didn’t actually say nothing, but the words that came out essentially amounted to nothing and that is big news, apparently in today’s social media world, where everyone has something to say, and famous people are expected to say even more.

The NFL’s mandatory Media Day actually takes place over three days (Tue-Wed-Thu) during the week prior to Super Bowl Sunday. All players and coaches are required to make themselves available to the media at designated podiums for a minimum of five minutes, though most tend to stay for well over an hour or until every question is answered.

On Tuesday, Lynch repeated the same answer to every single question, stating I’m here so I won’t get fined. On Wednesday, he followed up Tuesday’s performance with a similar song, but different lyrics. He repeatedly answered, You know why I’m here to every question, regardless of the topic. Only when the timer he had set on his phone hit five minutes did he change his tune, saying, Thank you, I appreciate it as he left the podium. Finally, yesterday Marshawn opened up with a one minute forty second diatribe highlighting the fact that he had nothing to say, before finishing up with some rather inane shout outs.

All of these antics have people talking about how the shy Seahawks running back just doesn’t feel comfortable talking to people. In fact, a quick Google search of Marshawn Lynch Introvert returns over 20,000 results! While Marshawn may well be uncomfortable talking to the media, that certainly does not make him a Back-brained introvert. As Brain Type aficionados are well aware, the personality mask that one chooses to wear, such as choosing to be a cranky, impatient juvenile with the media does not necessarily constitute the way one is innately wired. One’s Brain Type, of course, does often manifest itself in one’s behavior and Lynch’s interaction with the media is far from the behavior of a Back-brainer. Rather, it is the sometimes moody and sometimes immature, but immensely talented #1 FEAR. Have you also noticed what an energetic, relentless, punishing runner he is? Lynch, possessing the nickname of “Beast Mode,” has an approach to running that flattens would-be tacklers. The consistent high-energy he brings, along with smooth, gross motor dominance, are starting points that should help even the novice Brain typist to focus in on his inborn design. We took a quick look at Lynch prior to last year’s Super Bowl, which you can see here.

Here’s a revealing interview of Marshawn:

A variety of Brain Types will play major roles in Super Bowl XLIX:


Bill Belichick – #15 FCIL
Pete Carroll – #13 FCIR


Tom Brady – #9 FCAR
Russell Wilson – #13 FCIR

Running Backs:

Marshawn Lynch, –#1 FEAR


Rob Gronkowski – #13 FCIR

Defensive Backs:

Richard Sherman – #13 FCIR

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1/30 – ‘Deflategate’ and The Tom Brady Bunch!

The past few weeks have all been about the Brady Bunch. Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL), Tom Brady (#9 FCAR), and the Patriot’s ball boy. And just like the Brady Bunch television show of the 1970s, people are seeing a lot of cheesy acting going on.

It’s obvious that Tom Brady had something to do with this,” said former star quarterback Troy Aikman (#5 FEIR). “For the balls to be deflated, that doesn’t happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen, I can assure you of that. I know going back to when I played, they’ve loosened up the rules in terms of what each team is able to do with the footballs coming into the game. Used to, the home team provided all the balls. And now, each team brings their footballs the way they like them and break em in. Used to you couldn’t break them in. Now the question becomes did Bill Belichick know about it.”

Former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward (#1 FEARechoed Aikman’s thoughts, telling the “Today” show that the only people who probably knew about “Deflategate” were “Tom Brady and the ball boy.”  Hines went on to say, “It’s cheating, regardless of how you may want to spin it. It helps Tom Brady, provides a better grip on the football, especially in bad weather conditions like rain.”

There’s another well-known #1 FEAR who thinks the same, and he’s legendary coach and broadcaster, John Madden“That would have to be driven by the quarterback, That’s something that wouldn’t be driven by a coach or just the equipment guy. Nobody, not even the head coach, would do anything to a football unilaterally, such as adjust the amount of pressure in a ball, without the quarterback not knowing. It would have to be the quarterback’s idea.”

Grief. Need we add anything more? Yeah, we’ll add just a bit but first, did you notice anything special about these 3 people who put ALL the culpability on Brady? They are all Empiricals, those who deal primarily with reality, not theories or imaginations. If anyone wants to know what is, it’s best to consider the here-and-now realists.

Now back to the Brady Bunch. We concur that Bill Belichick likely didn’t know anything about it. If you watched his initial interview, the no-nonsense #15 FCIL looked and acted exceedingly corked, not convicted (ala Mr. Clinton), and like Madden pointed out, a head coach is not going to deflate a football without his quarterback knowing. At the same, we do want to point out that Belichick has not set a good example of what it means to play fairly over the years. Remember “Spygate” just a few years ago? The Patriot videotaped other teams’ coaches to steal hand signals, and much more. Belichick claimed he interpreted the rules wrongly, paid the fine, and continued coaching as if nothing had happened. In the interim, his video staffer, Matt Walsh, got the ax. Yes, sports and politics do have their similarities.

As one author writes, “Would a ball boy deflate balls illegally after they were approved by the referees without asking Belichick or Brady for permission?”  No, he wouldn’t. “But somewhere, locked inside a janitor’s closet somewhere deep in the bowels of Gillette Stadium, there’s probably another young staffer waiting to be sacrificed.” Yep! Poor kid!

Anyway, did you catch Tom Brady’s press conference last week? Feeling and imagining that he could get his audience to swallow his incredulous explanation, Pied Piper Tommy spent an inordinate amount of time (don’t stop till everybody’s chillin) answering soft-ball questions from reporters (virtually all were New England biased). Though he came out dry-mouthed and scared, his accommodating audience allowed him to settle into a smiling, personable and charming self, very much akin to his #9 design.

At the same time, every watching defense lawyer in America was screaming at the TV within the first few minutes, with each journalist question almost deliberately avoiding the only relevant and tough ones. (It was like a Press Conference where our President only allows reporters to be present who adhere to his viewpoint.) “How do your teammates feel about what’s going on?” Say what? Was this a place for a Mr. Rogers interview?

We all know if we were any courtroom across the U.S., we’d instead be hearing, you’re saying you never feel the ball for softness before or during the game?” (Then why do you admit to loving the ball to be at the NFL minimum, 12.5 psi, and like the Charmin commercial, have only conveyed publicly softer is best); would you be willing to take a lie detector test, Mr. Brady, and so on? When temperamental Tommy finally was asked a lone, meaningful question regarding the ball, his demeanor changed quickly and accompanying thought-processes went south in a hurry. His Conceptual, Animate functions (and deliberately repressed conscience) did not serve him well by what followed illogical ramblings and guilt-ridden body language. Fortunately for Tom, he was mercifully tossed another softball and enabled to gain his footing once again all the way till they closed the gathering by collectively singing Kumbaya.

#9s are not good liars, especially when their Inanimate function is questioned under pressure. Guilt overrides logical inadequacies and to the trained eye, it’s obvious. Oh, and by the way, though Brady said he never noticed the deflated ball, how ironic that the lone time an opponent got to touch it, a non-QB no less, he detected it! For those of you who’ve never played QB, especially at the NFL level, the first thing these QBs do is caress the oblong leather ball. How does it feel?

We have told our followers of Brady’s inborn design ever since he came into the league. Every Brain Type is capable of lying, and to be sure, some do it much better than others. Regarding Tom’s innocence or guilt, we concur with many other sports analysts. Tom Brady obviously knew about the deflated footballs. As another author writes, “The only person to blame for the scandal is the only person who touches the football on every play and that person is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.”

We’ll wait and see what transpires, but it’s highly unlikely the buck will stop with Brady. If the NFL acts as it has in recent days, it will all go away quietly into the sunset. At the most, IF it can be proven which accomplished cheaters rarely allow some low-level employee will likely become the fall guy. It’s unfortunate that the Patriots have had such a history of cheating, reminding us that character is more important than championships. In Tom Brady’s own words, “The integrity of the sport is very important.”

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1/28 – The “Thinking” Behind American Sniper’s “Fake Baby”

The hit movie American Sniper is making all kinds of news this week. First for a record-breaking opening weekend, but again shortly thereafter for the stunning news that a doll was rather conspicuously used in place of a human baby during what was a heavy emotional scene between the main character and his wife. While many are speculating on what could have transpired to potentially undermine a movie with such high hopes and potential, once again, it is Brain Type that provides the best insight.

We recently discussed how director Clint Eastwood shares the same super sniper Brain Type of NFL All-Pro Clay Matthews. As you might expect, more insight into that wiring can provide an explanation for what might have taken place with Fake Baby-gate.

According to reportsThe filmmakers did try to use a real baby, but things went amiss. In a since-deleted tweet, screenwriter Jason Hall said, hate to ruin the fun, but real baby #1 showed up with a fever. Real baby #2 was no show. (Clint voice) Gimme the doll, kid.

Understanding the mind of Clint Eastwood (#5 FEIR) will help explain what probably happened next. As Jonathan Niednagel has explained, the #5 FEIR is a person of action. Usually ready to move on to the next thing, they can have a short attention span if the activity is not immediately rewarding or fun. They want to be on the go Living for the moment, they cash in now, content to pay later.

Movie critic Drew McWeeny explains how Eastwood’s movie shooting style fits right in with the mindset of this Brain Type:  Eastwood shoots so fast, and is notorious for one or two takes; then you move on. I’m guessing the baby was the last thing he cared about in that scene.

More background from The Hollywood Reporter further illustrates the nuisance obstructing Dirty Harrya from carrying out his mission:

 Shooting in California poses some challenges when employing a real baby given the state’s strict laws (part of the movie was shot in Los Angeles). Infants must be at least 15 days old, and babies from that age up to six months can be employed for only one period of two consecutive hours in any given day. Moreover, that time frame has to be between 9:30-11:30 a.m. or from 2:30-4:30 p.m., and one studio teacher along with one nurse must be on set during filming.

Picture Eastwood in any of his on-screen rolls and you can understand how his no-nonsense, fast-paced mind might have rationalized making the substitution. This movie is not about the baby! Somebody get a doll, and let’s go!!! In the same way that fellow #5 FEIR QB Brett Favre might make the call to switch to a high-risk play at the last second, Clint would be the last to hesitate on pulling the trigger to fix what he viewed as an inconvenient obstacle more than it was a central part of the project.


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1/26 – Kareem Rush is the next Justin Timberlake?

Anyone remember Kareem Rush? The former NBA sharpshooter made a name for himself about a decade ago with the Los Angeles Lakers. He was went from team to team in the years following, even playing in Lithuania. At any rate, Rush officially retired last year, and now he’s no longer a baller, but, well, in his own words, “I’m a cross between Timberlake and Maxwell.”

Spoken like a true #5 FEIR, who typically doesn’t err on the side of humility. Yes, that’s Rush’s Brain Type, and he’s taking his inborn skills into the music industry. Could he be the next Johnny Cash, or Madonna, or Cher, or Tina Turner (sorry, folks, the female #5s far outnumber the male #5s in this industry)? You can click our source link to decide for yourself.

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