Front-brain, Empirical, Inanimate, Right-brain

Quickly conceives (and responds to) observations impersonally

“smooth operator,” deal-maker; tactical, enterprising; adaptable, persuasive, energetic; seeks fun and excitement; athletic; enjoys the moment; realistic, good natured, self-focused; body – and clothes – conscious; entrepreneur; negotiator; promoter; fine motor skilled.

The sections above are previews of Jon Niednagel’s latest book series on how each area of life relates to each particular Brain Type. For much further detail on a particular subject, be sure to check out Jon’s book on the respective topic, available upon release in the i-Store Learning Center.
The Stereotypical Particulars: Approximately 6 out of 10 sampled of each particular Brain Type will resemble the descriptions below, with approximately 4 out of 10 being atypical due to upbringing, environmental influences, etc.  These generalizations are not intended to be offensive to any particular Type; however, our aim is to equip you, the reader, with the appropriate distinctions necessary in assessing others.
Appearance: relaxed, untailored clothing (normally) yet may dress fashionably (even daringly) for the occasion, jewelry not uncommon on men, women are often slightly masculine or strong, flamboyant, body conscious, often well-built and in shape, muscular, hard look, aggressive, provocative, teasing, athletic, EI “hawk eyes”.

Personality: risk-taking, energetic yet in a stress-free way, engaging the world, free-spirit, usually athletic, speaks quickly and simply, not a conversationalist, may be a poor listener, self-centered, self-directed, egotistical, proud, exciting, impetuous, impulsive, may be foolhardy, reckless, hotheaded, cunning, street smart, opportunistic, often short tempered.

Athletic Characteristics: superior hand-eye coordination (fine motor positioning), strong upper body, tough-minded, aggressive, operates at high gear, moves quickly, not a planner, die-hard, powerful, “enforcer” mentality, thrill-seeking, venturesome, antagonistic, hardliner, deceptive, spontaneous, offensive-minded, often breaks the rules of the game just to break them, highly tactical.


These are two representative examples for this Brain Type. Please note that these interviews are only provided as a sample of what someone with this design might be like. They are not sufficient for training you how to accurately distinguish this Brain Type from others. The ‘Brain Type Trainer’ video training program has a much more in-depth visual perspective and commentary for each Brain Type. The ‘Brain Type Trainer’ is the optimal training tool for learning how to accurately evaluate each of the 16 inborn designs. Visit the i-Store Learning Center for more information on how to order the Brain Type Trainer and other learning aids available from BT Enterprises.


One major facet that separates Brain Types from any prior understanding of human behavior and performance is the motor skills connection.  While these videos are provided to aid BTInsiders in visually identifying each Brain Type’s motor skills, they are only provided as samples of how each design might/can move (variations will result due to previous athletic training, nurture, and genetic variables).  They are not sufficient for training you how to accurately distinguish each Brain Type from another.  Videos posted, however, will reflect particular motor skill traits conducive with the individual’s inborn design, more or less.

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Articles – FEIR

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6/19/23 – The legend of Tina Turner

"Physical strength in a woman - that's what I am." And indeed she was.  Last week saw the passing of longtime entertainer Tina Turner, known for her "explosive power" onstage as well as off.  Her death has been attributed to "longtime illness," though she had a stroke...

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4/26/23 – The marriage of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

4/26/23 – The marriage of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

We wanted to briefly mention a recent headline not so much due to what happened, but rather due to the Brain Types of those involved.  Does anyone remember that actress Brooke Shields was married to tennis star Andre Agassi some 25 years ago?  Talk about a strange...

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#5 FEIRs may make you tired just by watching them.  They are noted for their zealousness and for enjoying life to its fullest, having the gift for finding excitement in everything they do.  Tackling life’s opportunities headfirst, they would not be considered gun shy or timid.  FEIRs like center stage and are entertaining to be with.  They attract many friends, which can often play havoc with their family time, especially if there is any tension at home.  They love life and exploration, but are less enchanted with school related challenges.  They want learning to be relevant and immediately useful.  As learners, FEIRs do better with guidance than control.  They prefer to rely on common sense rather than follow detailed directions.  They are not necessarily anti-authority, but can easily find themselves in trouble.  As smooth operators, FEIRs are flirtatious and sophisticated, often suave at social functions.  They are witty, fun, and unpredictable, radiating charm and generosity.  Though popular with their peers, they may find lasting commitments confining and boring.  Being risk takers, they have keen senses of competition.  Personas can vary widely with FEIRs, as some may appear uncharacteristically reserved and uncommunicative, yet not always for similar reasons (sometimes due to nature and sometimes nurture).  As dominant Right hemisphere persons, however, they don’t always place a high value on talking—especially when feeling forced to.  They prefer to rely more on the action they take or on their physical senses.



Formal education and the ER temperament group are often incompatible.  The four ER Brain Types are more caught up in the moment than any of the other Types, and the FEIR is no exception; placing a high value on education and their future is often overlooked.  FEIRs are people of action.  They do not like to sit still when learning.  They enjoy acting out the learning process and hands-on involvement.  FEIRs also place a high value on logic, making pragmatic deductions.  If matters don’t add up in their mind, they usually won’t touch it.  As one of the top athletic Brain Types, FEIRs can enhance their desire to learn by participating in sports.  Looking forward to expending energy in a fun way following the school day is motivational to FEIRs.  If the FEIR has certain academic standards to meet in order to participate in sports, he or she will often give extra effort to the books.  Unless prodded to do so, young FEIRs do not choose to read much—unless it pertains to areas of great interest.  The more they can improve in their unnatural structured areas, the more rewarding their educational and vocational experiences will be.



The challenge of being an FEIR’s parent can be both trying and rewarding.  This action-oriented youngster comes with the love of freedom and exploration, activity and excitement.  With relatively short attention spans and a tendency for antics, FEIRs need all of the above needs met if they are to settle down and concentrate on the task at hand.  Athletics are often the choice for their coordination, aggression, and energy, and they excel in most sports.  If not performing in athletic areas, some have excelled in music or theater—particularly if they can play themselves as opposed to an abstract character.  FEIRs need understanding of their nonconformity.  They are not designed to fit into the mundane, safe, traditional setting.  They can learn, however, what society appreciates and rewards, and balance out their impulsive expressions.  They want to relate well to others and impress others with their prowess or possessions.  They start early in finding ways to earn money to fund their wardrobe or hobbies.  FEIRs see the world around them with clarity.  As dominant Empiricals, they want to see, touch, and experience.  As youngsters, they are little adventurers and risk takers.  They may be drawn to tools or mechanical devices.  FEIR children are born with survival instincts.  When raised with high standards, yet given the chance to express themselves and pursue their interests, they can stay out of trouble more easily and become responsible community members.  If parents stay the course, the FEIR child can be trained to respect authority—something that doesn’t come naturally to this freedom-loving Brain Type.



FEIRs are not by nature drawn to the reflective inner world of the spiritual.  They live independent lives of personal preferences, and less often stop to contemplate the hereafter.  They are bold, verbally confident, and spontaneous persons.  One can’t help being drawn to mischievious-looking FEIRs.  They are daring and charismatic with paradoxical vulnerability and weakness.  They often have the Biblical gifts of leadership, faith, and exhortation.  Few go to a house of worship of their own accord, being taken by parents or spouse.  When wholeheartedly committed, however, they stand alone for what they believe with confidence and self-sacrifice.  For spiritual growth and depth, FEIRs need to practice self-discipline in the areas of Scripture reading, study, meditation, and prayer.  Naturally confident, FEIRs need to be accountable to someone else, someone who will lovingly keep tabs on FEIRs’ spiritual disciplines that yield a well-ordered, healthy lifestyle.



Ardent realists, #5 FEIRs often choose to marry other realists, but those with more structure.  A bit more order is needed in their lives to bring closure to their most-valued endeavors.  They love excitement, variety, and the pursuit of romance, three characteristics that may not tend toward long-term relationships.  FEIRs need action, yet are often attracted to more conservative Brain Types.  They want to have fun and provide spontaneous, flexible companionship.  If one is not looking for continuous activity, seize the moment, energetic, gregarious, center-stage living, then the FEIR may not be the right choice of partner.  Often athletic and wanting someone who will join in the games, or attractively cheer them on, those of this high-energy personality may need to limit their many activities in order to please their mates.  Popular and adept salespersons, they take their selling skills into their personal relationships in order to win the perspective loved one.  Once the feat is accomplished, however, the FEIR may lose interest, enjoying the pursuit more than the sameness of relationship.  Nonetheless, FEIRs can be faithful mates, growing old with their first loves.  Again, belief systems, strong families, and upbringing all play a part of who we are and what we do.



FEIRs have the gift of finding excitement in everything they do.  They have an uncanny ability to make the money they often so lavishly spend.  These people of action skillfully use facts and think quickly on their feet.  #5 FEIRs tend to rely on their common sense and personal abilities in making business decisions.  As Front-brained “extraverts” and flexible Right-brainers, they can be masterful salespersons and negotiators.  In selling, the FEIR has an innate ability to sense the motivations of others.  The FEIR is unparalleled at noticing body language and discerning the signals and cues given by a prospect.  Unlike other Brain Types, who tend to be oblivious to the motives of those about them, FEIRs fix their eyes on a prospect and rarely look away.  They will continue to “read the person” until they discover what the prospect is after.  The charming, witty, and fun-loving FEIR can mesmerize a prospect into buying, and is best suited for selling tangibles.  This is not usually done deceitfully but rather through the FEIR’s special gift of persuasion.  The prospects usually do not feel that they have been sold something they do not need.  This is partly because of the empathy and concern shown for their prospects, even though FEIRs aren’t Animate “feelers.”  The FEIR’s care and concern for each prospect is made evident, assuring each one that their personal interests are considered and valued.

Popular Career Choices:
Sales, real estate, investments, entrepreneur, automobile dealer, mechanic, athletics, dentistry, construction, network or multi level marketing.



FEIRs care greatly about body image.  They are normally supremely conditioned and well-built, more so than any other Brain Type.  Whether male or female, they’ll often be into body building and exercise.  Their lives are centered around their bodies.  FEIRs are people of action; they love to explore and take risks with new challenges.  Proper exercise is important for any smart health regimen, but it is especially crucial for FEIRs and ideal weight maintenance.  Exercising will keep the need for a strict diet to a minimum.  FEIRs need a physical outlet for pent-up energies; exercise also satisfies their need for physical action.  FEIRs are high-dopamine people; they require an abundance of this excitatory brain neurochemical to pursue their many activities in life.  Rather than producing this go-for-it biological booster naturally through a healthy diet and supplementing amino acids, FEIRs often settle for junk foods and caffeine-laced drinks.  Unfortunately, a lifetime of poor dietary habits can render havoc to the brain, something that FEIRs won’t welcome as they strive to live life to its fullest—even in their older years.  For overall optimal mental and physical health, FEIRs need to be aware that repeated undesirable behavior can lead to compulsive habits, a particular trait of ERs.  Whether it be in unhealthy dietary habits or any other realm of undesirable behavior, ERs need to monitor their ways.



Front, Right brained EIs are prominent and prolific in sports.  Not every FEIR is brash or macho, yet this is often the pattern.  FEIRs are normally in excellent condition and well-built, more so than any other Brain Type.  Whether male or female, they will pump iron and/or exercise.  Their lives are centered around their bodies, which often resemble that of Greek gods.  This fixation often leads them into sports, where they can excel in many fields.  FEIRs, proficient with their fine-motor skills, are masters of hand eye coordination.  As dominant Right brained EIs, they are able to spontaneously position their hands in the proper location at a given moment.  Their quick understanding and agility help explain why they are such gifted athletes.  This natural ability, however, must be developed and practiced with FEIRs, as with all Brain Types.  Just because you are not athletic, does not mean you’re not an FEIR.  The Front-brain dominant FEIRs, equipped with high powered fine-motor skills, tend to be the most powerful athletes, regardless of the sport.  When they are tall and/or well-built, they usually have the longest hit in golf and baseball and the strongest serves and groundstrokes in tennis.  As dominant Right brained EIs, FEIRs have extraordinary visual acuity and peripheral awareness.  They can see the complete playing field, though they may not always want to give up the ball or puck.  FEIRs have proven themselves to be the premier quarterback (QB) in football, tending to be the most consistently superior throughout their careers—especially amid pressure-packed games.  Generally, the best thing someone assisting FEIRs can do is to help them maintain their cool and collective ways throughout the competition.


Body Skill Bird

Impersonal Observers are represented by the hawk.  Starting with the hawk eyes, often a piercing look, Impersonal Observers are commonly identified by this aspect much of the time.  Not coincidentally, these Impersonal “realists” are innately strongest in the hand-eye region of the brain and body.  When they get serious or under pressure, their eyes get intense and scrutinizing; of all the Brain Types, they are the most innately hawk-eyed, by far.

Impersonal Observers not only can develop superior hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, but they can have vice grips for hands if necessary.  So too, the hawk can sink is talons into its prey or interests like no other.

By nature, hawks are not very friendly, though they can be, through good nurturing and strong ethical or spiritual values.  Hawks are on the assertive side and will definitely defend their nests.  They also love to use their Impersonal reasoning to navigate challenging situations.

Impersonal Observers are logical pragmatists in their vocations: they’re accountants, financial consultants, securities brokers, lawyers, athletes, surgeons, salespeople, law enforcers, and so on.  They are rarely involved in highly conceptual or theoretical jobs.

• In decision-making, consider future potential and consequences.
• Allow adequate time for contemplation and introversion.
• Be considerate of the needs of others, overcoming any tendencies of selfishness and manipulation.
• Practice faithfulness in relationships and commitments.
• Carry out tasks to their completion and pay attention to detail.
• Deal with rather than running from tension and anxiety.
• Learn to enjoy saving in addition to spending.
• Take time to appreciate the simple pleasures of life (e.g., walks in the park, a good book, playing with children).
• Realize the value of humility and tact; find ways to serve others.
• Enjoy your personal freedoms without them being at the expense of others.

“In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23

Choose some tasks that require perseverance.

Establish realistic goals.

Prepare a schedule with time frames, and then choose an encouraging friend to help you follow your schedule.

Give extra effort when logical analysis and reasoning are required.


Balance Your Type