Front-brain, Conceptual, Inanimate, Right-brain
Quickly conceives (and responds to) imaginations impersonally

“precocious planner,” imaginative, alert to possibilities; quick thinking; likes complexity; computer proficient; enjoys one-up-manship; enthusiastic, outspoken, artistic, comedic, manipulative, spontaneous, entrepreneurial; logical abstraction skilled.


These sections above are previews of Jon Niednagel’s latest book series on how each area of life relates to each particular Brain Type.  For much further detail on a particular subject, be sure to check out Jon’s book on the respective topic, available upon release in the i-Store Learning Center.

The Stereotypical Particulars: Approximately 6 out of 10 sampled of each particular Brain Type will resemble the descriptions below, with approximately 4 out of 10 being atypical due to upbringing, environmental influences, etc.  These generalizations are not intended to be offensive to any particular Type; however, our aim is to equip you, the reader, with the appropriate distinctions necessary in assessing others.

Appearance: men may have “computer geek” look, often overweight, disheveled, conversely can be flamboyantly muscular if naturally gifted in appearance (usually to one extreme or the other), attention-getting, flashy, often take the role of dressing fashionably & trendily, or presenting an “original” hair or clothing venture, wide range of voice inflection, COMEDIC.


Personality: energetic, optimistic, non-conformist, eccentric, witty & swift, gambling on and looking ahead to the future, dramatic, highly verbal, loud, very comical, theatrical, exaggerated, precocious, enjoys challenges, prefers juggling many tasks at once (literally & figuratively), master of one-upmanship, may be inconsistent, unpredictable, very opportunistic, sultan of spontaneity, chief entrepreneur, often spends more than can afford, widest personality variety of all Brain Types (some are even reserved), jack of all trades.


Athletic Characteristics: fluid & more fine motor than gross motor control, bendable, pliable, flexible, highly energetic, quick thinking, not restricted by any particular motor muscle group, often utilizes unorthodox methods in their particular sport, spontaneous, more offensive minded naturally but also gifted defensively, may need to become more teachable, strategic, often breaks the rules of the game and/or creates own set of rules.

These are two representative examples for this Brain Type.  Please note that these interviews are only provided as a sample of what someone with this design might be like.  They are not sufficient for training you how to accurately distinguish this Brain Type from others.  The ‘Brain Type Trainer’ video training program has a much more in-depth visual perspective and commentary for each Brain Type.  The ‘Brain Type Trainer’ is the optimal training tool for learning how to accurately evaluate each of the 16 inborn designs.  Visit the i-Store Learning Center for more information on how to order the Brain Type Trainer and other learning aids available from BT Enterprises.

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