To Brain Type accurately takes time and patience.Ai?? The rewards, however, are priceless.Ai?? While written “personality” questionnaires exist in ever growing numbers, Brain Type enthusiasts know that no questionnaire can provide 100% accuracy. Ai??Determining one’s true inborn, genetic Brain Type is not a matter of just questions and answers, but rather a matter of every facial nuance, every vocal intonation, and every motor-movement. Ai??This is why we exclusively provideAi??our BTInsiders withAi??Guess Their Brain Type,Ai??a place where videos are posted once a month for our followers to watch, study, and determine inborn design, thereby training themselves in the art of Brain Typing.Ai?? The answers, respectively, will be given at the end of every month.

Remember: What they say may or may not pertain to their Brain Type.






Yes, soccer’s Lionel MessiAi??is a rare #6 Brain Type, and although he smiles and is quite a friendly fellow (think of John Stockton, Reggie Miller, etc.), he is quiet, competitive, and a killer on the soccer field. Ai??He and fellow player Cristiano Ronaldo (#9 FCAR) are two very different people, though both equally talented. Ai??Be sure to study more video of him to better hone your BT skills.