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This personal spreadsheet is provided so that you can track the people in your life that you have Brain Typed.  Many of them may have taken the questionnaire, or perhaps you have answered the questionnaire with a particular person (“subject”) in mind, trying to ascertain his/her Brain Type.  As you probably know, a questionnaire is only really a starting point on the road to determining a person’s true inborn Brain Type.  As such, you should record these results in the Test BT column.  From that point forward, pay careful attention to the subject, as you hone in on what the true Brain Type may be.  This is what you should put in the Analyzed BT column.  This may change as you get more information (further observation), and it might also very well end up being the same as the Test BT, though don’t be surprised if it isn’t—particularly if you have an FCIR on your hands who burns the midnight oil, leading to “introverted” Back-brain answers on the questionnaire.  Finally, feel free to use the Personal Notes column to record notes for yourself of reminders/clues why you may feel the person has a different BT than the one recorded via testing. (i.e., “talks a tough game, but continually very aware of people’s feelings, leading me to believe he may be Animate”).

Most of all, have fun with this.  As you look at others around you with this new perspective, you will begin to see inherent strengths and talents in others that you may never have been aware of before.  Continue to study Brain Types with materials available from our Learning Center and by reading the i-Blog.  Always continue to look for clues, as you study those around you.  You may be amazed as you have a revelation in understanding someone you’ve known (or thought you knew) for years!

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